Quality Over Quantity – Meaning, Examples

Quality over quantity is the central foundation of a minimalist life. People choose to pursue items, activities, and relationships that provide meaning.

There’s an emphasis on owning things that are of personal value rather than monetary value. It’s a conclusion that it’s better to own one good thing rather than multiple things that are just okay.

Putting a focus on this idea means diving deeper into yourself to discover what it is that truly matters to you. When you do that, you’re able to unlock a happier life.

What is quality over quantity?

To break this down further, let’s define the two main words here.

  • Quantity – the amount or number of something

Quality over quantity essentially means choosing things of high standard matters more than the amount or number of things that you have.

To put it another way, value matters more than volume. If you have one or two items that make you feel really good, than it doesn’t really matter how much of any other items you have.

Which is better quality or quantity?

Early in our lives, we tend to think having a large quantity of items is better than having a few select ones that are of good quality.

Typically, as we get older, we realize how much of the things we thought would make us happy actually didn’t. We see piles of stuff that we may have never used more than once.

Perhaps ultimately we all discover that only a few things really matter to us. We come to understand and appreciate items that actually do bring us joy and let go of the ones that don’t.

We come to discover that having quality relationships really is better than having multiple relationships.

How do you choose quality over quantity?

Choosing quality rather than quantity requires a little bit soul-searching and self-reflection. To know what quality you should choose requires discovering what you really value.

What do you value using most of your time on? What do you enjoy doing in your day? Are there specific items that you can recall really made you happy in life?

These kinds of questions will lead you to understanding exactly what items, experiences, and moments are the quality that you should have in life.

Everything else that remains that you don’t value or enjoy that much, perhaps that’s the quantity you need to reduce in your life.

Why is quality over quantity important?

It’s important to choose quality rather than quantity because the simplicity allows you to have a more meaningful and intentional life. When you think about it, a few things seem true.

  • You don’t remember every single item you ever owned.
  • You may not remember every single person you ever met.
  • We might not always remember every single experience we had.

Quality rather than quantity examples

As we look back on our lives, the things that seem to stick in our minds is the few close relationships we had. We rarely ever forget our family, our best friends, or our romantic partners.

Another thing that stands out is the experiences that were emotional for us. The moments that made us happy, that made us proud, or that inspired us.

Lastly, when it comes to items, we don’t forget the things that gave us hours of joy. A specific video game you played over and over growing up, or the soccer ball you kicked around outside all day.

If you’re not convinced yet about the value of quality, here’s 10 reasons you should consider shifting your focus to what’s meaningful.

If you become convinced after reading these reasons, it can be worthwhile to consider pursuing a minimalist lifestyle.

It’s the quality moments in life that you’ll appreciate more than the number of items you ever had.

10 reasons to choose quality rather than quantity

Sunrise over mountain quality over quantity

1. Quality is meaningful

As illustrated above, what you remember is usually what matters. Choosing quality is more meaningful because it stays on your mind, and thus lasts a lifetime.

The quantity of items you have will eventually be destroyed or given away. But the quality time spent, even when something is no longer there, can always be in your memories.

2. Quality lasts longer

Beyond the fact that valuable things last in your memories, they also tend to last longer in general.

You could buy a quantity of shoes, clothes, or jewelry, and many of them will damage over time.

But an item that’s of the highest materials and standards can last for years. The same is also true of our relationships.

You could become friends with hundreds or thousands of people on social media. But you’ll likely lose touch with most of them.

But the few people you form good relationships with can be there for you until the end.

3. Quality saves you time and energy

When the items, relationships, and experiences you have are valuable, you save time not having to search for something better.

You save energy not being burdened with not having the things that genuinely make you happy.

Continually focusing on getting more and more can wear you down eventually.

It’s better to focus on getting enough and getting what matters.

4. Quality helps your finances

In addition to your time and energy saved, you may even save some money too.

Think of all the dollars you may have spent buying numerous items you never used.

Think of all the money you spent on numerous services and luxuries you never needed.

When you choose to be purposeful in spending only on what you truly desire, you waste less money.

You can have more left to continue to spend on other true desires you have.

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5. Quality enhances your relationships

The value of the time you spend with someone matters more than the quantity. Yes, it’s important to have consistent time.

But if most of that consistent time is bad, it only harms you and the other person. When you put an emphasis on meaning in your relationships, they can become more meaningful.

Think about the deep conversations you’ve had with someone that lasted into the early morning hours of a new day.

That’s the kind of meaning that makes for a good relationship and a good life.

6. Quality enlightens you

Valuable items like a well-written and researched book can inform you of so many things in the world.

Genuine people who have experience, wisdom, and knowledge can enlighten you on the ways to best live life.

Meaninginful experiences can give you new insights about who you are, what you desire, and life in general.

7. Quality keeps you focused

It’s hard to stay focused when you have a large quantity of stuff distracting you.

With decreasing what you have only to what’s of value, you can be more focused in life.

That increased focused can help you to achieve your personal goals and fulfill your dreams.

Decluttering the things that you don’t value can be one of the best life decisions you’ve ever made.

8. Quality makes you well

It’s no secret that good food is better than a large quantity of food.

When we choose to take part in valuable activities such as eating good food, exercising, and self-care, we feel well.

Being mindful of the choices you make when it comes to your wellness is key to your physical and mental well-being.

9. Quality gives you joy

People can get a lot of things in life and still not be happy. But when we get those things that really bring purpose and meaning in our lives, we usually have joy.

10. Quality is just better

All of these reasons I’ve listed seem to make it evident that choosing value is just better.

It’s better for your happiness, it’s better for finding your purpose, and it’s just better for your life.

Final thoughts

The quantity of items you continue to accumulate will never be enough. You’ll still be searching for some kind of contentment in your life.

I hope this article inspires you to move forward to seek less numbers and seek more value.

You’ll feel less like you’re chasing happiness, and more like you actually have it.

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