Gratitude List For Spouse – 30 Things To Thank Your Spouse For

It’s important not to let the stresses of daily life affect your gratitude for your spouse. Through all the tasks and responsibilities you have to deal with, they’re right there with you.

It’s not uncommon at times you might not feel like being around your husband or wife. Enough time spent in the same room with someone, they’re bound to do something that annoys you.

Still, you developed love and married that person for a reason. They reflected qualities and traits that you probably still appreciate. If you’re struggling to think of much, here’s a list of potential things to thank your spouse for.

30 Things To Love and Appreciate About Your Spouse

  1. Thank them for still being there. People always have options, and your spouse isn’t forced to be there with you. Be glad that they’ve continued to make the choice to stay.
  2. Appreciate that they work hard. If they help take care of responsibilities and keep things around the house taken care of, let them know how much you appreciate their effort.
  3. Show gratitude for them having a job. If your spouse works, be glad for their continued financial contributions that help pay the bills.
  4. Be glad about their parenting. Your partner may be a really good parent to your kids. Show appreciation for their efforts in raising your children.
  5. Thank them for being understanding. As much as we deal with things from our spouse, we can’t forget they deal with things about us too. Express gladness for their patience with your faults.
  6. Appreciate the laughs they give you. If your spouse finds a way to get you to laugh or smile during the day, appreciate that.
  7. Show gratitude for their support. A spouse that encourages all of your hopes and dreams in life is one to be very glad for.
  8. Be glad they take care of you. We’ve all had moments where we weren’t feeling our best. Be glad for those moments they stepped up and took care of you.
  9. Thank them for being loyal and trustworthy. If your spouse has rarely given you a reason to doubt their loyalty or lose trust, that’s a major thing to have gratitude for.
  10. Appreciate their attitude. Your spouse may be someone who has a really good attitude in life and rarely whines. That’s not always a common thing, so be sure to appreciate that.
  11. Show gratitude for their willingness to apologize. Saying sorry and admitting fault is one of the best qualities you can appreciate a spouse for.
  12. Be glad that they’re dependable. In the times you most need their support, appreciate they’re right by your side.
  13. Thank them for their decisiveness. Sometimes we can be unsure of what to do in life. We can be glad when our spouse provides a quick decision that helps us move forward.
  14. Appreciate their affection. Despite how much you may have your differences, you can appreciate the fact they still give physical and emotional affection to you.
  15. Show gratitude for their frugality. If your spouse is a saver, you can appreciate they make sure you have enough to spend.
  16. Be glad they listen. On the days you need to vent or let out your frustrations, it’s a good thing that your spouse is willing to hear you.
  17. Thank them for their quality time. A spouse that wants to spend quality time with you is a spouse that should be cherished.
  18. Appreciate the work they put in your relationship. A marriage can be hard work sometimes. Be glad your spouse is willing to work out the issues and make things better.
  19. Show gratitude for the little things they do. Sometimes it’s just the extra things your spouse goes out of their way to do for you that’s worth being glad for.
  20. Appreciate them for challenging you. A spouse that doesn’t let you stop growing is a spouse that really cares about you.
  21. Thank them for the good memories they’ve given you. In the time your spouse has been with you, they’ve probably provided you with great memories you’ll never forget. Express how much you appreciate them for those times.
  22. Be glad they give you space. Sometimes we all just want some time to ourselves. Appreciate that your spouse gives you moments to enjoy some alone time.
  23. Appreciate that your spouse trusts you. As much as you can be glad your spouse is trustworthy, be glad that they trust you too.
  24. Show gratitude that they let things go. There are probably many times your spouse could have made an issue of something but chose to let it go. Show gratitude for the arguments that were avoided.
  25. Be glad your spouse is your spouse. They could have been anyone else’s spouse, but they chose to be yours. Remember everything that makes you feel lucky to have them and feel gratitude for that.
  26. Be happy they’re resilient. Seeing your spouse overcome challenges can be inspiring and shows strength in the face of adversity.
  27. Appreciate their cooking skills. Sharing meals they’ve prepared can be a heartfelt expression of care and brings joy through culinary experiences.
  28. Appreciate their flexibility. Being adaptable in plans and thoughts shows a willingness to compromise and work together.
  29. Thank them for respecting your boundaries. Respecting personal space and boundaries is key for a healthy, balanced relationship.
  30. Be glad they share your values and beliefs. Having similar core values and beliefs can strengthen your connection and ensure long-term compatibility.

How do you show gratitude and appreciation for your spouse?

Married couple hugging

A good place to start is by telling your spouse what you appreciate. At times we don’t say it enough how much we’re glad about the things our spouse does.

Along with telling them, you can also go out of your way to do things as a show of gratitude. Give them more of the things you know they desire. Reciprocate the same things that you appreciate them for.

Taking these steps will help your partner feel more loved in the marriage. Feel free to share what things make you grateful for your spouse.

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