20 Fun Facts About Soccer

One of the most renowned sports globally, soccer captures the attention of fans and players worldwide. This article presents a collection of unique soccer information and facts, spanning facts about soccer players to facts about soccer history. Dive into these 20 fun facts about soccer for an exciting glimpse into the game’s most intriguing details.

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1. Did You Know This Ancient Game is Said to Resemble Soccer?

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Cuju was played in ancient China, where people would kick a leather ball around, sort of reflecting some of the basic mechanics of modern soccer. However, for those who wonder “where did soccer originate?”, the answer is highly contested and not 100% agreed upon or known, as other countries like ancient Greece and Rome have been mentioned as playing early soccer-style games too. 

2. Do You Know How Old Soccer Is?

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While many often wonder “when did soccer start”, the answer for how old soccer is isn’t very straightforward. The modern game as we know it dates back to the creation of the FA in 1863, but as a general game, soccer style games are said to have been played much earlier. Kicking a ball shaped object of some sort dates back to ancient times. 

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3. Do You Know Where Modern Soccer Started?

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England has often been regarded as the country who made the modern version of soccer back in 1863 as they founded the Football Association (FA) and is the common answer when people ask who invented soccer.

4. Do You Know How Many People Are on a Soccer Team?

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While there may be around 18 or so players on a given soccer team, there’s only ever allowed to be 11 players from each team on the field during a match, including the goalie. The extra people on the sidelines are available for substitutions or as back-up. 

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5. Did You Know Soccer Has Four Main Positions?

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These categories break down into various sub positions. For example, defenders can take on the role of either left, right, or center back, or even a full back. Midfield is also broken down into more defensive or offensive positions, center midfielders, or even wingers. Attackers can also have different roles and responsibilities within the broader positions of a forward.  

6. Did You Know This Other Name for Soccer Uniforms?

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The term “kit” is used to describe more than just a player’s team jersey, rather, it encompasses the entire gear worn by players.  

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7. Do You Know How Many Minutes Are in a Professional Soccer Game?

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Those wondering how long a soccer game is, the answer is that games are divided into two 45 minute halves, with a break at halftime. This totals up to a 90 minute game

8. Did You Know Soccer is Also Called By This Name?

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While many North Americans commonly refer to the sport as soccer, it is also widely known across other continents as football. In fact, it is more often known as football because that was the name given to the sport when England made the Football Association in the 1800s.

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9. Did You Know A Soccer Ball is Kicked with This Part of Your Foot?

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Using the inside of your foot to kick a soccer ball is common, as using the toes to kick could result in greater chances of injury

10. Did You Know There Are Different Sizes of Soccer Balls?

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Interesting soccer ball facts include that size 5 is the soccer ball size used in professional games, and is the ball used by most, if not all, adult soccer players. Usually, the size corresponds to age, with size 1 being used by the youngest players and moving up in size along with age. The size 5 ball weighs about 410-450 grams, and so it is suited for the well-versed players. 

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11. Did You Know Soccer is the Most Popular Sport by This Scale?

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 With billions of fans around the world, it’s hard to answer the question “where is soccer played?” because it is played and watched just about everywhere.

12. Did You Know This Soccer Event is the Most Watched in the World?

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This sporting event receives billions of viewers, making it the most watched compared to other sporting events.

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13. Do You Know When the First World Cup Happened?

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The first FIFA World Cup occurred in July 1930 and the final game was between Uruguay, the hosting country, and Argentina, with Uruguay winning 4-2. 

14. Do You Know What Soccer Player Has the Most World Cup Wins?

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Arguably one of the most popular soccer players, Pele is also one of the most accomplished. He won three World Cups in his career, making him the player with the most world cup wins.

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15. Did You Know This Country Has the Most World Cup Wins?

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Brazil has won five times over the years, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. 

16. Do You Know How Often the FIFA World Cup Happens?

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Both the mens and womens FIFA world cup is held every four years, where nations across the world compete to get their spot to play. 

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17. Do You Know What FIFA Stands For?

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FIFA was founded to foster relations between various nations and their football associations. FIFA is now regarded as the top of soccer’s administrative authority, overseeing rules and regulations for the game. 

18. Did You Know This Soccer Player is Married to a Spice Girl?

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Beckham is well known for his soccer skills, playing for teams like Manchester United. He is also known for his infamous marriage to Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham.

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19. Do You Know the Top Scorer in the Champions League?

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One interesting fact about soccer players like Ronaldo is that these stats showcase their talent. He has scored 140 goals in the Champions League, putting him at the top with Lionel Messi just behind.

20. Do You Know What a Treble Is?

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The Treble is often associated with European soccer teams and leagues, and as such, the trophies up for grabs are the UEFA Champions league and then the teams domestic cup and domestic league. Winning all three in a season is known as a treble.

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