83 Badminton Trivia Question and Answers

Welcome, badminton enthusiasts and sports trivia lovers! We have compiled an exciting and engaging list of badminton trivia questions and answers to challenge your knowledge of this dynamic sport. Spanning from the origins of the game to the present-day championships, these trivia questions will test your understanding of rules, records, players, and historic moments. Whether you’re an avid player or a passionate fan, you will definitely find these trivia questions interesting and enlightening. So, grab your rackets, and let’s serve up some badminton knowledge!

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1. Who invented the game of badminton?

2. Where was badminton first played?

3. What is the maximum number of players that can play in a badminton match?

4. How many points are required to win a set in a standard match?

5. How much does a standard badminton shuttlecock weigh?

6. How many feathers are typically used to make a traditional badminton shuttlecock?

7. In which year was badminton included as an official Olympic sport?

8. Who is the most successful badminton player in Olympic history?

9. What is the fastest recorded speed of a badminton smash?

10. What material is commonly used for badminton rackets?

11. What is the standard height of a badminton net?

12. Who won the first ever All England Open Badminton Championships?

13. What are the two types of badminton serves?

14. What is the size of a standard badminton court?

15. Which country has won the most Thomas Cup (Men’s World Team Championships)?

16. How many times can a player let the shuttlecock bounce before returning it?

17. Who won the first women’s singles gold medal in Olympic badminton?

18. In what position should the shuttlecock be when serving in badminton?

19. What is a ‘let’ in badminton?

20. What does ‘fault’ mean in badminton?

21. How many feathers are there in an official shuttlecock?

22. What is the maximum length allowed for a badminton racket?

23. Who holds the record for the most wins in the Women’s Singles at the All England Open?

24. Which country won the first ever Uber Cup (Women’s World Team Championships)?

25. In a standard match, how many unsuccessful challenges are players allowed per game?

26. Who won the first men’s singles gold medal in Olympic badminton?

27. How many games are there in a standard badminton match?

28. How many service courts are there on a badminton court?

29. How often are players allowed to change ends in a standard match?

30. What is the highest number of points a player can score in a single rally?

31. What is the diameter of the circle that the feathers of a shuttlecock form?

32. How many consecutive points does a player need to win to come from behind and win a set at 20-20?

33. What is a ‘drive’ in badminton?

34. Who is the youngest winner of the All England Open Men’s Singles title?

35. What is a ‘drop shot’ in badminton?

36. What is the official color of the shuttlecock used in major international tournaments?

37. What is a ‘smash’ in badminton?

38. Which country has won the most Sudirman Cup (Mixed Team World Championships)?

39. What is the minimum height for a serve in badminton?

40. What is the basic scoring system in badminton called?

41. What is the name of the world governing body for badminton?

42. How many official tournaments does the BWF host each year?

43. Who won the most Men’s Singles World Championships titles?

44. Who is known as the “father of badminton” in modern India?

45. What’s the name of the device used to measure the speed of a shuttlecock?

46. Which country is the current champion of the Thomas Cup?

47. What’s the most prestigious badminton tournament in the world?

48. Who won the Women’s Singles at the 2020 Olympics?

49. How long is the short service line from the net in singles?

50. What’s the maximum weight of a badminton racket?

51. What was the earliest form of badminton called?

52. Who was the first non-Asian player to win the men’s singles World Championships?

53. How high should the ceiling be for a standard indoor badminton court?

54. How many matches are played in a complete team tie in the Thomas and Uber Cup?

55. How long is a badminton match?

56. Who was the first non-Asian player to win the All England Open?

57. Which country has the most Olympic gold medals in badminton?

58. What is the service court in badminton?

59. Who was the first player to win two Olympic gold medals in men’s singles?

60. Who was the first player to win two Olympic gold medals in women’s singles?

61. What is a “rally” in badminton?

62. What is a “clear” shot in badminton?

63. What is a “net shot” in badminton?

64. Who has the most All England Open Men’s Singles titles?

65. What is the “Thomas Cup”?

66. What is the “Uber Cup”?

67. What is the “Sudirman Cup”?

68. Which player has the most World Championships medals in badminton history?

69. Who won the Men’s Singles at the 2020 Olympics?

70. What is the record for the longest badminton match ever played?

71. How often are players allowed to take a break during a badminton match?

72. Who is the most successful badminton player in history?

73. What are the four main types of badminton shots?

74. How high should the net be in the center of the court in badminton?

75. How wide is a standard badminton court for singles play?

76. Who won the first Women’s Singles World Championships title?

77. Who won the first Men’s Singles World Championships title?

78. Who was the first player to win a grand slam in badminton?

79. What is the serving side for the first server in a badminton doubles match?

80. What is the ‘T’ in badminton?

81. Who was the first player to win Olympic medals in both singles and doubles badminton?

82. What material is typically used for the string of a badminton racket?

83. What was the name of the first official badminton club?

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