Extreme Minimalism – Examples, Tips, and Guide for 2023

Extreme minimalism

When I say extreme minimalism, you probably think of no furniture, 15 items or less, and a floor bed. And you’d be pretty much be right about that. It takes the concept of minimalism to a higher level. The question is, can it make you happy?

What is extreme minimalism?

Extreme minimalism involves choosing to live a life with only the barest of necessities. One example you might be familiar with is the tiny house movement. People who live in homes that are only a few feet wide and a few feet high.

Another example of extreme minimalism is having no furniture. Some people choose not to have couches or chairs.

They also choose to sleep on floor mattresses. One of the most extreme examples of minimalism is having only 15 items or less. Can you imagine breaking down all of the stuff you own to only 15?

Can extreme minimalism make you happy?

In theory, it could. Think about it. If you only have a few items to carry around or a few items to take care of, that’s less stress.

It’s easier to handle your chores or your travels. You’re also really able to focus on only the things that really make you happy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nonetheless, it could also be incredibly boring, uncomfortable and inconvenient. You might start to realize how much of a luxury it is to sleep on a comfortable bed.

Or to have all the other items you used to have. Having so much open space with little in it may not feel that much like a home.

Extreme minimalism tips: How do I become an extreme minimalist?

There’s a lot of YouTube videos and Reddit posts that discuss how to be an extreme minimalist. Perhaps the best way to start is to think of 15 items you would keep if you had to get rid of everything.

These can be items you want to have in your home, or items you take with you everywhere in your travels. Once you get up to 15, start trying to get rid of everything else one by one.

After you’ve got ridden of everything, that will begin day one of your extreme minimalist journey. Have a journal to write down your thoughts and feelings during this time.

You’ll be better able to easily recall what the experience was like, and better able to decide how your life should be moving forward. You can do it for as little as a week, or up to a month. A month might be best just to get the full experience. 

In the end, you probably won’t miss out on much not choosing to take your minimalism to the extreme. After all, too much of most things will eventually make you unhappy.

Life is generally about balance. Our bodies need time to sleep, time to eat, time to move, etc.

Too much or not enough of any of these would all eventually kill you. Sorry to put it so bluntly. But the point being, find the right balance in life, and you’ll be more likely to find inner-peace and happiness.

Who should try being an extreme minimalist?

Thinking about it, perhaps for someone who lives alone, this would be an ideal lifestyle. One person living alone already doesn’t need that much to begin with.

A couple could perhaps do this lifestyle as well, but that would seem to be where the limit should be. A family of four or more would have a lot more needs to fulfill that might make extreme an unsuitable lifestyle.

But if you’re curious about it, why not give it a try?  See what you learn about yourself and what you really want out of life by living with as little as possible.

After you do it, you can ask yourself in what ways were you more happy? In what ways were you less happy?

Then you can adjust to either have a little bit more of what you need in life, or choose to keep the amount you had during the experiment.

What is the value of a minimalist lifestyle?

The value of minimalism overall is that you take time to re-discover what really matters to you in life. It’s supposed to help you come closer to finding the peace and joy you want to have. Instead of being focused on your digital gadgets or getting the latest new clothes, you can focus on your passions, spending time with family, and living a more meaningful life.

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Extreme minimalism

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