89 Demon Slayer Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Demon Slayer trivia challenge! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or a newcomer eager to learn more, this trivia set will surely entertain and challenge you. Dive into these carefully curated questions to see how well you know the world of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their allies. From the intricate details of the Demon Slayer Corps to the dark mysteries of the demons, there’s a question here for every fan. Ready to embark on this thrilling quest? Let’s get started!

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1. Who is the main protagonist of Demon Slayer?

2. Who is Tanjiro’s younger sister?

3. Which demon is responsible for turning Nezuko into a demon?

4. What pattern is on Tanjiro’s earrings?

5. Who is known as the ‘Water Pillar’?

6. Who is the ‘Insect Pillar’?

7. What weapon does Tanjiro primarily use?

8. Which colleague of Tanjiro uses the ‘Thunder Breathing’ technique?

9. Which demon has drums as a part of his body?

10. What is the name of the mountain where Tanjiro and Nezuko meet the spider demons?

11. Who is the ‘Love Pillar’?

12. Which Pillar wields a serpent-themed katana?

13. Which ‘Breathing’ technique does Tanjiro learn first?

14. Which character often hides in a box on Tanjiro’s back?

15. What color are Nezuko’s eyes?

16. What is the primary purpose of the Demon Slayer Corps?

17. What allows demons to regenerate and get stronger?

18. Which demon was a former ‘Water Pillar’?

19. Which character has a boar’s head as a mask?

20. Who taught Tanjiro the ‘Total Concentration Breathing’ technique?

21. Which demon is a fan of traditional Japanese dancing?

22. What rank is given to a demon slayer after they complete their initial training?

23. Who is the ‘Sound Pillar’?

24. How do demons perish when exposed to sunlight?

25. Who is the youngest member of the Twelve Kizuki?

26. Which Pillar lost his family to demons and seeks revenge?

27. Which ‘Breathing’ technique is inspired by fire?

28. Who wields dual blades with serrated edges?

29. Which character can morph and manipulate his blood?

30. Who sells Tanjiro the box to carry Nezuko during daytime?

31. Who is the ‘Stone Pillar’?

32. Which demon lived with her brother in the Infinity Castle?

33. Which character always tries to make everything flamboyant?

34. Which demon enjoys playing a biwa instrument?

35. Which character uses the ‘Mist Breathing’ technique?

36. Who is known for saying ‘The weak have no rights or choices’?

37. What does Tanjiro’s scar on his forehead resemble?

38. Which demon can manipulate balls using arrows?

39. Who is the ‘Wind Pillar’?

40. How do most demons gain their unique Blood Demon Art?

41. Which character was raised by boars?

42. Which Pillar has a scar that resembles a stitch on their mouth?

43. Who is the ‘Moon Breathing’ user?

44. Which demon does Tanjiro first defeat?

45. Who is the only demon known to resist Muzan’s mind control?

46. Who is the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps?

47. Which demon has a Blood Demon Art related to ice?

48. Who possesses the See-Through World technique?

49. Which character is known to constantly sleep?

50. What is the name of Muzan’s female disguise?

51. Which demon was once a tsuzumi player?

52. What type of bird delivers messages to Tanjiro?

53. What is the highest rank a demon slayer can achieve?

54. Who uses the ‘Serpent Breathing’ technique?

55. What item does Nezuko use to prevent biting humans?

56. Which demon can create a fortress using his Blood Demon Art?

57. Which character lost his family to a demon but spared its life?

58. What rank does Tanjiro achieve after the final selection?

59. Who gives Tanjiro his scar?

60. Which Pillar is blind?

61. Who is the ‘Sun Pillar’?

62. Which demon’s ability involves creating a labyrinth?

63. What is the color of Tanjiro’s Nichirin Blade?

64. Which demon slayer has a sparrow companion?

65. Which Pillar has a tattoo of a flame on his left eye?

66. Which demon slayer is skilled in creating traps?

67. Who was turned into a demon but retains her human memories?

68. Which demon wants to be the strongest and challenges Muzan?

69. Who uses the ‘First Form: Thunderclap and Flash’ technique?

70. Who wears a haori with green and black checkered patterns?

71. Which demon creates illusions to attack his prey?

72. Who adopts a demon child named Yushiro?

73. Which demon has a Blood Demon Art that involves temari balls?

74. What does Nezuko’s bamboo muzzle help with?

75. Who uses the ‘Dead Calm’ technique?

76. Which demon is often seen with a temari ball?

77. What protects Nezuko from the sun?

78. Which demon can detach his body parts to attack?

79. Who uses the ‘Second Form: Rice Spirit’ technique?

80. Which demon was a former member of the Twelve Kizuki but got demoted?

81. Who is the author of Demon Slayer?

82. What protects the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters from demons?

83. Who is obsessed with becoming Muzan’s favorite?

84. Who is known to possess a bright yellow haori?

85. Which demon slayer wields a white Nichirin Blade?

86. Which Pillar is known for their immense physical strength?

87. Who did Tanjiro and Nezuko travel with to save a kidnapped girl?

88. Which demon has a face on his hand?

89. What role does Yushiro play for Tamayo?

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