50 Card Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to this post all about card game trivia! Whether you’re a casual player, a card shark, or just someone who loves learning fun facts, this post is for you. From classic games like Bridge and Poker to contemporary ones like Magic: The Gathering, we’ve got a rich collection of trivia questions that span a range of games, rules, and histories. Test your knowledge or learn something new—either way, we’re sure you’ll find these 50 trivia questions both engaging and enlightening. So, let’s shuffle up and deal some trivia fun!

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1. What card game is known as the ‘thinking man’s game’?

2. What suit is known as ‘hearts’ in a French deck?

3. In which game do you try to get rid of all your cards by matching colors or numbers?

4. What is the highest rank in a standard deck of cards?

5. How many cards are there in a standard deck without jokers?

6. What is a ‘meld’ in the game of Rummy?

7. In Texas Hold’em, what is the term for the initial forced bet?

8. In Blackjack, what is the value of a face card?

9. Which card game has variations called ‘Canfield’ and ‘Klondike’?

10. What is the objective of the card game ‘Go Fish’?

11. What suit is missing in a Pinochle deck?

12. Which card game uses a board for scoring?

13. What is the alternative name for the card game ‘Twenty-One’?

14. In which card game do you shout ‘Snap’?

15. Which card game is associated with the phrase ‘Play it close to the vest’?

16. In Magic: The Gathering, what are the five basic land types?

17. What is the trump suit in the game of Spades?

18. What game involves bidding and taking tricks but has no trump suit?

19. In Bridge, what is a ‘finesse’?

20. What is the target score to win a standard game of Cribbage?

21. Which card game is particularly popular in colleges and is often associated with drinking?

22. What is the total point value of all cards in a standard deck?

23. In Yu-Gi-Oh!, what type of card can be played directly from the hand?

24. What card game is also known as ‘Patience’ in some countries?

25. In the game ‘Old Maid’, what card do you not want to be left with?

26. What is a ‘flush’ in Poker?

27. In which card game do players try to earn ‘books’?

28. What card game is based on ‘Pocket Monsters’?

29. In the game of Bridge, how many phases are there?

30. Which card game shares its name with a British WWII fighter plane?

31. What is the minimum number of cards needed to play the game ‘War’?

32. In which card game is the ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’ in?

33. How many suits are there in a standard Tarot deck?

34. What is the name of the card game invented by mathematician Richard Garfield?

35. What is the term for a hand with no pairs, sequences, or matching suits in Poker?

36. In which game do players try to avoid winning certain cards?

37. What card game has a scoring system that uses pegs?

38. What is the maximum number of players in a game of Texas Hold’em?

39. What card game is known as ‘Vieux Garçon’ in French?

40. In Blackjack, what is the term used when a player and dealer have the same total?

41. What card game involves capturing cards by matching or combining cards?

42. Which card game has a unique deck that includes cards like ‘The Fool’ and ‘The Lovers’?

43. What is the highest possible hand in a game of Poker?

44. In what card game do you collect sets and runs to ‘knock’?

45. Which card game has a variation known as ‘Omaha’?

46. How many suits does a standard deck of Hanafuda cards have?

47. What card game, usually for children, consists of finding matching pairs?

48. What is the Italian word for ‘Trump’ used in card games?

49. In which card game do you score points for declaring a ‘belote’?

50. What card game is also known as ‘Pounce’?

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