79 Beauty and the Beast Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive deep into the enchanted world of Beauty and the Beast trivia questions! Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the timeless tale or just discovering its magic, test your knowledge and uncover these 79 fun facts about the characters, plot twists, and behind-the-scenes details of this beloved classic. From the quaint French village to the mysterious castle, embark on a journey of discovery and nostalgia. Ready to challenge yourself? Let’s begin!

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1. Who wrote the original ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fairy tale?

2. Which studio produced the 1991 animated adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

3. What is the name of the prince who is transformed into the Beast?

4. Who is the main antagonist in the animated movie?

5. Which object in the Beast’s castle keeps track of the curse’s time limit?

6. What is the name of Belle’s father?

7. Which character is a clock in the enchanted castle?

8. What is the name of the teapot character?

9. Who sings the song ‘Be Our Guest’?

10. Which actress voiced Belle in the 1991 animated movie?

11. Who is the composer behind the film’s iconic score?

12. What kind of shop does Belle visit in her village?

13. How many eggs does Gaston eat every morning to help him get large?

14. Which character was a former opera singer turned wardrobe?

15. What breaks the curse on the Beast and the castle?

16. Which character tries to institutionalize Belle’s father?

17. What is the primary color of Belle’s iconic ball gown?

18. Who is the candelabra in the Beast’s castle?

19. Which animal attacks Belle and her horse in the woods?

20. Who provides the voice for the Beast in the 1991 film?

21. What was the Beast’s gift to Belle that showed her the world?

22. Who is the little teacup character?

23. What does the Beast give Belle to ensure she always remembers him?

24. Which song from the movie won the Academy Award for Best Original Song?

25. How does Gaston die in the animated film?

26. What is the name of Gaston’s sidekick?

27. Who did Belle dance with at the ball?

28. Who directed the 1991 animated ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

29. How many nominations did ‘Beauty and the Beast’ receive at the Academy Awards?

30. What must happen before the Beast’s 21st birthday to break the curse?

31. Which character sings ‘Something There’ with Belle?

32. Why doesn’t Belle judge a book by its cover?

33. Which character sings about Belle’s beauty in the tavern?

34. In which year was the animated ‘Beauty and the Beast’ released?

35. How does Belle feel when she first arrives at the castle?

36. Which character becomes a feather duster in the enchanted castle?

37. Who saves Belle from the wolves in the woods?

38. Which room is Belle forbidden to enter in the Beast’s castle?

39. What is the setting of ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

40. Who wrote the lyrics for the songs in the movie?

41. Who says the line, ‘It’s not right for a woman to read’?

42. What does Belle ask the Beast after their dance?

43. Which character frequently bickers with Lumière?

44. How does Belle find out about the Beast’s curse?

45. Which character tries to help Belle escape the wolves?

46. Where does Belle find the rose in the Beast’s castle?

47. Who tries to kill the Beast at the end of the film?

48. What is the name of Belle’s horse?

49. Which character is always trying to impress Belle?

50. How many Academy Awards did ‘Beauty and the Beast’ win?

51. Who is Lumière’s love interest?

52. Which character tells Belle that the Beast’s heart is kind?

53. Why was the village baker surprised at Belle’s book choice?

54. What does Belle trade for her father’s freedom?

55. Who convinced the Beast to give Belle a room instead of keeping her in the dungeon?

56. Which character is known for saying, ‘If it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it’?

57. Where do Belle and the Beast share their first dance?

58. What gift does Maurice try to bring Belle from his trip?

59. How do the enchanted objects feel about the Beast’s affection for Belle?

60. Who sings the reprise of ‘Belle’ on a hilltop?

61. What do the enchanted objects serve Belle for dinner?

62. Who does Belle see in the magic mirror?

63. What color is the Beast’s cape?

64. What musical instrument does the Beast play for Belle?

65. What book does Belle discuss with the Beast?

66. Which character does Belle refer to as ‘Papa’?

67. How many siblings does Belle have?

68. Which character says, ‘After all, miss, this is France!’?

69. Who gets turned into a harpsichord in the Beast’s castle?

70. Who is the castle’s maid before the curse?

71. What is the name of the song that Belle and the Beast dance to?

72. What was the Beast’s favorite pastime before he was cursed?

73. Which character is known for being strict and punctual?

74. What does Belle wear when she first enters the castle?

75. Which character tries to console Belle when she’s locked in the castle?

76. What type of animals assist Belle’s father when he’s lost in the woods?

77. Which character lights the chandelier during ‘Be Our Guest’?

78. Who tries to rally the villagers against the Beast?

79. What emotion primarily keeps the Beast from getting close to Belle initially?

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