50 Adventure Time Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the wondrous Land of Ooo! If you’re a fan of the magical and imaginative world of Adventure Time Trivia, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect post. We’ve concocted a marvelous assortment of trivia questions to test your knowledge and take you on a nostalgic journey through the realms of your favorite characters, mysterious creatures, and unforgettable adventures. From Finn and Jake’s daring escapades to the secrets of the Candy Kingdom, this trivia has it all! So, grab your friends, it’s adventure time! Are you ready to uncover the mysteries and prove your expertise in Adventure Time trivia? Let’s get started!

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1. Who is the main protagonist of ‘Adventure Time’?

2. What is the name of Finn’s stretchy dog friend?

3. Who is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom?

4. Which character often says ‘Algebraic!’?

5. Which vampire plays a bass guitar?

6. What does BMO stand for?

7. Which ice-powered character often kidnaps princesses?

8. Who used to be a human named Simon?

9. Who is the Flame Princess’s father?

10. Which character is known for his ‘My New Prison is Shame’ quote?

11. Which candy character lost an arm and has a hook instead?

12. Who tries to marry Tree Trunks in the ‘Apple Wedding’ episode?

13. Which character has a soft spot for ‘Everything Burrito’?

14. What’s the name of Marceline’s pet zombie poodle?

15. What item does Finn carry that is made from the fur of a manticore?

16. What’s the name of the game console that lives with Finn and Jake?

17. Which character was made from a piece of Princess Bubblegum?

18. Who is known as the ‘King of Thieves’?

19. In which realm does Lady Rainicorn’s parents live?

20. Who did Jake marry?

21. What creature is Gunter actually revealed to be?

22. Who is the guardian of the Multiverse?

23. Which character can’t see red?

24. In ‘Card Wars’, what creature is considered overpowered?

25. What is Flame Princess’s real name?

26. Which character turns everything he touches to gold?

27. Who is the three-part deity of the Adventure Time universe?

28. Which character became Jake’s tail?

29. Who did Princess Bubblegum create to be a suitor?

30. What is the title of the ‘Adventure Time’ miniseries about Marceline?

31. What’s the name of the elephant that makes the best apple pies?

32. Which realm is Finn originally from?

33. Which ‘Adventure Time’ episode was based on a gender-swapped universe?

34. What type of creature is Cinnamon Bun?

35. Which character used to date a sentient watermelon?

36. Which bear imitates everything Finn does?

37. Who became the King of Ooo after Princess Bubblegum?

38. What color is BMO?

39. Who gave Finn his grass sword?

40. Which character has a catchphrase of ‘Unacceptable!’?

41. What magical item can translate any language?

42. What’s the name of Jake’s children’s mother?

43. Who protects Wildberry Princess from harm?

44. Which instrument does Jake play?

45. Who rules the Nightosphere?

46. Which wizard sells discounted wishes?

47. Who is the banana guards’ leader?

48. What’s the real name of Ice King’s crown?

49. Who tried to steal Jake’s sandwich in the ‘Time Sandwich’ episode?

50. What’s the name of the deer with hands for hooves?

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