15 Tranquil Thoughts To Achieve Inner Peace in 2023

Tranquil thoughts

Tranquil thoughts can improve the quality of your life by helping you achieve inner peace. I try to have a consistent thought pattern to help me remain calm, no matter what is going on in my life.

Here are 15 tranquil thoughts that I’ve learned that help to give me peace.

15 Tranquil Thoughts

  1. “No matter what, everything is okay.”
  2. “This doesn’t have to bother me so much.”
  3. “I can ignore the negative energy.”
  4. “I’m focused on the present moment.”
  5. “I can be completely calm and relaxed.”
  6. “Good things can happen to me.”
  7. “Smile.”
  8. “I’m making a thoughtful decision, and if turns out to be wrong, I’ll learn from it.”
  9. “My journey is my own, and it unfolds at the right pace for me.”
  10. “I make mistakes, but I try to do better.”
  11. “I know who I am.”
  12. “Focus on your breath.”
  13. “I always have more than enough.”
  14. “I will be… or I will have…”
  15. “I’m thankful for…”

1. “No matter what, everything is okay.”

My mind can occasionally dwell on the worst-case scenarios in life happening. “What if someone close to me dies, what if what I’m feeling is something serious, what if nothing ever works out for my life.”

Sometimes thoughts like these are hard to avoid, but if you always remember the thought “No matter what, everything will be okay.”, it can help silence your worries about those worst-case scenarios.

If you imagine all the circumstances you’ve managed to get through in life, whether it’s an injury, a loss of someone, or a big failure, you realize you’re much stronger than you think you are.

So in saying you’ll be okay no matter what, you’re saying that you’ll find a way to survive through any bad circumstances, and still keep enjoying your life somehow. It’s a very powerful thought for maintaining peace.

With all the unexpected aches, pains, and disappointments that I’ve had, I can honestly say it’s quite surprising what you can live through.

So when you plant that “everything will be okay” mindset inside of your head daily, you help yourself to not worry so much about whatever may happen in the future.

2. “This doesn’t have to bother me so much.”

Sometimes what can disrupt my calmness is just getting mad about little things not being exactly the way I want. An item isn’t in the right place, or someone forgot to do something that I expected them to do for me.

But when I let myself get so easily bothered by little things, I lose the time I could have had just continuing to have peace of mind.

When I remember something doesn’t have to bother me so much, especially given I’m fortunate not to have problems that could be a whole lot more bothersome, that moment where I start to feel my anger rise gets cut short. I’m able to keep my tranquility.

We can learn to let go of small annoyances like spilling a drink or dropping some food on the floor. I’m sure you’re probably aware of that quote about not crying over spilled milk.

It almost seems like a waste to use our anger on small annoyances. Maybe it’s better that we save our anger for situations that are actually worth it, like someone doing something to us that’s hurtful or unkind.

If everything has usefulness in life, that would seem to be when anger should really be used, when a moral wrong has been done to us or somebody we care about.

Learning that something doesn’t have to bother you so much can save you a whole lot more time to just be relaxed and peaceful in life. These first two tranquil thoughts can be a great start to experiencing more peace in 2020.

3. “I can ignore the negative energy.”

There can be negative energy all around us. The stories we see in the news, the words that some say to put us down, and just people being negative about life in general.

It can be hard occasionally, but it is possible to ignore the negativity you’re seeing and hearing, and keep your peace and harmony.

I don’t really spend too much time watching the news, particularly cable news, given how doomsday apocalyptic they make everything sound. It’s funny how when you stop watching so much of it, the world doesn’t seem as crazy as they make you think it is.

As far as people, I’ve had my fair share of negativity said towards me. But as long as you know who you are, and as long as you focus on just whatever you’re trying to do in life to be successful, the negativity can bounce off of you like rubber.

Thinking to yourself, “I can ignore the negative energy”, is you telling yourself that I don’t have to dwell on any bad moments and experiences, and I can focus on maintaining calm and contentment.

Inner peace

4. “I’m focused on the present moment.”

When I think of life less as hours and days passing by, and more as moments unfolding one by one, it helps slow everything down for me. The idea of time moving by fast tends to be associated with feelings of stress and anxiety.

So when you remind yourself that you’re focused on the present moment, you help yourself to be focused on what you’re doing and experiencing right now.

The more you’re focused on now, the more you can enjoy a sense of peacefulness

You can tell yourself, “I’m focused on the present moment”, and just notice everything you’re seeing, hearing, and feeling in the present moment.

You might find it really helps to give you some relaxation to just pay attention to the silence in your room.

5. “I can be completely calm and relaxed.”

Out of all the tranquil thoughts on this list, I probably have this one the most. It’s a part of a relaxation technique I’ve used called autogenic training.

But because I’ve used that thought during my relaxation technique, it’s kind of become like a trained response in my body to go into that state of restfulness.

Most times when I think in my mind, “I can be completely calm and relaxed”, my shoulders instantly lower, and it’s like I let a weight fall off my back.

It helps to lower my tension in my most tense moments and allows me to feel more of a calm state that I desire. Perhaps you can give yourself that same experience if you consistently think that thought.

6. “Good things can happen to me”

We worry so much about the bad that might happen in life, we forget that there’s good that can happen too. When I think to myself, “Good things can happen to me.”, it reminds that there’s always a possibility something positive is around the corner.

It can be a relaxing thought for you to believe a little happiness can happen when you least expect it. Your anxiety about the future lessens because you don’t feel it’s just one big catastrophe waiting to happen. And with less anxiety, that adds up to more peace of mind.

7. “Smile.”

If some of you are thinking you hated when people told you to smile when you didn’t feel like it, same here. But reminding yourself to smile is a different concept.

A study showed that smiling helps to lower your stress and lift your mood, even if it’s not a genuine smile.

So when you remind yourself to smile, you get yourself smiling and lowering your stress, and you help yourself have more inner calm.

8. “I’m making a thoughtful decision, and if it turns out to be wrong, then I’ll learn from it.

When you’re unsure of a decision to make in life, that can create a lot of chaos in your mind. There’s no telling how a decision is going to work out, but we can only do the best we can to think it through and decide accordingly.  

This thought reminds us that even if the decision you decide doesn’t work out, there can be good that comes out of it. You might learn something that will help you make a decision that works out for you in the future.

And you can also be able to help other people not make the same mistakes that you did.

So to say, “I’m making a thoughtful decision, and if it turns out to be wrong, then I’ll learn from it.”, is to say that I’m not going to worry about making a mistake. I’m going to make the best of whatever the outcome of my decision is, and be content.

9. “My journey is my own, and it unfolds at the right pace for me.”

When everybody around you has been married, had kids, and moved out on their own, it’s easy to look around and feel down about where you’re at in life.

This thought helps you to remember that you’re on your own journey, with its own circumstances and difficulties that others around you didn’t deal with. Even if it takes a long time for you to get to your happy place in life, as long as you get there, who cares when it happened.

Some of those people, despite what you may feel like is there “I’ve made it.” moment, probably aren’t even as happy as you’re thinking they are, given we generally feel discontent about something.

Keeping in your mind that all of your life is happening when it’s supposed to helps to give you patience in your journey, and with patience, you develop more calmness inside.

10. “I make mistakes, but I try to do better.”

People can lose a lot of peace being pretty harsh on themselves. They dwell on how bad they messed a situation up, and ignore how much they’ve improved or can improve from the mistakes they made.

I know in my past I said and did some selfish and unkind things towards people. While I, of course, have remorse for what I did, I don’t look at myself as a bad person. I’ve gotten better in how I treat people, and while I’m not perfect, I at least keep trying to be a decent person.

Saying to yourself, “I’ make mistakes, but I try to do better.”, helps you to accept all of the faults of your past, dwell on your mistakes less, and remind yourself that you can only do the best you can.

11. “I know who I am.”

I mentioned these words earlier about ignoring negativity, but I think it’s important to go deeper into this thought. For some of you, it might be a little tricky to think you know who you are if you feel like you don’t really know yourself.

But thinking “I know who I am.” doesn’t require you to know everything about yourself. You can say that in your mind and still be honest in that thinking because everybody knows something about themselves.

When you have that thought in mind, it helps to erase the self-doubt you might have from what other people have said about who you are. I’ve had people say a lot of words to describe me that I would sometimes accept as true, which used to make me feel less peaceful inside.

But as you get older and have a better understanding of what traits you feel are a part of who you are, other people’s opinions of you don’t have as much power as they used to. As a result, your peace is less affected.

12. “Focus on your breath.”

This one of the tranquil thoughts I’ve focused on more recently as a part of practicing mindfulness and meditation. When you get in the practice of focusing on your breath, it’s like an anchor that keeps a ship steady in the midst of a storm.

Telling yourself, “focus on your breath”, is a way of reminding yourself to rest and be calm. Giving yourself a feeling of stillness through thinking of your breath can help you have a sense of peacefulness.

Everything outside of you might be out of control, but you can still keep your control on the inside as you slowly breathe in and out.

Inner peace

13. “I always have more than enough.”

At times we can feel stressed about the things in life we feel like we’re lacking. Whether we’re worried about not having enough money, enough food, or whatever else we need, it can all take our sense of serenity away from us at times.

Thinking to yourself, “I always have more than enough.”, reminds you not to worry so much. It’s a reminder that even if you are lacking, there’s always a way to get what you need. Whether it’s through your own efforts, or with someone’s help.

At times I’ve had thoughts of not being sure I had enough to be okay, but more often than not, I usually did end up having enough. Maybe you have enough as well.

14. “I will be… or I will have…”

Affirmations have been a part of my life for the last couple of years. I’ve repeated thoughts in my head such as, “I will be healthy” or “I will be a successful writer”.

Having a positive mindset about my future helps me to have more peace about it. Some believe that affirmations even attract the desire that you’re focusing on.

I was skeptical of it in the past. But I do believe now that there is truth to what you focus on tends to end up being what’s a part of your future. After all, most events in life started with some kind of thought, right?

But even if you don’t believe affirmations have that kind of power, saying “I will be” this or “I will have” that can maybe help to make you feel good at the very least. And feeling good usually follows a feeling of calmness.

15. “I’m thankful for…”

Admittedly, I really don’t have this thought in my head as much as I should.

But science has said over and over again that gratitude helps us to be happier. And happiness and inner calm tend to go hand in hand.

Whenever I have the thought in my head of what I’m thankful for, I feel good about myself. It helps me to have a better perspective on life and not get so caught up in the small stuff.

In a way, it goes back to the previous thought that helps you to have peace.

In both cases, thinking “I will be…” or “I’m thankful for…”, you’re directing your attention towards something more positive than you might have been thinking before.

The negative that we focus on in life gives us stress and anxiety, but the positive we focus on can give us peace of mind.

How do you become tranquil?

It’s first helpful to get in a tranquil environment. Find time to be alone or in a space where it’s quiet. Listen to relaxing music or meditate.

All of this combined can help you to have more tranquil thoughts and become tranquil.

Are tranquility and serenity the same?

Tranquility and serenity basically mean the same thing. A state of calmness or peacefulness.

How do you describe tranquility?

Tranquility can be described in many ways. when I think of the word, I think of nature. The calmness of green trees, bird sounds, and warm weather.

It’s where I can think my most tranquil thoughts.

How do I find peace of mind quotes?

You’re welcome to read some of the peace of mind quotes I discuss on my blog. You can also find more by doing a search on google.

Reading wise words can help you have a different perspective and think more tranquil thoughts.

What thoughts help you feel peaceful?

There are a lot of other thoughts that could probably be useful for inner calm.

Maybe you can think of some that help you to feel a sense of calm in life. If you do, I’d be happy to hear those thoughts you have in the comments.

It might be helpful for me and other readers in creating a peaceful life. I want to leave you with these tranquil thoughts from Mahatma Gandhi…

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, it’s the ability to cope with it.”

“Peace is its own reward.”

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