73 Gravity Falls Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Gravity Falls trivia challenge! Dive deep into the mysteries, secrets, and quirky characters of the beloved animated series. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard Pines family enthusiast, these 73 questions are bound to test your knowledge and bring back fond memories of the adventures in Gravity Falls. So, do you have what it takes to ace this quiz? Let the games begin!

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1. Who wrote the journals in the series?

2. What is the real name of Grunkle Stan?

3. Who has a crush on Wendy?

4. Which character has a pet pig?

5. Who operates the Mystery Shack?

6. Who is Gideon Gleeful’s father?

7. Which character can multiply himself?

8. Which character says ‘Waddles’?

9. What is the name of the secret society?

10. What item allows the user to swap bodies?

11. Who wants to create Weirdmageddon?

12. What is the name of Dipper and Mabel’s gnome friend?

13. Who runs the Tent of Telepathy?

14. What’s the name of the video game character that comes to life?

15. Who is Soos’ girlfriend?

16. What’s the title of the twins’ favorite book series?

17. Which character is afraid of butterflies?

18. Who provides the voice for Bill Cipher?

19. What’s the name of Mabel’s dream boy?

20. Which character works as a handyman at the Mystery Shack?

21. What item is used to view hidden messages?

22. What creature is also known as ‘The Eighth and a Half President’?

23. What candy does Mabel obsess over?

24. Who becomes mayor after Mayor Befufftlefumpter?

25. What nickname does Dipper want people to call him?

26. What song plays on the world’s most distracting object?

27. What cryptid is known for stealing left socks?

28. What kind of animal is ‘The Beast With Five Eyes’?

29. Which character loves pizza and boy bands?

30. What color is Wendy’s beanie?

31. Which character has a tattoo of a key on their arm?

32. Which family has a history of hating the Pines family?

33. What supernatural entity is known for making deals?

34. Who is the handyman’s best friend?

35. What is the name of the time traveler?

36. Who runs the Gravity Falls Pool?

37. Which character wears a purple sweater with a shooting star?

38. Which character is often seen with a lollipop?

39. Who is considered the town’s ‘rich kid’?

40. Which character creates a theme park?

41. Which character is often seen with a skull t-shirt?

42. Which character has a rivalry with Robbie?

43. Who is often seen with a lot of keychains?

44. What’s the name of the summerween trickster?

45. Which character has braces and pink hair?

46. What game do Dipper and Mabel play with the time traveler’s device?

47. Which character says ‘Awkward sibling hug’?

48. Who tries to marry Lazy Susan?

49. Which character is a DJ at the local radio station?

50. Who operates the ‘House of Mystery’?

51. What’s the name of Soos’ animated counterpart?

52. Which character is associated with a fish?

53. What item helps locate nearby anomalies?

54. Which creature loves playing games?

55. What machine is located in the Mystery Shack’s basement?

56. Who believes in the paranormal and writes about it?

57. What’s the name of the love god?

58. Who becomes deputy under Sheriff Blubs?

59. Which character claims to be psychic?

60. Which character has a secret tattoo?

61. What creature is said to be found in Lake Gravity Falls?

62. Who is Mabel’s sock puppet alter ego?

63. What’s the name of the lumberjack ghost?

64. Who hosts the show ‘Cash Wheel’?

65. What event happens once every 1,000 years?

66. Which character is a ‘part-time comedian’?

67. What creature dislikes light and avoids it?

68. Who often exclaims ‘Buy gold!’?

69. What’s the name of Mabel’s pet alpaca?

70. Which character is known for his sense of fashion?

71. Who is Pacifica’s ancestor who founded the Northwest Manor?

72. What does Bill Cipher refer to Dipper as?

73. Which character has a secret crush on Wendy?

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