70 Baltimore Trivia Questions And Answers

Baltimore, often referred to as the ‘Charm City’, holds a rich tapestry of history, culture, and influence within the United States. From its renowned institutions like Johns Hopkins University to the significance of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, the city has made an indelible mark on the nation’s narrative. This Baltimore trivia is a collection of intriguing questions that delve into the heart of this iconic city. Whether you’re a lifelong resident, a curious visitor, or simply a trivia enthusiast, embark on a journey to uncover the unique stories and facts that make Baltimore truly special.

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1. In which US state is Baltimore located?

2. Which MLB team calls Baltimore home?

3. Which NFL team is based in Baltimore?

4. What famous national anthem was written in Baltimore?

5. Which historic ship is docked in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor?

6. Baltimore is known for which crab delicacy?

7. Which renowned American writer lived in Baltimore?

8. Which historic neighborhood in Baltimore is known for its rowhouses with marble steps?

9. Which HBO series was set and filmed in Baltimore?

10. In what year was Baltimore founded?

11. Which prestigious university is located in Baltimore?

12. What is the main body of water adjacent to Baltimore?

13. What annual event celebrates Baltimore’s maritime history?

14. Which large public market is located on Baltimore’s east side?

15. What nickname is Baltimore often referred to?

16. Which aquarium is a major tourist attraction in Baltimore?

17. Which island in Baltimore was a major immigrant processing site?

18. What is the main street in Baltimore famous for its nightlife and live music venues?

19. Which major league lacrosse team played in Baltimore?

20. Which historic battle was fought near Baltimore in 1814?

21. Which famous cake with pink and yellow layers originated in Baltimore?

22. What kind of architecture is Baltimore’s Basilica known for?

23. Which famous hospital and medical research facility is located in Baltimore?

24. What park in Baltimore features a zoo and conservatory?

25. Which festival celebrates Baltimore’s African American heritage?

26. Which art museum in Baltimore was founded in 1914?

27. Which U.S. Supreme Court Justice was born in Baltimore in 1936?

28. Which historic theater in Baltimore dates back to 1915?

29. What famous American documentary filmmaker was born in Baltimore?

30. What is the iconic tower that stands in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore?

31. Which rail museum is located in Baltimore?

32. What park in Baltimore is known for its Pagoda?

33. Which Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright was born in Baltimore?

34. What famous candy brand, known for its caramels, was founded in Baltimore?

35. What is the highest natural point in Baltimore?

36. Which bird is the official symbol of Baltimore?

37. What is the name of the island fort that defended Baltimore during the War of 1812?

38. Which actress known for ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Cry-Baby’ is from Baltimore?

39. Which basketball player known as ‘Muggsy’ hails from Baltimore?

40. What is the name of Baltimore’s main train station?

41. Which renowned surgeon and politician was born in Baltimore in 1951?

42. In which Baltimore neighborhood can you find the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum?

43. Which jazz musician, known for hits like ‘Take Five’, was born in Baltimore?

44. Which former Baltimore mayor became Maryland’s governor in 2007?

45. Which Baltimore neighborhood is renowned for its Christmas light displays?

46. Which Baltimorean is known for the nursery rhyme ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’?

47. In which year did Baltimore’s Great Fire occur?

48. Which baseball legend, also known as ‘The Iron Man’, played for the Baltimore Orioles?

49. What is the name of the massive redevelopment project in Downtown Baltimore?

50. Which historic African American neighborhood in Baltimore was known for its jazz music?

51. Which public library system serves Baltimore?

52. What famous civil rights activist and orator lived in Baltimore?

53. Which notable African American opera singer was born in Baltimore?

54. What famous route runs through Baltimore?

55. Which popular board game has a version themed after Baltimore?

56. What river flows through Baltimore?

57. Which major brewery was founded in Baltimore in 1885?

58. Which basketball team, a member of the ABA, played in Baltimore from 1969 to 1973?

59. What public transportation system operates in Baltimore?

60. Which art school in Baltimore is among the oldest in the United States?

61. Which famous R&B group, known for hits like ‘Cool It Now’, has members from Baltimore?

62. What prominent skyscraper in Baltimore was completed in 1973?

63. Which major interstate highway passes through Baltimore?

64. Which historic African American institution is located in Baltimore?

65. What was the name of the Baltimore Colts’ marching band?

66. Which radio personality, famous for his shock jock style, started his career in Baltimore?

67. What famous horror film director, known for ‘The Re-Animator’, was born in Baltimore?

68. What iconic statue, symbolizing freedom, is located on Baltimore’s Federal Hill?

69. Which actress, known for ‘The Big Sleep’, was born in Baltimore?

70. Which American athlete, famous for his accomplishments in baseball and football, was born in Baltimore?

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