113 Encanto Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome, enchanted readers, to this fun-filled trivia post about Disney’s colorful, musical sensation, ‘Encanto’! This extraordinary tale weaves magic and family into an unforgettable narrative, leaving audiences spellbound and full of questions. If you’re a fan who’s been captivated by the Madrigal family’s unique gifts, the charming village of Encanto, and the vibrant soundtrack, then you’re in the right place! This post comprises 100 intriguing Encanto Trivia questions and answers that will take you on a journey into the heart of ‘Encanto’. So, brace yourself for an exciting deep dive into this beautiful and magical world. Let’s get started, shall we?

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1. What is the setting of ‘Encanto’?

2. Who composed the music for ‘Encanto’?

3. What does ‘Encanto’ mean in Spanish?

4. What is the name of the main character in ‘Encanto’?

5. What is the unique aspect of the Madrigal family?

6. Who is the only family member without a magical gift?

7. What magical gift does Isabela Madrigal have in ‘Encanto’?

8. What magical gift does Luisa Madrigal have in ‘Encanto’?

9. What is the role of Abuela Alma in ‘Encanto’?

10. What is the magical element of the Madrigal’s home?

11. What is Antonio’s magical gift in ‘Encanto’?

12. What is Dolores’s magical gift in ‘Encanto’?

13. What happens during the magical ceremony in ‘Encanto’?

14. What is the significance of the magical candle in ‘Encanto’?

15. Who are the directors of ‘Encanto’?

16. What is Pepa’s magical gift in ‘Encanto’?

17. What is the name of the song Mirabel sings about feeling out of place?

18. What is the name of the jaguar in ‘Encanto’?

19. What is the name of the bird that accompanies Antonio?

20. What is Camilo’s magical gift in ‘Encanto’?

21. What does the prophecy in ‘Encanto’ predict?

22. How does Mirabel save her family’s magic?

23. What does Mirabel’s door lead to in ‘Encanto’?

24. What is the symbolism of the cracks appearing in ‘Encanto’?

25. What does the mountain symbolize in ‘Encanto’?

26. What is Julieta’s magical gift in ‘Encanto’?

27. What kind of animal is Antonio’s best friend in ‘Encanto’?

28. What is the name of the village where the Madrigals live?

29. What is the name of the toucan in ‘Encanto’?

30. What role does Bruno play in the Madrigal family?

31. What is Bruno’s magical gift in ‘Encanto’?

32. What is the song Bruno sings about his gift and reputation?

33. Why did Bruno leave the Madrigal family?

34. What is the meaning of the song ‘Surface Pressure’ sung by Luisa in ‘Encanto’?

35. What is the song Isabela sings about breaking free from her perfect image?

36. Who helps Mirabel discover the truth about Bruno’s prophecy?

37. What is the creature that Mirabel encounters in Bruno’s prophecy vision?

38. Why does Isabela’s engagement get called off in ‘Encanto’?

39. What is the song Abuela Alma sings about the history and sacrifices of the Madrigal family?

40. Who voices Mirabel in ‘Encanto’?

41. Who voices Isabela in ‘Encanto’?

42. Who voices Luisa in ‘Encanto’?

43. Who voices Abuela Alma in ‘Encanto’?

44. Who voices Antonio in ‘Encanto’?

45. Who voices Dolores in ‘Encanto’?

46. Who voices Julieta in ‘Encanto’?

47. Who voices Camilo in ‘Encanto’?

48. Who voices Pepa in ‘Encanto’?

49. Who voices Bruno in ‘Encanto’?

50. What is the release date of ‘Encanto’?

51. What is the motto of the town of Encanto?

52. What does Abuela Alma give Mirabel before the ceremony in ‘Encanto’?

53. What is the purpose of the magical gifts in ‘Encanto’?

54. Who is the oldest sibling in the Madrigal family?

55. Who is the youngest sibling in the Madrigal family?

56. What is the primary theme of ‘Encanto’?

57. What do the magical doors in the Madrigal home represent?

58. What is the most popular song from the ‘Encanto’ soundtrack?

59. Who is the mayor of the town in ‘Encanto’?

60. Who is Isabela engaged to in ‘Encanto’?

61. What type of bird is Talento in ‘Encanto’?

62. What is the color scheme of the movie ‘Encanto’?

63. How many songs are in the ‘Encanto’ soundtrack?

64. What is the first song in ‘Encanto’?

65. What is the last song in ‘Encanto’?

66. What kind of animal is Loro in ‘Encanto’?

67. What kind of animal is Aleteo in ‘Encanto’?

68. What is the name of Isabela’s fiance in ‘Encanto’?

69. What is the color of Mirabel’s glasses in ‘Encanto’?

70. What is the main conflict in ‘Encanto’?

71. Who helps Mirabel during her journey to save her family’s magic?

72. How does the Madrigal family’s magic manifest?

73. What is the name of the song that introduces the Madrigal family and their gifts?

74. What is the symbolic item that Mirabel holds in most of the promotional material for ‘Encanto’?

75. What is the animal motif associated with Mirabel in ‘Encanto’?

76. What does Mirabel discover about the cracks in the Madrigal house?

77. How does Isabela’s gift change throughout the movie ‘Encanto’?

78. What is the name of the song that Mirabel sings about her self-doubt?

79. What is Bruno’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

80. What is Dolores’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

81. What is Luisa’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

82. What is Antonio’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

83. What is Isabela’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

84. What is Julieta’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

85. What is Camilo’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

86. What is Pepa’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

87. What is Abuela Alma’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

88. What is Mirabel’s gift in ‘Encanto’?

89. Who is the director of ‘Encanto’?

90. Who are the writers of ‘Encanto’?

91. Who composed the music for ‘Encanto’?

92. What company produced ‘Encanto’?

93. What is the runtime of ‘Encanto’?

94. In what language was ‘Encanto’ originally released?

95. In what formats was ‘Encanto’ released?

96. What is the Madrigal family’s last name a reference to in ‘Encanto’?

97. What does the word ‘Encanto’ mean?

98. What are the names of Pepa’s and Félix’s children in ‘Encanto’?

99. What are the names of Julieta’s and Agustín’s children in ‘Encanto’?

100. Who are the parents of Bruno in ‘Encanto’?

101. What type of bird does Antonio speak with in ‘Encanto’?

102. How does Abuela Alma realize the importance of every member of the family, whether they have a gift or not?

103. What role does Mirabel play in the Madrigal family?

104. What role does Isabela play in the Madrigal family?

105. What role does Luisa play in the Madrigal family?

106. What role does Antonio play in the Madrigal family?

107. What role does Dolores play in the Madrigal family?

108. What role does Camilo play in the Madrigal family?

109. What role does Bruno play in the Madrigal family?

110. What role does Julieta play in the Madrigal family?

111. What role does Pepa play in the Madrigal family?

112. What role does Abuela Alma play in the Madrigal family?

113. What is the theme of ‘Encanto’?

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