74 August Trivia Questions and Answers

August is a month filled with fascinating historical events, birthdays, and fun celebrations around the world. This list presents 74 unique and interesting August trivia questions about the month of August, covering a wide range of topics such as historical events, famous birthdays, national celebrations, and cultural phenomena associated with this month. Whether you’re a trivia enthusiast, planning a game night, or just curious to learn more about August, you’re sure to find these questions and answers enlightening and engaging. Let’s dive in!

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1. What is August named after?

2. What is the birthstone for August?

3. What is the zodiac sign for those born in early August?

4. What is the zodiac sign for those born in late August?

5. What is the flower for August?

6. Who became the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal in August 1900?

7. What is the national month for in the US for August?

8. Which country celebrates its independence day on August 15?

9. What famous event occurred on August 16, 1977?

10. What US state was admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959?

11. On August 28, 1963, where did Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech?

12. What does the ‘August’ mean in Latin?

13. Before being named August, what was this month originally called in the Roman calendar?

14. What event marked the start of World War I in August 1914?

15. Who became the first African-American to be nominated for US President by a major political party in August 1972?

16. What event started in August 1969 that is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history?

17. What famous pop star was born on August 16, 1958?

18. On August 6, 2012, what NASA rover landed on Mars?

19. What two countries started the ‘Space Race’ with the launch of the first satellite, Sputnik, on August 4, 1957?

20. On August 14, 1945, which country surrendered, marking the end of World War II?

21. Who is the most recent U.S. president born in August?

22. What is ‘National Watermelon Day’ in the U.S.?

23. Which two countries celebrate their National Day on August 1?

24. What country celebrates its independence day on August 6th?

25. When is International Beer Day celebrated?

26. What annual meteor shower peaks in August?

27. What historic event happened on August 15, 1969?

28. What famous American author, known for his dark, macabre tales, was born on August 20, 1890?

29. On August 23, 1902, which appliance was patented that has since become a household staple?

30. What annual event, involving large-scale model-making, takes place in Nevada in late August?

31. What national holiday does Argentina celebrate on the third Monday in August?

32. What is the name of the full moon in August?

33. What famous ‘King’ died in August 1977?

34. Which global organization was founded on August 19, 2003?

35. What international day is celebrated on August 12?

36. What British princess died on August 31, 1997?

37. What important event in women’s suffrage in the U.S. happened on August 18, 1920?

38. What worldwide event began in Berlin in August 1936?

39. Who was the Hollywood icon who passed away on August 5, 1962?

40. What is celebrated on August 26 in the United States?

41. What two nations signed the Good Friday Agreement in Belfast in August 1998?

42. What iconic structure was completed in August 1884?

43. What iconic structure began construction on August 5, 1926?

44. What is the name of the peace treaty signed on August 10, 1792, between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire?

45. What music festival was held from August 15 to 18, 1969, and is widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history?

46. Which legendary pop artist, often associated with the pop art movement, was born on August 6, 1928?

47. What annual event takes place in South Dakota during the first full week of August, and is often considered the world’s largest motorcycle rally?

48. What event, marking the start of construction of the Panama Canal, took place on August 15, 1914?

49. What amendment to the U.S. Constitution was certified on August 26, 1920?

50. What famous poet known for his Leaves of Grass was born on August 31, 1819?

51. What annual tradition takes place at the end of August in the college town of Blacksburg, Virginia?

52. What event, marking the end of the Siege ofFort Erie, took place on August 15, 1814?

53. What important event in American labor history took place in August 1981?

54. What national holiday is celebrated in France on August 15?

55. What science fiction author known for his Ender’s Game series was born on August 24, 1951?

56. What famous Italian filmmaker, known for his films like 8½ and La Dolce Vita, was born on August 20, 1920?

57. What legendary actress known for her role in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was born on August 4, 1929?

58. What famous novelist known for his book The Catcher in the Rye was born on August 1, 1919?

59. What important event in the history of space exploration occurred on August 20, 1977?

60. What popular rock band played their last concert on August 29, 1966?

61. What important civil rights event took place on August 28, 1955?

62. What important event in the history of the internet took place in August 1991?

63. What national holiday is celebrated in Indonesia on August 17?

64. What famous physicist, known for his theory of relativity, died on August 2, 1955?

65. What famous director known for his suspense films like ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Birds’ was born on August 13, 1899?

66. What famous actor known for his role in ‘The Godfather’ was born on August 17, 1943?

67. What famous singer known as the ‘Queen of Soul’ was born on August 25, 1942?

68. What famous basketball player, considered one of the greatest of all time, was born on August 14, 1959?

69. What important event in sports history took place in Athens in August 1896?

70. What famous novelist known for his book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ was born on August 11, 1926?

71. What is the national day in August for in Singapore?

72. What important event in the history of the US civil rights movement occurred on August 28, 1963?

73. What US national park was established on August 25, 1916?

74. What famous mother and humanitarian died on August 5, 1962?

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  1. Hi there! I love trivia and post triva questions on the whiteboard at work. I wanted to pop in and let you know, as kindly as possible, that Obama is not the only US president that has/had an Aug. birthday. Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover, Benjamin Harrison, and Lyndon B Johnson are Aug. bday’s also.