Own Who You Are No Matter What People Think

Own who you are

Own who you are no matter what people think. That’s what all the confident people do. They’re comfortable with every part of their personality, especially the ones that others find weird.

It’s a common theme I’ve seen in every confident person I’ve ever communicated with. Here’s what you need to know to own who you are.

What is the meaning of own who you are?

While the direct origin of the phrase “own who you are” is unknown, here’s how I understand it. I see owning who you are as being similar to the phrase, “comfortable in one’s own skin”.

When people use that phrase on someone, they mean they’re confident in how they present themselves. They feel self-assured in expressing who they are and what they’re about.

That’s what I think it means when people say, own who you are.

How do you own who you are?

Own your life

Owning who you are first involves knowing who you are. While sometimes it can seem complicated to know who you are, there’s a simple way to understand yourself.

When I think of who I am, I think of how I act. I also think of how I feel most comfortable acting as well.

How do you act most of the time? How do you feel most comfortable acting? Think about your answer to those questions and that’ll give you a pretty good idea of who you are.

In my case, I generally act calm, relaxed, lighthearted, and thoughtful. That’s also how I feel most comfortable acting.

Once you know who you are, then you can actually own who you are. It’s not only just being confident in how you act, but also accepting how you don’t act.

Maybe you’re like me and you’re not the loudest most talkative one in the room. Maybe you’re not that artistic or athletic.

Whatever it is that you aren’t, for good or for bad, accept it. Be happy with the person that you are as a whole.

What does own it mean?

The phrase “own it”, as I understand it, means to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. You may have heard someone say once, if you make a mistake, own up to it.

It’s an important quality to be able to admit to our own flaws and shortcomings. It helps us to be humble and continue to work to be better as people.

Own it can also be said to remind someone to be confident in the person they uniquely are. Be confident in how you look, how you sound, and the things you think and feel. Own it.

How do I stop living small?

You can stop living small by choosing to not let anyone make you feel small, including yourself. We often seem to be the ones that tend to make ourselves feel small.

Assuming what people are judging about us, or sometimes being our own worst critics. Hold it in your mind that no matter what others think, you can feel as good about yourself as you want to.

Remember to have a balanced outlook about yourself.

No one’s completely perfect, but no one’s completely flawed either. Regularly recognizing your strengths and positive traits will help you feel less small and own who you are more.

Own who you are no matter what people think

In life, we know many people will have opinions about us. A lot of negative ones about who we are, how we act, and what we believe.

Despite that, there have been people who’ve gone down in history for doubling down on who they believe themselves to be.

Doubling down on what they stand for and not letting anyone make them feel bad about themselves.

This trait isn’t unique to a few people in this world. We all have the ability to own who we are no matter what people think about us. All it takes is saying and acting on what you really think or feel.

If someone responds to that in a way that puts you down, you can learn to laugh about it and not take it so personally.

Continue to consistently think in your mind all of the positive things that you know reflects who you are on a regular basis.

If you know you’re smart, keep that in your mind, and stop letting people make you feel like you’re dumb.

If you know you’re strong, think that over and over, and forget about the people who see you as weak.

Repeating positive affirmations about being smart, strong, or confident can help you withstand people’s negativity and be more resilient.

It may not be as easy when you’re young, but I do think it gets easier to own who you are as you get older. All the experiences in life that add up teach you more about how you really view yourself.

You begin to stop letting people take ownership of what defines you, and as a result, you start owning who you are more.

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Own your life and start owning who you are

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