94 Mario Kart Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive deep into the world of “Mario Kart” with this ultimate Mario Kart trivia challenge. From the iconic tracks and power-ups to legendary characters and unforgettable moments, test your knowledge and see how many of these 94 questions you can ace. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated “Mario Kart” enthusiast, this trivia is sure to turbo-charge your nostalgia. Ready, set, GO!

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1. Which game marked the debut of the ‘Mario Kart’ series?

2. In ‘Mario Kart 64’, how many blue shells can a player carry at once?

3. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game introduced the ‘underwater racing’ feature?

4. Which character is known as Mario’s twin but dressed in green?

5. Which course is filled with pianos and xylophones that play notes when driven over?

6. What item allows you to steal the item of another racer?

7. In which ‘Mario Kart’ game did the ‘Coin Runners’ mode first appear?

8. What’s the name of the track that takes place in a mall?

9. What creature throws sideways spinning spiky balls on certain tracks?

10. Which ‘Mario Kart’ installment allows for bikes as well as karts?

11. What item makes racers small and squishable?

12. What track has racers dodging giant wigglers?

13. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game first introduced the ‘glider’ mechanic?

14. Which game features a track set in an airport?

15. Which item grants temporary invincibility?

16. In ‘Mario Kart 64’, which track is set in a desert with a train?

17. What’s the name of Bowser’s children that also race in the series?

18. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game introduced the ‘Anti-gravity’ feature?

19. Which track has a massive Yoshi egg obstacle?

20. Which fruit-themed track is notorious for its tight turns?

21. What’s the maximum number of coins a racer can have in ‘Mario Kart 8’?

22. Which character uses the catchphrase ‘Mamma mia!’?

23. What’s the name of the ghostly track filled with Boos?

24. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game was released for the Nintendo DS?

25. Which item leaves a trail of bananas behind your kart?

26. In which game did ‘Mount Wario’, a track with no laps, debut?

27. Which character is the arch-nemesis of Mario?

28. Which track features a massive stone Bowser that tries to crush racers?

29. Which course is based on a real-world location in France?

30. Which ‘Mario Kart’ title was released for mobile devices?

31. What item allows players to shoot multiple green shells in succession?

32. Which track has racers driving on a giant tree?

33. Which character is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom?

34. What is the name of the volcanic track that erupts and changes the path?

35. Which item allows the player to shoot fireballs?

36. What’s the name of the seaside track with a giant cheep cheep jumping over?

37. Which item reverses the controls of opponents temporarily?

38. What dinosaur character has tracks named after him?

39. Which item protects a player from any attack once?

40. In ‘Mario Kart 7’, which track has players driving on a massive musical clavier?

41. Which ‘Mario Kart’ installment was the first to feature online multiplayer?

42. What animal can be seen floating in the background of some space-themed tracks?

43. Which course features racing on a giant cake?

44. What happens when a player collects 10 coins during a race?

45. Which track features a giant stone piranha plant?

46. What item targets the racer in first place?

47. Which track is filled with clock mechanisms and gears?

48. Which character is the self-proclaimed ‘rival’ of Mario and sports a yellow and purple outfit?

49. In ‘Mario Kart: Double Dash!!’, which duo-specific item belongs to Peach and Daisy?

50. What aquatic creature attempts to bite players on some bridge tracks?

51. Which track has players racing inside a giant mansion?

52. What’s the name of the rainbow-themed track present in every ‘Mario Kart’ game?

53. Which character throws bombs at racers from his cloud?

54. What item gives racers a short boost and knocks over any racer they hit?

55. Which track is based on an icy outpost with shy guys skating?

56. What item summons a chain chomp to pull the racer and knock over others?

57. What female character typically wears a pink dress and has a personal track named after her?

58. Which track allows racers to drive underwater and avoid eels?

59. What item makes the racer invisible and impervious to items temporarily?

60. Which Mario Kart game was first to feature the ‘200cc’ speed class?

61. What is the primary color of Mario’s kart in most games?

62. What item allows racers to throw a banana forward or leave it behind?

63. Which track features a sunset scene with hot air balloons in the sky?

64. What’s the name of the nighttime city track with traffic to avoid?

65. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game was released for the Game Boy Advance?

66. What is the role of Lakitu at the start of the race?

67. Which female character typically dresses in yellow?

68. What item provides a temporary speed boost and immunity?

69. Which race track takes place in a haunted boardwalk setting?

70. Which character is known for his massive size and menacing spikes?

71. In ‘Mario Kart Wii’, which item do you get when you’re far behind?

72. What color are the ‘shells’ that target a specific racer?

73. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game was the first to introduce retro tracks?

74. Which course features a massive thundercloud that zaps racers?

75. What creature appears as a harmful obstacle in underwater tracks?

76. Which track is notorious for its 90-degree turns and Thwomps?

77. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game introduced ‘Time Trials’?

78. What is the main enemy you face in Balloon Battle?

79. Which Mario Kart version was released for the Nintendo Switch?

80. What item when used copies the item of a nearby racer?

81. Which track is set on a snowy mountain with a massive Wiggler obstacle?

82. What item can be used to hit opponents and defend against attacks from behind?

83. Which course includes a section inside a water-filled cavern?

84. Which track features a jump off a massive waterfall?

85. Who announces the final lap with a siren in various games?

86. What item shields the player with three rotating shells?

87. Which track features racing on a sandy beach with crabs as obstacles?

88. What item blinds opponents with a squished Blooper?

89. Which game introduced vehicle customization?

90. Which ‘Mario Kart’ game features a battle stage set in a Nintendo DS?

91. Which installment was the first to feature 3D graphics and polygon-based tracks?

92. What is the name of the dry, desert-like track filled with Pokeys?

93. What item lets the player launch a homing attack at opponents?

94. Which track features riding on the back of a giant dragon-like creature?

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