Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy! 3 Ways to Protect It

Dont let anyone steal your joy

Don’t let anyone steal your joy another day. People can be as rude, disrespectful, and mean as they want.

No matter what, you can still enjoy your day, and you can still choose to be happy. As hard as it can seem sometimes, your emotions are in your control.

Here are some thoughts you can remember to help you protect your joy when others want to steal it.

3 ways how you don’t let anyone steal your joy

1. Don’t let another person’s anger make you feel bad

In life, lots of people will get angry at you for no reason at all. At least no reason that has anything to do with you.

It’s easy to start feeling down when people take out their anger on you. It can be hard not to let it stop you from being positive and productive in your day.

Nonetheless, you have the option to choose not to let someone’s anger get to you. If you know you didn’t intentionally say or do anything wrong, then just go about your day in a positive and productive way.

Most of the time people lash out in anger because they need somebody to take out their situation on.

Now in some situations, such as a job, you may be forced to consistently mentally prepare not to let someone’s anger bother you. Sometimes it’s necessary to have thick skin because not everyone believes in treating people with kindness and respect as you do.

At the same time, in other cases, some people are in your life because you’ve given them the privilege of being in your life. It’s not arrogant to say your presence and your interaction is a privilege.

Framing yourself in that way teaches you to recognize the respect and dignity you deserve. Given that you are a privilege, this means you have the right to decide how you want to be treated in order to allow someone to enjoy the privilege of you.

If someone chooses not to abide by your standard of allowing people to enjoy that privilege, then you have the right to limit or restrict access from someone. Understandably, it’s a tough decision to make.

You wish you didn’t have to, but you have to value yourself in this way so you really don’t let anyone steal your joy. Additionally, in moments you’re trying to help with someone and they’re being angry with you, sometimes you have to look past the anger coming at you.

Instead, focus on the heart of whatever the issue is. Responding back with anger is more likely to only make things worse.

Just keep your words solution-oriented and positive. Once you’re no longer in the situation of someone’s anger, you can be grateful for the peace you have returned to you, and find something to focus on that gives you joy and meaning.

2. Don’t let anyone’s negative words hurt you

This ties in somewhat with the first tip. One of the number one joy stealing tactics people use is negative words.

They talk down to you, insult you, and generally say things intended to make you feel less about yourself. There are two key tactics I use to deal with these moments in life.

One, I ignore the comments. If somebody says something belittling and disrespectful of me, why should I give that any attention,

Now I know some people are of the mindset of fighting back and telling people off. Myself, like the old saying goes, I don’t even want to dignify that with a response.

I had people say things to me all the time in high school, and I either just laughed or smiled and went on with my day. As long as no one’s putting hands on me, I don’t have to be bothered by what people say.

This is all because of my second key tactic for dealing with people’s negative words. I remember I know who I am.

I know I’m an intelligent person, I know I’m a hard-working person, and in general, I know I’m a pretty good person. Not perfect, not always at my best, but pretty good in the way I live and conduct myself.

No one person fully understands who you are other than you. What everybody thinks they fully understand about you, is only what they fully understand about what they’ve seen and heard of you.

You have a more experienced vantage point of yourself to conclude who you are in a positive and constructive way. Some people can offer good constructive criticisms of you intended to make you better.

That’s fine. Anyone saying things to make you feel useless and incompetent, don’t pay those words any mind and don’t let anyone steal your joy.

Every day you should continue to remind yourself how incredibly extraordinary you are. This will help make it easier to not take the negative words people say to you to heart.

3. Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying your life

If it’s not anger or negative words, sometimes you have to deal with people who are consistently depressed or down about life. This can be a drain when you’re trying to focus on enjoying life.

You want to be empathetic to someone’s struggles, but at the same time, you don’t want this to stop you from being happy. In cases like this, you can continue to try to be encouraging and supportive to help someone be more positive for a little while.

If they continue to be down about life and not being positive in any way, then you have to limit your time for the sake of keeping your joy. We can’t be the one that gets somebody to be happy.

Everyone has to make the decision to be happy on their own.

Don’t let anyone steal your joy today, and never let anyone rob you of your peace

Joy can be yours to have in life, but you have to protect it. There are always going to be people and situations in life that will try to bring you down.

If you need a moment to feel down, that’s okay. Take that moment, but don’t dwell in it.

Time can be so limited in life, you deserve to have as much joy in that time as you can.

Don't let anyone steal your joy

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