Buy Nothing Day on November 26, 2021

Buy Nothing Day is a day of global protest against consumerism. In the U.S, it’s celebrated the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday.

In 2020, consumers spent $9.0 billion during that time. On November 26, 2021, you can make a statement against the shopaholic culture we live in by choosing not to buy anything.

Purpose of Buy Nothing

The day of buying nothing was first celebrated in September of 1992 in Canada. People were encouraged to examine whether we consume too much in our society.

By 1997, it was moved to Black Friday. Now more than 65 nations participate in this international day.

How to Celebrate

There are different ways you can choose to participate in this protest. Through your act of rebellion against consumerism, you can inspire people to make better financial choices. Here are some ideas you can consider to promote the day of buying nothing.

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1. Cut up your credit card

Cutting up your credit cards can be one of the best decisions you’ve made. You no longer have the temptation to spend with it. But if you have an annual fee charged to the card, it’s probably best not to do this.

Wallet Hub provides excellent tips on when to cut up credit cards and how to dispose of them. The two main things to do are:

  • Call the issuer to confirm you can access the card with your social security number.
  • Cut up the card with heavy-duty scissors.

2. Join a buy nothing group

The Buy Nothing Project has organized a list of local Buy Nothing groups around the world. You can search your country and find one near you to join.

Locals can post items they want to give away for free. People can also look for things they’re in need of as well.

Be aware that most of these groups are on Facebook, so you’ll need an account to join. The Buy Nothing Project is working on creating an app for everyone to download eventually.

3. Zombie Walk

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can participate in the zombie walk. People choose to walk around malls and stores with a blank stare.

Whenever anyone questions what they’re doing, they mention the day of buying nothing. Here’s an example of one that happened in Portland:

4. Find local businesses to support

While the plan is not to buy anything on Black Friday, you can plan to do so later for Christmas.
Often all the finances spent during the holiday season end up going to large corporations. A better way we can make use of our funds is by supporting a local business or local artist.

5. Reflect on what matters to you

Big businesses such as Apple and Amazon try to tell us we need expensive things to be happy. But reflect on all the purchases you’ve made. Think about whether those things made you happy.

Take time to decide what would increase your joy in life. It could be a particular passion you’ve neglected.

Or you might want to spend more time with family and friends. Once you decide what it is, tailor your purchases accordingly. Spend on things that will allow you to enjoy more of what makes you happy.

Why overconsumption is a problem?

Overconsumption leads us to use up too many resources. As a result, there are fewer available for those who need it.

There’s also the environmental cost of businesses continuously producing these items to satisfy our overconsumption—more greenhouse gas emissions being produced by having to manufacture and ship new items.

The less we consume, the fewer resources get used up, and the less greenhouse gas emissions damage the Earth. Take a stand this year for the sake of our planet and the sake of your happiness.

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