101 Percy Jackson Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you a fan of the Percy Jackson series? Dive deep into the world of demigods, monsters, and Greek myths with this trivia set. Whether you’re an expert on Camp Half-Blood’s adventures or just beginning your journey with Percy and the gang, these Percy Jackson Trivia questions will challenge and entertain you. Unleash the power of Poseidon’s trident and see how much you truly know about Rick Riordan’s epic universe. Let’s see if you have what it takes to earn a bead for your Camp Half-Blood necklace!

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1. Who is Percy Jackson’s father?

2. What is the title of the first book in the Percy Jackson series?

3. Which camp do demigods attend during the summer?

4. Which creature is half eagle and half lion?

5. Who is the author of the Percy Jackson series?

6. Annabeth Chase is a daughter of which god?

7. What is the weapon Percy uses?

8. Which god of war confronts Percy?

9. What tree guards Camp Half-Blood’s borders?

10. Which sea monster did Percy face in ‘The Sea of Monsters’?

11. In which book does Percy get turned into a guinea pig?

12. Who sacrifices herself at the end of ‘The Last Olympian’?

13. Which friend of Percy has goat legs?

14. What is the name of the camp director?

15. What was the second Great Prophecy?

16. Which goddess turns Percy into a hamster?

17. Who is Luke’s godly parent?

18. Which nymph falls in love with Grover?

19. Where did Percy and Annabeth fall into in ‘The Mark of Athena’?

20. Who is the god of doorways and roads?

21. Who gave Percy the Curse of Achilles?

22. What is Annabeth’s dream project?

23. Which of the Seven is a daughter of Bellona?

24. What type of creature is Tyson?

25. Who did Percy replace as the head counselor of the Poseidon cabin?

26. Who wrote the song about the Giant War?

27. What did Percy sacrifice to the River Styx?

28. Who was turned into a tree by her father after seeking sanctuary at Camp Half-Blood?

29. Who led the Titans in the Second Titan War?

30. Who nursed baby Zeus?

31. What form does Percy’s sword Riptide take when not in use?

32. Who is the blind seer Percy encounters?

33. Who tried to marry Thalia against her will?

34. What is the name of Percy’s half-brother?

35. What does the Oracle of Delphi predict?

36. What creature does Hera send to kill Annabeth?

37. What do demigods eat to heal?

38. What is the name of Annabeth’s hat?

39. Who leads the Hunters of Artemis?

40. Which god turned Blackjack, the pegasus, into a constellation?

41. Who is the god of forges and fire?

42. Who kept the Ophiotaurus in an aquarium?

43. What can Percy control as a child of Poseidon?

44. Which goddess cursed Medusa?

45. Who was cursed to turn everything he touched into gold?

46. What is Dionysus prohibited from consuming?

47. Who protects the Golden Fleece?

48. Who was cursed to only repeat the last words spoken to her?

49. Who does Percy fight atop the Gateway Arch?

50. Which Titan is known as ‘The Crooked One’?

51. Which goddess helped Percy during his quest for the Golden Fleece?

52. What creature delivers messages for the gods?

53. Who did the Gray Sisters share an eye and a tooth with?

54. What weapon is Annabeth skilled with?

55. Where did Percy fight Ares?

56. Which goddess was born from Zeus’s forehead?

57. Which of the Seven is a son of Mars?

58. What color is Percy’s hair?

59. Which Titan is Prometheus’s brother?

60. Which goddess turned Arachne into a spider?

61. What gift did Poseidon give Percy on his 15th birthday?

62. Who is the Roman counterpart of Ares?

63. Who is the god of dreams?

64. What animal does Circe’s island have in abundance?

65. What was the Minotaur’s relation to Zeus?

66. Which god is married to Persephone?

67. What river makes the souls of the dead forget?

68. Who took Percy’s memory in ‘The Son of Neptune’?

69. What is the Roman form of Athena?

70. Who speaks in rhymes and cryptic phrases at Camp Half-Blood?

71. What is Annabeth’s fatal flaw?

72. Who turned Luke into Kronos’s vessel?

73. Which centaur trains demigods at Camp Half-Blood?

74. What do demigods drink to gain strength?

75. Who is the god of the Wild?

76. Which giant did Percy and Annabeth face in ‘The Son of Neptune’?

77. What do the beads on Camp Half-Blood necklaces represent?

78. Which monster kidnapped Sally Jackson?

79. Which creature did Daedalus create?

80. Which mortal can see through the Mist?

81. Which friend of Percy has a metal leg?

82. What are the creatures that serve Hades called?

83. Who poisoned Thalia’s tree?

84. Which of the Seven can control fire?

85. Who becomes the head counselor of the Hermes cabin after Luke?

86. Who does Percy fight in a duel in ‘The Battle of the Labyrinth’?

87. Which nymph is trapped in a Laurel tree?

88. What is Percy’s mother’s profession?

89. Who gave Percy a shield as a wristwatch?

90. Who is the mother of Artemis and Apollo?

91. Who guarded the Golden Fleece before it was at Camp Half-Blood?

92. Which god disguised himself as a principal in ‘The Lightning Thief’?

93. Which god cannot lie?

94. What is the home of the gods?

95. Who serves as Camp Half-Blood’s activities director?

96. Which tree does Zeus turn into after his affair with Daphne?

97. Who serves as the blacksmith of the gods?

98. What is the final word in ‘The Last Olympian’?

99. Which demigod has an electric spear?

100. Who tried to overthrow Zeus and was punished by being stretched on a rack?

101. What did Percy trade to get Annabeth’s knife back from Hera?

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