82 Monk Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate Monk trivia! Whether you’ve watched every episode or are a casual viewer, this collection of 82 questions will test your knowledge of everyone’s favorite obsessive-compulsive detective. From character details to specific episode events, let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to solve these mysteries. Dive in and see how well you remember the quirks and cases of Adrian Monk!

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1. Who plays the title character in the show?

2. What is Adrian Monk’s profession?

3. Which phobia does Monk have due to his wife’s murder?

4. Who killed Monk’s wife, Trudy?

5. Which actress portrayed Sharona Fleming?

6. Who replaced Sharona as Monk’s assistant?

7. Which character is Monk’s brother?

8. What city does Monk primarily work in?

9. Who portrayed Captain Stottlemeyer?

10. Which character is known for having a mustache and being a bit skeptical of Monk’s abilities?

11. Who wrote the theme song for the show?

12. Which popular musician sang the opening song in later seasons?

13. What’s the title of the show’s opening song?

14. Which disorder does Monk suffer from?

15. Who was Monk’s psychiatrist in later seasons?

16. Before Dr. Bell, who was Monk’s psychiatrist?

17. Which network aired the show Monk?

18. How many Emmy Awards did Tony Shalhoub win for his role as Monk?

19. What is the name of Natalie’s daughter?

20. In which year did the show Monk premiere?

21. How many seasons of Monk are there?

22. What is the main reason Monk wants to return to the police force?

23. Which character has the rank of Captain at the San Francisco Police Department?

24. Who is Adrian Monk’s biggest fan?

25. Which actress portrayed Monk’s deceased wife, Trudy?

26. Monk has an irrational fear of which small animals?

27. Which character often provided Monk with unofficial police information?

28. In the series, Monk tries to conquer his fear of heights by doing what?

29. Monk has a special talent for remembering what?

30. Which character was portrayed by Jason Gray-Stanford?

31. Who is Monk’s arch-nemesis in the series?

32. In which episode did Sharona return after her departure?

33. What is the name of Dr. Kroger’s son?

34. In which country does Sharona move to after leaving the show?

35. What is one item Monk is never seen without?

36. Who attempts to have Monk discredited?

37. In which episode does Monk discover who killed Trudy?

38. Who portrayed the character, Dale the Whale?

39. Monk’s OCD intensifies after what traumatic event?

40. What job does Sharona take up after leaving Monk?

41. How is Monk related to Ambrose?

42. Monk’s favorite drink is what?

43. Monk once solved a case while suffering from what ailment?

44. Which character calls Monk ‘a defective detective’?

45. What’s the occupation of Monk’s father?

46. Who becomes the new police captain after Stottlemeyer?

47. Who poisoned Trudy?

48. Which actress portrayed Dr. Neven Bell’s receptionist?

49. What color is Monk’s favorite shirt?

50. Which character tried to solve a case while pretending to be Monk?

51. In which year did the show Monk end?

52. Monk disliked which musician because he couldn’t dance to his music?

53. Who became a mayor in a later season?

54. In which episode does Monk go undercover in an office?

55. Who portrayed the garbage strike leader in ‘Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike’?

56. Monk has a fear of which specific number?

57. Which actress portrayed Dr. Kroger’s receptionist?

58. What’s the title of the show’s 100th episode?

59. In which episode does Monk believe his wife is still alive?

60. Who gave Monk a hug for the first time after Trudy’s death?

61. Who believed he was Santa Claus in ‘Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa’?

62. Monk tried to solve a crime committed on which type of vehicle?

63. Who pretended to be Monk’s wife in ‘Mr. Monk Gets Married’?

64. What did Monk and his brother use to communicate when they were kids?

65. In ‘Mr. Monk and the Blackout’, where was Monk when the power went out?

66. Which celebrity had a phobia of milk like Monk?

67. Who becomes Monk’s rival in ‘Mr. Monk’s 100th Case’?

68. Which actor played Monk’s father?

69. What is the name of the astronaut in ‘Mr. Monk in Outer Space’?

70. Who tries to kill Monk with a pillow in ‘Mr. Monk is On the Run’?

71. Monk believes he’s poisoned in which episode?

72. What gift does Monk buy for Dr. Kroger’s son?

73. Monk tries to prove a sports agent’s guilt in which episode?

74. Who becomes a radio show host in the series?

75. Monk is hypnotized in which episode?

76. Who plays the villain in ‘Mr. Monk and the Actor’?

77. What causes Monk to be temporarily blind in one episode?

78. In ‘Mr. Monk and the Genius’, who does Monk believe has committed a crime?

79. Who is suspected of theft in ‘Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty’?

80. Monk suspects a race car driver in which episode?

81. Which episode has Monk getting lost in the woods?

82. Who was Monk’s first assistant?

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