50 DND Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome, adventurers and lore masters, to a trove of knowledge hidden within the vast realms of Dungeons & Dragons! Whether you’re a seasoned dungeon crawler, a masterful storyteller, or a newcomer to the lands of fantasy, this DND trivia compilation is crafted just for you.

Unravel the secrets of legendary artifacts, discover the intricate details of iconic creatures, and test your knowledge about the magical worlds and their renowned inhabitants. Journey through a series of 50 intriguing questions and answers, delving into the rich history, diverse settings, and fascinating characters of D&D.

Grab your dice, ready your spells, and let’s see how many of these enigmatic riddles you can unravel! May your path be clear and your mind sharp as you embark on this quest of discovery.

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1. Who created Dungeons & Dragons?

2. In which year was D&D first published?

3. What do the initials ‘AC’ stand for in D&D?

4. Which class is known for wild shape ability?

5. Which fictional city is known as the City of Splendors?

6. What creature resides in Undermountain?

7. Which plane is home to the gods in D&D?

8. What is the name of the D&D setting featuring the city of Sharn?

9. Which popular adventure module features the vampire Strahd?

10. What powerful artifact is sought in the Tomb of Horrors?

11. Which edition of D&D introduced the concept of ‘Advantage and Disadvantage’?

12. Which organization is dedicated to hunting aberrations?

13. What is the primary language of dragons?

14. Which class is associated with the feature ‘Eldritch Invocations’?

15. What plane is constantly at war in D&D?

16. Who rules the Nine Hells?

17. What’s the name of the world in the default D&D setting?

18. Which dragon color is associated with cold?

19. What is the name of the elven goddess of magic?

20. What is the abbreviation for a Ten-Sided Die?

21. What are the undead servants of mind flayers called?

22. Which character class is focused on stealth and thievery?

23. What is the primary setting of the ‘Dragonlance’ series?

24. Which D&D race is known for its floating cities?

25. What is the name of Drizzt Do’Urden’s panther companion?

26. Which plane is a twisted mirror of the Material Plane?

27. Which deity is known as the ‘Maimed God’?

28. In which city is the infamous Yawning Portal inn located?

29. What race is commonly known for their psionic abilities?

30. Which creature is known as a horse with a single horn?

31. Who is the god of mischief in D&D?

32. What is the most basic form of undead?

33. Which artifact sword is intelligent and dedicated to destroying all evil?

34. What race lives primarily in the Underdark and has dark skin?

35. Which dragon is known for its love of riddles?

36. What is the primary currency used in most D&D settings?

37. Which D&D race is known for being stout and beard-loving?

38. What spell transports the caster to another plane of existence?

39. Which monster is essentially a living stone statue?

40. What is the alignment representing ultimate law and order?

41. Which spell makes a target temporarily invisible?

42. Who is the archenemy of the god Bane?

43. What type of magic item is primarily used for storing spells?

44. What is the fey realm of eternal twilight called?

45. Which creature is a humanoid reptile with a knack for ambush?

46. What is the elemental plane of fire’s main city?

47. Which fiendish race is known for making infernal contracts?

48. What race resembles humanoid birds?

49. What is the central hub city in the Outlands?

50. Who is the archdevil known as the ‘Prince of Lies’?

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