49 Indiana Trivia Questions And Answers

Welcome to this captivating journey through Indiana trivia! From sports and history to landmarks and natural wonders, Indiana has a rich tapestry to explore. Whether you’re a lifelong Hoosier or just curious about the Crossroads of America, this list of 49 unique trivia questions and answers will offer you fascinating insights into the state. So, buckle up and test your knowledge on Indiana—there’s something here for everyone to learn and enjoy!

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1. What is the capital of Indiana?

2. Which famous racing event is held in Indiana?

3. What is Indiana’s state flower?

4. What is the state bird of Indiana?

5. In what year did Indiana become a state?

6. What river forms the southern border of Indiana?

7. Which Great Lake is Indiana bordered by?

8. What is Indiana’s nickname?

9. What is a Hoosier?

10. Which U.S. President was born in Indiana?

11. What is Indiana’s state motto?

12. What is Indiana’s state tree?

13. What is Indiana’s state insect?

14. Which famous musician was born in Gary, Indiana?

15. Which Indiana university has the nickname ‘Boilermakers’?

16. What is the tallest building in Indiana?

17. In which Indiana city is the University of Notre Dame located?

18. Which Indiana city is known for its limestone quarries?

19. Which automobile manufacturer was founded in Kokomo, Indiana?

20. What is Indiana’s state gemstone?

21. Which Indiana city is known as the ‘Amateur Sports Capital of the World’?

22. Which famous author was born in Indianapolis?

23. What is the state beverage of Indiana?

24. What is the state pie of Indiana?

25. Which Indiana city is named after a biblical queen?

26. What is the second largest city in Indiana?

27. What is the oldest state park in Indiana?

28. Which major river flows through Indiana?

29. Which Indiana town is known as the Popcorn Capital of the World?

30. What famous candy is made in Indiana?

31. Who is the famous astronaut born in Mitchell, Indiana?

32. What is the main agricultural product of Indiana?

33. Which Native American tribe originally inhabited Indiana?

34. What is the largest university in Indiana?

35. What is Indiana’s state dance?

36. Which Indiana city is famous for its covered bridges?

37. Who is the famous comedian born in Jamestown, Indiana?

38. Which Indiana city is known for its Children’s Museum?

39. Which Indiana city is known for its German heritage?

40. What is Indiana’s state soil?

41. What is the state song of Indiana?

42. Which famous aviator was born in Indiana?

43. Which famous director was born in Modoc, Indiana?

44. Which Indiana lake is the largest natural lake in Indiana?

45. Which famous basketball coach was born in Crawfordsville, Indiana?

46. What is Indiana’s highest point?

47. Which Indiana city is known for its Swiss heritage?

48. Which famous First Lady was born in Boone Township, Indiana?

49. What Indiana city is known for its geodes?

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