Life Sucks

Why does life suck?” is a question everyone asks at some point or another, and often these words are followed by why, when, and how. It is easy to say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade until the hopeless feeling is so overwhelming that it consumes your entire being. “Why life sucks” is difficult to explain, but it is not the end, and there is always hope.

The term or catchphrase “Life Sucks” means that you find living tough or horrible in some way. It is a universal expression to show a distaste for life’s unpleasant moments and often entails one or multiple bad situations. If you overcome the challenges it presents, life need not be miserable.

When you experience something that is out of your control or leaves you feeling down in the dumps to the point that you feel life sucks, you mustn’t give up. Yes! Sometimes, things are bad, but there is always a way to lift yourself out of an unpleasant circumstance.

Why Does My Life Suck?

“Life Sucks!” is something everyone sometimes wonders about, and it is very common to happen more than once. One thing that always stays true is that when someone asks why their life sucks, the answer seldom solves the problem.

If you want to know the answer to “Why does my life suck?” It is essential to identify what has brought you to this point.

Why Do I Suck at Life?

Naming the specific reasons why someone’s life sucks is almost impossible, but some fundamental factors can illuminate the root cause. You might feel like your life sucks, and even though you feel weighed down, you must discover the root cause.

There are several root causes of why you feel that you suck at life, and here are a few:

  • High expectations – there is nothing wrong with setting high expectations, but more times than not, it leads to disappointment.
  • Suffering – whether it is the loss of a loved one, a romance ending, or any other loss that causes emotional pain, suffering is one of the large culprits why life sometimes sucks.
  • Losing control being in control keeps us sane during the rough days, and situations out of our control often leave a disheartening and frustrating feeling.
  • Life’s direction – when you have a plan for your future, life’s direction may cause events and circumstances to force you away from that goal.

It is essential to try and find the root cause of why you feel life sucks and address it before tackling the symptoms.

What To Do When Life Sucks

It has become evident that in today’s busy life, we tend to focus more on the negative things we cannot control than on the abundance of positive things surrounding us. Sometimes all we need to do is step back, open our minds to everything around us, and change our thought patterns before falling into a “life sucks” feeling.

The next time you feel that life sucks, try these seven suggestions and implement them before you accept whatever has you feeling down.

Focus on the Good

Negativity is a powerful driving force; changing your perception and thought pattern is often hard to overcome its destructive influence. If your mind is filled with positivity, and you seek out the good, it will overshadow the negativity and lift you out of your gloominess. Start by acting kindly and smiling while interacting with others and responding with kind words.

Reach Out, Talk, Hug, and Cry

Keeping emotions buried is never beneficial because it hinders you from being happy and finding hope in grim situations. For some people, it is easy to out their emotions, but for others, it is hard, and going to friends and family is the best place to lighten your burden. Sometimes, it’s not about who you confide in but simply letting your emotions out. Holding your pet can be a helpful way to release those feelings.

Finding a therapist or guidance counselor is good if your situation is extremely sensitive and personal and you need counseling.

Express Gratitude

There is a lot to be grateful for, but it is hard to see when life sucks, and expressing gratitude is not something someone down in the dumps wants to hear. As hard as it is to show appreciation when you are down, it does help when you see yourself brightening someone else’s day with a kind word, a small gift, or a compliment.

Expressing gratitude comes in other forms, like painting, gardening, and spending time with your pet.

Letting Go, Letting Flow

When life sucks and we feel hurt, it is common to retaliate against everything and everyone. Retaliating is instinctive and often causes more harm than good; eventually, you only exhaust yourself. Sometimes, it is good to surrender, even if it is to get some perspective, and it does not mean that you surrender; it just shows that your well-being takes president.

It is difficult to heal when you fight. Letting go is a way to give yourself time to process, heal, and recover before attempting to resolve the cause. Learning to take time out or take a deep breath often helps, but there are moments when you must walk away for your benefit.

Find The Hidden Lesson

Not every negative thing that happens to us is necessarily bad; often, it is a learning experience or sets us on a different path that may lead to happiness. I know it is hard to find the silver lining when in a situation. Before you let your life-sucking situation consume you, it is wise to ask yourself whether there is a lesson somewhere.

Try to find a way to turn the bad experience into a positive, growing, and learning curve and see how you can use it to your advantage and as a stepping stone to something better.

Take Mental Health Days

It is unhealthy to bury yourself in work when you experience hardship and tough times, and taking time to process and heal is one of the most important steps. Taking a mental health day is often important when your situation is emotionally volatile, like the loss of a loved one or death in the family. Some things take time and cannot be worked away or ignored.

Release Blame Through Catharsis

Catharsis is when you find a positive outlet, like listening to music or doing something constructive that you like to rid yourself of negative emotions.

When life sucks and everything seems upside down, the people closest to us get the blame. Although some people play a role in things turning bad, it is unproductive to blame others, especially if they are innocent. Focusing the blame on others feels good for a short while, but it causes more damage, and eventually, we feel even worse.


If life were all roses, then we would never say life sucks, but the fact is that roses have thorns too, and sometimes we get pricked. It is not what brought you to the point where you feel that your life is upside down, but how you react when it happens and how to rise above your circumstances. Life does suck, but only if you let it or until you make it better by believing in yourself and striving to be happy.


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