90 Board Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive into the fascinating world of table tops with this board game trivia compilation! From the classics that have graced our family tables for generations to the modern masterpieces that continue to redefine gaming, these questions will test your knowledge and spark nostalgia. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated board game enthusiast, there’s something here for everyone. Ready to roll the dice on your board game knowledge? Let’s get started!

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1. In which board game do players attempt to guess the identity of a character?

2. Which game features murder weapons such as the candlestick, revolver, and rope?

3. In ‘Monopoly’, how much money do you collect when passing ‘Go’?

4. What is the ultimate objective in ‘Chess’?

5. Which board game is played with tiles that have letters on them?

6. Which ancient board game involves capturing an opponent’s pieces by sandwiching them between two of your own?

7. In ‘Risk’, players aim to control what?

8. How many houses need to be on a property in ‘Monopoly’ before you can buy a hotel?

9. What color is the ‘Double Word Score’ space in Scrabble?

10. Which game’s objective is to create the longest continuous path?

11. What is the most valuable tile in ‘Scrabble’?

12. Which board game is based on the Napoleonic Wars?

13. In ‘Battleship’, how many hits are needed to sink the submarine?

14. Which board game features a robber and settlements?

15. Which game uses hexagonal tiles to depict the terrain?

16. How many total tiles are there in a standard ‘Domino’ set?

17. Which game has rooms like the Conservatory, Billiard Room, and Study?

18. How many different colors of trains are there in the ‘Ticket to Ride’ base game?

19. Which game is often played on a board with 64 squares of alternating colors?

20. What is the primary resource in the game ‘Splendor’?

21. In which game do you trade resources like wheat, ore, and brick?

22. How many dice are used in the game ‘Yahtzee’?

23. In ‘Carcassonne’, players place tiles representing what?

24. Which board game has a space known as ‘Jail’?

25. Which board game is known for having a traitor mechanism?

26. What do players try to achieve in ‘Pandemic’?

27. Which game uses ‘Meeples’ as playing pieces?

28. In ‘Twilight Struggle’, which two superpowers are players representing?

29. Which board game is centered around the colonization of an island?

30. Which game tasks players with building train routes across Europe?

31. What’s the primary goal in the board game ‘7 Wonders’?

32. Which board game is based on Charles Darrow’s 1933 patented game of the same name?

33. Which game features ‘Development Cards’ like ‘Knight’ and ‘Victory Point’?

34. In ‘Blokus’, how many pieces does each player start with?

35. Which board game has a worker placement mechanism and is set in the Viking age?

36. Which game was first published in 1964 and involves making abstract sequences?

37. In ‘Codenames’, players give one-word clues to guess words from a grid. Who provides the clues?

38. In ‘Agricola’, what do players primarily focus on?

39. Which board game features the ‘Sow’ and ‘Harvest’ actions?

40. What is the main objective of the board game ‘Terraforming Mars’?

41. Which board game has action spaces like ‘Convert Grain to Bread’ or ‘Plow Field’?

42. What is the primary focus in ‘Power Grid’?

43. In the game ‘Mysterium’, one player assumes the role of what?

44. Which ancient board game from India was the precursor to ‘Snakes and Ladders’?

45. In ‘Dead of Winter’, players try to survive in which harsh condition?

46. How many hex tiles make up the starting island in ‘Settlers of Catan’?

47. Which board game involves deducing the identity of a secret agent using word clues?

48. In ‘Axis and Allies’, which countries are part of the Axis powers?

49. What’s the primary objective in the board game ‘Dominion’?

50. Which game features characters like Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard?

51. What do you call the large wooden piece used in ‘Carcassonne’ to keep score?

52. Which board game involves players taking on roles like the Scientist, Medic, and Dispatcher?

53. In ‘Risk’, how many continents are represented on the board?

54. Which ancient game, originating from Egypt, involves moving pieces according to dice rolls?

55. Which board game was inspired by the medieval city of Carcassonne in southern France?

56. How many standard playing pieces (of each color) does ‘Connect 4’ come with?

57. In which game can you acquire development cards like ‘Library’, ‘Market’, and ‘University’?

58. What’s the maximum number of players in the original ‘Ticket to Ride’?

59. In ‘Chess’, which piece can only move diagonally?

60. Which game requires players to balance different areas like culture, military, and economy?

61. In ‘Go’, the board starts empty and players place stones on intersections. How many intersections are there on a standard board?

62. What’s the main objective of the game ‘Puerto Rico’?

63. Which game was developed by Klaus Teuber and published in 1995?

64. In ‘Monopoly’, which card might require you to ‘Pay hospital fees’ or ‘Go directly to Jail’?

65. Which classic game involves players trying to get four of their colored discs in a row?

66. What is the game in which players claim routes with colored cards to connect cities across North America?

67. Which game requires players to lay tiles and claim areas with followers?

68. In ‘Chess’, which piece starts between the rooks?

69. In the game ‘Twister’, how many circles of each color are there on the mat?

70. In ‘Candy Land’, players travel through locations like Peppermint Forest and Lollipop Woods to reach which destination?

71. Which game includes regions like ‘The Shire’, ‘Mordor’, and ‘Rohan’?

72. What’s the primary objective in the board game ‘Stone Age’?

73. In ‘Chess’, which piece has the ability to move in an L-shape?

74. Which board game, popular in Korea and Japan, involves capturing territory on a grid?

75. Which game simulates economic warfare and is known for its long gameplay, often lasting over six hours?

76. In ‘Monopoly’, what are the four railway stations?

77. Which board game involves players as birds trying to attract other birds to their aviaries?

78. What’s the main objective in the board game ‘Eclipse’?

79. Which game involves trading and building while trying to achieve 10 victory points?

80. Which two-player board game is known for its black and white discs?

81. What’s the main currency in the game ‘Monopoly’?

82. Which game involves players connecting dots to create boxes?

83. In ‘Stratego’, each player commands an army. How many pieces does each player start with?

84. Which board game is played on a triangular grid and involves pegs?

85. In ‘Monopoly’, how much does it cost to buy Baltic Avenue?

86. Which game involves shifting tiles in a grid to organize numbers?

87. In ‘Chutes and Ladders’, what is the highest number space on the board?

88. Which board game involves building civilizations through drafting cards?

89. In ‘Go’, what do you call the small beads used as playing pieces?

90. Which game, originating from China, is played with 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols?

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