50 Jersey Shore Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Jersey Shore trivia challenge! Since its premiere in 2009, MTV’s “Jersey Shore” became a cultural phenomenon, introducing viewers to the unique world of the GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) routine and some unforgettable catchphrases. From Snooki’s love for pickles to The Situation’s unforgettable quotes, there’s a lot to remember about this iconic reality show. Ready to test your knowledge? Dive into these 50 fun and intriguing trivia questions and see if you’re a true fan of the Jersey Shore crew!

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1. Which network aired the ‘Jersey Shore’ show?

2. In which year did ‘Jersey Shore’ premiere?

3. Which ‘Jersey Shore’ cast member is known as ‘JWoww’?

4. Who released a song titled ‘GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry)’?

5. Which cast member wrote a book called ‘The Rules According to JWOWW’?

6. In which Italian city did the cast live in Season 4?

7. Which cast member is nicknamed ‘The Situation’?

8. Which state is the ‘Jersey Shore’ located in?

9. Who among the cast has a show named ‘Snooki & JWoww’?

10. Who was the first cast member to have a baby?

11. Which cast member was once a DJ?

12. Who had a short-lived talk show called ‘The Show with Vinny’?

13. Which two cast members have the same first name ‘Michael’?

14. Which cast member entered the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in the UK?

15. In which town is the Shore House located?

16. Which season was filmed in Miami Beach?

17. Who famously said, ‘I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet’?

18. Which cast member has a day in their honor in their hometown?

19. Who famously got punched in a bar in an early episode?

20. Which ‘Jersey Shore’ star appeared on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?

21. Who is known for their love of pickles?

22. Which cast member released a song titled ‘I’m Hot’?

23. Who introduced the term ‘meatball’ to describe themselves?

24. Which cast member was not originally in the first season but joined in the third?

25. Which cast member owns the ‘Jersey Laundry’ clothing line?

26. What do the cast call their rooftop sun-deck?

27. Who once worked as a dental assistant before joining the show?

28. Which two cast members were high school sweethearts?

29. Who owns the ‘Snooki Shop’ boutique?

30. What is Mike Sorrentino’s favorite dessert, leading to a famous quote?

31. Which cast member claimed to invent the ‘Blowout’ hairstyle?

32. Which spin-off show featured Snooki and JWoww as mothers?

33. Who is often teased for their obsession with Keto Guido diet?

34. Which cast member got married in Las Vegas on a spin-off show?

35. Who is known for the quote ‘Yeah, buddy!’?

36. Which cast member launched a tanning lotion product line?

37. Who famously hated ‘The Note’ in season 2?

38. Who is the oldest cast member of ‘Jersey Shore’?

39. Which cast member’s catchphrase is ‘It’s T-shirt time!’?

40. Who described their style as ‘Guido’?

41. Who launched a line of slippers called ‘Snooki Slippers’?

42. Which cast member was briefly a professional wrestler?

43. Whose nickname is ‘Sweetheart’?

44. Who said, ‘If you’re not a Guido, then you can get the f*** out of my face’?

45. Which cast member won the ‘Choice TV: Female Reality/Variety Star’ at the Teen Choice Awards?

46. Which cast member opened up about their battle with addiction?

47. Who popularized the dance called ‘The Fist Pump’?

48. Which two cast members had a podcast titled ‘It’s Happening’?

49. In which year did ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ premiere?

50. Who was the youngest member of the ‘Jersey Shore’ original cast?

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