87 Always Sunny Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the Always Sunny trivia challenge! Dive deep into the antics and escapades of The Gang with these 87 handpicked questions. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just tuning in for the comedy, test your knowledge and see how well you truly know the wild stories from Paddy’s Pub. Ready to have some fun? Let’s jump into the trivia!

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1. Which city is the show set in?

2. Who owns Paddy’s Pub?

3. Which character is Charlie’s roommate?

4. Who is Dennis and Dee’s father?

5. Which character has a history with crack cocaine?

6. What does Charlie call his musical about a troll and a boy?

7. Who is Mac’s roommate at the beginning of the series?

8. Who tries to sell knives and vacuum cleaners in ‘The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo’?

9. What’s the alias Charlie uses when setting a dating profile?

10. Who does the gang often refer to as ‘The Waitress’?

11. Who becomes a priest in season 2?

12. What bird is Dee frequently compared to?

13. Which character believes he might be a serial killer in ‘Charlie Has Cancer’?

14. What is Mac’s full name?

15. Which character was held hostage in ‘The Gang Gets Held Hostage’?

16. Which character wrote a novel?

17. Who is known for the ‘D.E.N.N.I.S. System’?

18. What does ‘Kitten Mittens’ refer to?

19. Who tries to be a street performer in ‘Charlie Gets Crippled’?

20. What does Frank carry in his wallet?

21. Which character had a leg brace as a child?

22. Who wants to be a ‘full-on-rapist’ instead of a ‘philanthropist’?

23. In which episode does the gang go on Family Fight?

24. What is the name of the game the gang plays in ‘Charlie Work’?

25. What is the name of Dennis and Dee’s podcast?

26. Who wins the dance marathon in ‘The Gang Dances Their Asses Off’?

27. Which character became an art critic?

28. Who believed they were a god in ‘The Gang Goes on Family Fight’?

29. Which character studied abroad in Vietnam?

30. Who gets addicted to crack to get welfare?

31. What does Frank often hide inside?

32. Who is the ‘Trash Man’ in the wrestling match?

33. What’s the name of the boat in ‘The Gang Buys a Boat’?

34. Who plays the Dayman in Charlie’s musical?

35. What’s the name of the drug that makes you ‘more smarter’?

36. Who gets mistaken for a murderer in ‘Charlie and Dee Find Love’?

37. Who runs for office in ‘The Gang Runs for Office’?

38. What does Frank want to be called in ‘Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire’?

39. Who gets trapped inside Paddy’s during a storm?

40. What’s the name of the bar awards the gang wants to win?

41. Who becomes a male stripper in ‘The Gang Gets Whacked’?

42. What does the gang try to find in ‘The Gang Goes on a Road Trip’?

43. Who becomes Charlie’s ‘slave’ in ‘Charlie’s Home Alone’?

44. Who does the gang stalk in ‘The Gang Stalks Sandy’?

45. Which character is obsessed with hands?

46. What’s the title of the self-help book the gang writes?

47. Which character tries to marry the Waitress?

48. Who is the gang’s enemy in ‘The Gang Declares War’?

49. What’s the gang’s scheme in ‘The Gang Goes on Shark Tank’?

50. Who does Frank try to marry in ‘Frank’s Pretty Woman’?

51. In which episode does the gang buy a gun?

52. What’s the gang’s favorite drinking game?

53. Who becomes a cannibal in ‘The Gang Eats the Competition’?

54. What is the name of Dee’s alter ego?

55. Which character fakes a terminal illness?

56. Who is the ‘Wild Card’ of the gang?

57. Who plays the Nightman in Charlie’s musical?

58. What does the gang sell in ‘The Gang Opens a Lemonade Stand’?

59. Who is the gang’s lawyer?

60. Which character becomes a famous artist?

61. In which episode does the gang try to solve a mystery?

62. Who tries to set the world record in ‘The Gang Tries to Get Famous’?

63. What is Frank’s alter ego?

64. Which character is known as ‘The Golden God’?

65. What does the gang try to steal in ‘The Gang Goes to Jail’?

66. Which character becomes a detective?

67. In which episode does the gang go to a water park?

68. Who tries to become a rock star in ‘The Gang Rocks Out’?

69. What is the name of the gang’s board game?

70. Which character becomes a superhero?

71. Who does the gang try to save in ‘The Gang Saves the Day’?

72. Which character is obsessed with cats?

73. In which episode does the gang go camping?

74. Who tries to open a casino in ‘The Gang Gets Lucky’?

75. What is Charlie’s favorite food?

76. Which character tries to become a pro wrestler?

77. What’s the title of the gang’s movie in ‘The Gang Makes a Movie’?

78. Who is the gang’s enemy in ‘The Gang Fights Back’?

79. In which episode does the gang go to court?

80. What is Mac’s secret talent?

81. Which character has a twin?

82. Who tries to become mayor in ‘The Gang Runs for Mayor’?

83. What’s the name of the gang’s beer?

84. Which character is known for their high-pitched voice?

85. In which episode does the gang go to the beach?

86. Who is the ‘King of the Rats’?

87. What’s the name of the gang’s band?

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