58 Nightmare Before Christmas Trivia Questions

These Nightmare Before Christmas trivia questions can be entertaining for the whole family. This classic holiday film was a delight to many who grew up in the 90s. 

Our Nightmare Before Christmas trivia questions will talk about some of the characters and much more. See if you can remember when the movie was first released. 

Are you ready to get into the holiday mood? Then enjoy this trivia on The Nightmare Before Christmas. By the way, if you dig this, check out our other seasonal trivia: 

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Trivia on Night Before Christmas

Jack-o-lantern representing nightmare before christmas trivia

1. What official title does Jack Skellington hold in Halloween Town?

2. What holiday-themed world does Jack Skellington stumble into in the woods? 

3. Who is the one Christmas Town character the people of Halloween Town related to? 

4. What does Jack eventually announce to Halloween Town about Christmas? 

5. What character secretly loves Jack? 

6. Who is the mad scientist that created Sally? 

7. Who is Jack’s long-time rival? 

8. Who were assigned the task of abducting Santa and bringing him into Halloween Town? 

9. Who do Lock, Shock, and Barrel take Santa to? 

10. Who attempts to rescue Santa? 

11. Who is the actor who voices Jack Skellington? 

12. What song is played the first time the audience enters Halloween Town? 

13. Who wrote the musical score and provided the singing voice of Jack? 

14. Who produced and created the story? 

15. Where the did story of The Nightmare Before Christmas originate? 

16. What Academy Award was the film nominated for? 

17. Who voices the character of Sally?

18. What year did The Nightmare Before Christmas come out? 

19. What was the videogame that served as the sequel to the film in 2004? 

20. What book released in 2022 is now the actual sequel of the film? 

21. What two other characters does Danny Elfman voice in the movie?

22. What other character does Catherine O’Hara voice in the movie?

23. What is the name of Jack’s pet ghost dog?

24. What famous Star Trek actor’s narration was not included in the final film?

25. Who directed ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’?

26. Who composed the music for the film?

27. Who kidnaps Santa Claus in the movie?

28. What holiday does ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ primarily represent?

29. Who is the Mayor of Halloween Town?

30. What is the main color of Jack Skellington’s suit?

31. Who tries to take over Christmas in the movie?

32. What is Sally made of?

33. What does Jack Skellington use as a Christmas tree?

34. What holiday does Jack discover through a tree portal?

35. What does Oogie Boogie’s lair resemble?

36. How does Santa Claus escape from Oogie Boogie?

37. What is the shape of the Mayor’s head?

38. What color is Zero’s nose?

39. What type of bug is Oogie Boogie filled with?

40. What does Jack give to the residents of Halloween Town as Christmas gifts?

41. What does Sally use to escape from Dr. Finkelstein’s lab?

42. What type of creature is the Mayor of Halloween Town?

43. What role does Jack’s dog Zero play in his Christmas plans?

44. What does Sally use to predict a disastrous future for Jack’s Christmas?

45. Who helps Jack with his Santa suit?

46. What does Jack use to fly over the town during Christmas?

47. What do the trick-or-treaters Lock, Shock, and Barrel ride in?

48. What is the name of the song Jack sings when he discovers Christmas Town?

49. What does Oogie Boogie roll to decide the fate of his captives?

50. What is the shape of Jack’s bow tie?

51. What holiday object does Jack try to analyze scientifically?

52. What is the name of the three-faced monster in Halloween Town?

53. Who is the voice actor for Oogie Boogie?

54. What does Sally’s potion do to Dr. Finkelstein?

55. What does Jack use as a telescope?

56. What is the color of Jack’s dog Zero’s ears?

57. What does Jack place on top of the Christmas tree he creates?

58. What does Sally gift to Jack for good luck?

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