87 Cobra Kai Trivia Questions And Answers

Welcome to the Cobra Kai Trivia! Are you ready to test your knowledge about the popular series? This trivia spans a wide range of topics about the show. You’ll find questions about the characters, plotlines, and even the creators of Cobra Kai. Whether you’re a casual viewer or a dedicated fan, this trivia will challenge your recall and deepen your appreciation for the series. Let’s see how well you know the world of Cobra Kai! Enjoy!

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1. Who created the Cobra Kai series?

2. What year did the Cobra Kai series first air?

3. On what platform did Cobra Kai originally premiere?

4. What is the name of the actor who plays Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai?

5. Who portrays Daniel LaRusso in Cobra Kai?

6. What karate style does the Cobra Kai dojo teach?

7. What is the name of the character that Tanner Buchanan portrays?

8. Which dojo does Miguel Diaz join?

9. What is the relationship between Johnny Lawrence and Robby Keene?

10. Which Karate Kid film is Cobra Kai a sequel to?

11. In what city does Cobra Kai take place?

12. What is the name of the character that Xolo Maridueña portrays?

13. Who does the character Samantha LaRusso date in season one?

14. Who is the main antagonist in season 3 of Cobra Kai?

15. What does Daniel LaRusso teach Robby Keene?

16. What is the name of the actress who plays Amanda LaRusso?

17. Who wins the All Valley Karate Tournament in Season 1?

18. In Season 2, who starts a fight in the high school?

19. Who buys the Cobra Kai dojo from Johnny Lawrence?

20. What character does Peyton List play in Cobra Kai?

21. What event does Daniel take his students to in Season 3?

22. What injury does Miguel suffer at the end of Season 2?

23. What job does Johnny take up in Season 3?

24. Which of Johnny’s former students does he fight in Season 3?

25. Who trained John Kreese in karate?

26. What is the name of Johnny’s new dojo in Season 3?

27. Who does Daniel team up with to take down Cobra Kai in Season 3?

28. Who is Hawk’s best friend?

29. What is Hawk’s real name?

30. Who is the first student of Eagle Fang Karate?

31. Who does Johnny Lawrence date in Season 2?

32. Who taught Daniel the Crane Kick?

33. What car does Johnny Lawrence drive in Cobra Kai?

34. Who wins the All Valley Karate Tournament in Season 3?

35. What car does Daniel LaRusso own?

36. What is Samantha LaRusso’s nickname?

37. What animal represents the Miyagi-Do dojo?

38. Who taught Johnny the Quicksilver method?

39. Which dojo does Robby join at the end of Season 2?

40. Who does Samantha LaRusso date in Season 2?

41. Who is Moon’s girlfriend in Season 3?

42. Who is the character Aisha’s father?

43. What was Daniel’s job before he became a karate teacher?

44. Who was Miguel’s first opponent in the All Valley Karate Tournament?

45. Who are the Cobra Kai students that tried to trash Mr. Miyagi’s car?

46. Who does Johnny reconnect with in Season 3?

47. Who taught Johnny the illegal kick?

48. Who is the school counselor in Cobra Kai?

49. Who owns LaRusso Auto Group?

50. Who is Demetri’s first love interest in the show?

51. Who breaks Demetri’s arm in a fight?

52. Who does Johnny help to walk again?

53. Which famous move does Miguel use to win the tournament in Season 1?

54. Who plays the role of Tory Nichols?

55. What does the name ‘Cobra Kai’ symbolize?

56. What lesson does Daniel teach Sam and Robby about the balance?

57. What triggers Johnny to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo?

58. Who leaves Cobra Kai at the end of Season 2?

59. What does the character Robby Keene go to juvenile detention for?

60. What is the title of the Season 2 finale episode?

61. Who were the original creators of the ‘Karate Kid’ movie?

62. Who is Sid Weinberg in Cobra Kai?

63. What business did Mr. Miyagi own in The Karate Kid?

64. Where did Daniel and his family move from in The Karate Kid?

65. Who is the Cobra Kai student with the hawk tattoo?

66. Who is the actress that plays Yasmine?

67. In which episode does Miguel wake up from his coma in Season 3?

68. Which character was expelled from school in Season 2?

69. What is the name of the actor who plays Kyler?

70. Who does Daniel visit in Okinawa in Season 3?

71. What is the title of the first episode of Cobra Kai?

72. What is the name of the actor who plays Hawk?

73. Who plays the role of John Kreese in Cobra Kai?

74. In which season does Ali Mills appear?

75. Who plays the role of Ali Mills in Cobra Kai?

76. Who is the character Anoush Norouzi?

77. Who is the actress that plays Robby’s mom?

78. Who saves Miguel from bullies in the school cafeteria?

79. What is the name of Daniel’s wife?

80. Who is the actor that plays Louie LaRusso Jr.?

81. What is the name of the character that Nichole Brown portrays?

82. Who is the actor that plays Anthony LaRusso?

83. Which actor plays Moon in Cobra Kai?

84. Who is the actor that plays Armand Zakarian?

85. Which character in Cobra Kai has a pet snake?

86. Who does Johnny message through Facebook in Season 3?

87. Who are the three dojos mentioned in Cobra Kai?

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