3 Reasons Why Money Can Buy You Happiness

Reasons why money can buy you happiness

There are many reasons why money can buy you happiness. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness probably had a lot of money. How else would they know? I

f you look up money can’t buy happiness on Google nobody knows who originally said it. We don’t even know if the person who made it up had a happy life. That to me seems like advice to take with a grain of salt.

Here are three reasons why money can buy you happiness.

3 Reasons Why Money Can Buy You Happiness

1. You can get the items you really want

Impulse buys are like the jerks women tend to fall for. He’s hot, he knows he’s the “ish”, but then you date him and realize you can’t stand him. Those are the items you don’t need to buy. No matter how good they look to you in the moment, you usually regret it.

Here’s a better option. Buy the item you think looks and sounds nice, but you also believe will be practical and meaningful in the long run.

Think about your passions. If you’re a musician, buy a musical instrument. Love to cook? Buy a pot. What do you like to do? Whatever it is, get an item that enhances that passion. You’ll be owning happiness for a long time. Woo-hoo!

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2. You can have experiences you’ll always remember

Science says think of a happy memory and you’ll feel happier. Simple, right? Having money affords us the opportunity for more new experiences to create new memories. So get off your butt, get out of the house, and go make some memories. Try something new.

A couple of weeks ago I spent money to go parasailing with my girlfriend. I still think about the fun we had soaring over the ocean. Seeing it all felt like a movie. I’m always gonna have that moment to bring a smile to my face. I’ve got tons of other happy memories traveling and doing new things.

Think of a place you’ve always wanted to go. What about an activity you could try? Plan a trip for yourself and bring someone with you if you can. The more the merrier!

Some of my happiest memories involved being with somebody. But of course you can have fun on your own too. Whatever you wanna do, just make it happen.

3. You can invest in yourself

If you spend money (or time) improving yourself, or just making yourself feel good, that’s buying you happiness. It’s adding more fulfillment and pleasure to your life.

Spend time learning a new skill. You could take paid courses or find free courses online, or you could watch video tutorials. When I was learning to play guitar, sometimes I’d look up how to play songs I like. Eventually I could play songs by ear after I learned enough chords.

You could learn something new and end up really enjoying it. Who knows, you might even start a new career out of it.

How about a gym membership? Your self-image plays a huge role in how happy you are. Make yourself the fittest you’ve ever been. Who knows, you might turn some heads walking down the street.

For the ladies out there (and men too), a friend of mine recommends a beauty/spa treatment. Nothing like giving yourself a good pampering to make yourself look and feel good.

If you need your thoughts sorted out, consider therapy, or a self-help book. Buy a journal you can write in so you can get your thoughts out of your head. Because the more you spend on self-improvement, the more you can own your happiness.

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Secret to Happiness

So I gotta let you in on a secret. There is some truth to the phrase money can’t buy happiness. Yes, I told you buying all those items and experiences meant you will buy happiness.

But ultimately it’s up to you to determine in your mind that you’re going to be happy. No amount of items, new experiences, or personal changes you make will make you happy unless you decide it will.

You make that decision through smiling, laughing, and making the most of what you have in life, because when you do, you won’t need to spend a lot to bring you happiness.

How money can buy happiness

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