The 27 Best Experience Gifts For Christmas In 2022

More people are choosing to spend more on an experience gift rather than a $20 or $50 present. Tangible things can be nice sometimes, but often people end up returning them or throwing them away.

The gift of an experience can be something your family, friends, husband, or wife will always remember. It doesn’t have to be as expensive as a beach vacation. It also doesn’t have to be as cheap as a gift card.

If you think of something based on someone’s interest, it’ll create lasting memories for them. Here are 27 experiences that can make for a great Christmas gift.

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1. Wine Club Membership

If the person you’re shopping for is a wine lover, they’ll enjoy this gift. Gifting them a wine club membership means they’ll receive new bottles of wine monthly. Check out this wine of the month club gift membership.

2. A Fun Activity

You’ve probably heard of the Virgin company from their space ventures and of course their owner, Richard Branson. But what you might not have known is they offer gifts of experiences.

All you have to do is select the location you’re in, and you’ll find numerous options. Some ones you might find include:

  • Gourmet Dinner Cruises
  • Race driving in a Ferrari
  • Bioluminescent Kayaking

The activities available will depend on what location you’re in. But it’s possible you can find an experience that’ll be really special.

3. MasterClass

Has your loved one always wanted to learn a skill but never got around to it? If that is the case, then a MasterClass gift will make their dreams come true. You will give them the opportunity to learn from the best in the business through online material. For example, Steph Curry teaches basketball, Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking, and much more.

4. A Spa Day

Make your loved ones feel that they deserve to be taken care of with a relaxing spa day. You can include facials, manicures, pedicures, and a deep massage. Search for local spas in your area and look at the kind of gift cards they offer.

You can also go further and book them an entire spa weekend. Search for gift cards, deals, and choose whatever works for you the best. It is one of the best calming experiences you can gift.

5. An Unexpected Airbnb Experience

Airbnb is not just for looking for the best accommodation. You can also choose experiences near your local area. So, check the experience section of Airbnb, and you will find something your loved one will want to experience.

For example, you can book adventurous experiences, cultural experiences, cooking experiences, and much more. There are also online experiences available for everyone out there. Select an experience from the list of endless options you think the giftee will fall in love with.

6. A Yearly Pass Of National Parks

Is your loved one always up for outdoor adventures and experiences? If they are, then a yearly pass of all United States National Parks will be an excellent experience you can give to them. It will allow them to pack up their outdoor gear anytime and go for an adventure whenever the mood is right.

The yearly pass is not that expensive and also includes federal recreational lands in the United States. So, purchase this pass and make the day of your loved one even better today with this gift.

7. A Vintage Rental Car

Who doesn’t love to cruise around in a vintage car with the top down in pleasant weather? If your loved one has always wanted to experience a vintage car, renting one will be an amazing experience for them. You can hop in with them and cruise the entire city in a vintage beauty.

You can explore many places and enjoy your city with a new perspective. There are many car rentals out there that offer vintage cars to people. You can search for one in your local area and give the best gift to your loved one.

8. A Luxury Hotel Night

There is no better way to relax than spending the night in a luxurious hotel and getting pampered in the best way possible. If you feel like your loved one needs some rest and relaxation, you can opt for a boutique hotel in your area to treat them.

Ensure that you choose a nice hotel that offers a good view of the city or the ocean, depending on where you live. Your loved one will have an entire night to unwind and treat themselves to a relaxing stay.

9. Beer Brewing Class

Beer Brewing is an art that many people want to learn, especially men. If your spouse or significant other loves beer, they’ll appreciate this gift. There are beer brewing classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced beer lovers.

There are also online courses for people who want to understand the science that is behind beer brewing. Check out your local beer breweries and see if they are offering such classes to people. If they are, you can opt for a gift card or any deal there is to gift to your significant other.

10. Meditation Retreat

Our modern lives are so busy that we don’t have time to slow down and let our minds rest. If your loved one has an intense and busy life, a meditation retreat will be a great experience for them. It will allow them to unwind, relax, and get in touch with their own needs.

You can find meditation retreats being offered by locals in your area. If your loved one is always busy, there are weekend meditation retreats that take place. So, get searching and select the one you think will suit your loved one.

11. Helicopter City Tour

Has your loved one always wanted to experience the city from an aerial view? A helicopter city tour can just be the adventure they’re looking for. Many helicopter tours are happening in each city, and some of them also teach you how to fly.

If your family member or significant other loves adventure, this will go on top of their experiences. You can also opt for a plane tour. A simple Google search will help you find safe and secure experiences for your loved one.

12. Monthly Dance Class Pass

Do you know someone who can use a dance lesson or loves to dance and needs an outlet? Well, if you do, then a monthly dance class pass is an excellent experience choice. It will allow your loved ones to do what they do best and get in touch with their groove.

There are dance classes for each skill level, such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. So, choose the one you think your loved one will do well in and offer them the gift of movement. They will thank you for it for a long time.

13. A Travel Experience From Tinggly

We understand that gifting someone a vacation can be expensive, which is why Tinggly is a better and feasible gift. The activities package by Tinggly, known as Tinggly’s Best in the World, allows people to choose from hundreds of adventures and experiences in countries worldwide. So, whenever your loved one travels somewhere, they can avail of an adventure in that country from this package.

The package is valid for five years, and it will make your loved one’s trip even better. It is one of the best gifts you can give to a fellow traveler.

14. Cooking Class

Does your loved one needs to learn how to cook but hasn’t gotten around to it yet? Well, you can make their wishes come true by offering them a cooking class in your local area from a brilliant chef. It’s an excellent experience for people who love to cook.

You will find many cooking classes in your region, from deserts to unique cuisines and much more. So, find the one you think your loved one will love and gift them this experience. They will remember it for years to come.

15. Wine Tasting Experience

If your loved one likes the finer things in life, you can offer them a wine tasting experience.The tasting will allow them to get familiar with various wines and spend the entire day doing what they love, i.e., drinking wine.

There will be many local wine tastings in your area that you can explore. Ask friends or family members or do a quick Google search. You will find what you are looking for in no time.

16. A Day Pass To An Amusement Park

Do you and your loved one like to get in touch with your inner child? A day pass to an amusement park will be one of the most fun experiences you can give them. It can be an amusement park or a water park, depending on what they like.

You can join them in this experience and make an entire day of it. Such a fun-filled day will strengthen your bond and help you relive some childhood memories. After all, who doesn’t love going on amusement park rides?

17. Private Dining Experience

Good food is one of the best ways you can make someone happy. For a loved that likes to explore good food, you can offer them a private dining experience with one of the top chefs in your local area. It will allow them to indulge in their favorite meals.

You can join your loved ones in this private dining experience to offer them company. Browse private chefs near you or ask around to get a better idea of where you can go. You will find one in no time.

18. Tickets To A Sports Event

Sports events happen all year. If any big game is happening in your area soon, you can get tickets and gift them to your loved one. It will make them incredibly happy to watch their favorite team play.

You can offer them a few tickets so they can take their friends with them. So, find a sporting event happening soon in your area and make your loved one happy in seconds.

19. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It can make for a great gift for your significant other. Both of you can take a romantic hot air balloon ride to have an amazing experience together.

You can take the ride at sunset or sunrise to make the most of your experience and enjoy some beautiful cloud time. Not all states offer hot air balloon rides, which is why you will have to check. If not, there are many other gifts on the list to swoon your loved one.

20. A Private Art Gallery Tour

Does your loved one find art interesting and intriguing? A private art gallery tour could be a really enjoyable experience. It will allow your loved one to soak in the local talent without any disturbances and have an individual experience.

Many local art galleries offer private tours. You can search the ones in your area and select one that suits the budget and art style you want your loved one to experience.

21. Concert Tickets

Who doesn’t like to see their favorite band in action? If your loved one has a favorite band or singer playing in town, get those tickets and show that special someon how much they mean to you.

You can offer them a few concert tickets to take other people, or you can also go with them to the concert. Watching amazing singers play is everyone’s dream. So, make your loved ones’ dreams come true today.

22. Sailing Tour

For a loved one enjoys sailing, boating, and the water, a sailing tour can be excellent choice of gift. Sailing tours happen in many places and are one of the best ways to experience water and the surrounding landscape. If there is any water body near your area, chances are they will be offering such a tour.

So, book a sailboat ride for them and let them know how much they mean to you. They will love the thought behind the gift, and it will be a one-of-a-kind experience for them. After all, sailing rides are calming and relaxing to the mind and body.

23. Charter Fishing Trip

Fishing is one of the best activities that help you connect with nature and water. You can offer a charter fishing trip to the fisher in your life. It is an excellent experience that will ensure your loved one has a great time.

There are two types of charter fishing trips: full day and half-day. Besides that, charter fishermen go on all bodies of water, such as the ocean, rivers, and lakes. So, select the one you think will be best for your loved one and wow them today with your gift.

24. Camping Trip

A camping trip is great for those who love the outdoors and nature. It allows people to unwind, relax, and get away from the busy city life. If you know someone who is in desperate need of getting away and loves nature, you can give them the gift of a camping trip.

You can reserve the campsite in advance and present it to your loved ones to let them know they deserve a break. If there is a campsite they have always wanted to go to, you should book it for them.

25. Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats are energizing and relaxing. If you want your loved one to relax and connect with their body, offer them this gift. In case your loved one is too busy, you can search for a weekend-long yoga retreat.

The yoga retreat will help your loved ones connect with themselves and tune out from their busy lives. If they can’t make it to a retreat, you can also book a fun local yoga class for them to take.

26. Coffee Tasting

Most of us have trouble starting our day without coffee, but some people are coffee fanatics. If your loved one is a coffee fanatic, a coffee tasting will be an excellent experience for them. It will allow them to try out new coffees and feel energized. Search for local coffee tastings in your area and book one now.

27. Mixology Class

Finally, we saved a really good experience for last. If your loved one has always wanted to learn how to make cocktails, you can book a mixology class for them. It will offer them a chance to experience creating cocktails and finally master this art form.

You can also give this gift to someone who is in desperate need of learning how to make good cocktails. It will be a win-win situation for you and them.

Final Words

These are the 27 best gifts of experiences you can give to your loved ones. You can choose from any of these, depending on what they like and need from you. You will easily find these gifts in your local region.

When you do, your loved one will love you even more for thinking of them and offering them the best experience gift they will ever get. Sharing love and care in this way is what makes bonds strong and creates relationships for a lifetime.

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