How To Have a Positive Mental Attitude in 2021

Positive mental attitude (PMA) is an idea that was first popularized in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

He argued that positive thinking was a key principle to achieving success in life. Prior to this book, Hill was influenced by the New Thought movement, which believes that thoughts can influence our daily reality.

Positive thinking is seen as a tool to unlock desires such as healing, financial success, and love.

By consistently having an optimistic mindset, advocates say you attract positive outcomes and increase your achievement in life.

Repeating affirmations and practicing visualization are some of the actions people take to cultivate a mindset of optimism.

Adherents believe that thoughts of negativity and hopelessness should be as minimal as possible.

In modern times, more people have become familiar with the positive mindset philosophy through the 2006 film, The Secret.

It popularized the idea of the Law of Attraction, which teaches the same principle of actively choosing positive emotions in order to create a successful reality.

Here are some tips to have success through a positive mentality.

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Tips for success through a positive mentality

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1. Be focused

Those who are consistently negative get distracted from the actions they can take to improve their situation.

Negativity also tends to keep us stressed, decreasing the energy we need to work hard in life.

Through a positive mentality, you focus on solutions more than problems, and get more things done.

Manage negative reactions to setbacks through positive thinking, and you’ll be able to stay more focused.

2. Stay open-minded

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, research has shown people who believe they’re lucky tend to have good luck.

The reason being is because they’re more open-minded to seeing potential opportunities for success.

Choose to be flexible in the ways you can reach your goals. With most obstacles in life, there’s always more than one way to get through them.

If one way doesn’t work for you, just keep trying something different.

3. Connect with successful people

People don’t like to be around those who are negative. Negative people tend to keep others down and stuck in life like them.

Successful people surround themselves with others who are positive and motivated. If you choose to adopt a positive mentality, you can be more likely to attract those who’ve succeeded in life.

If you have more of those kind around you, they may be able to point you towards a good opportunity.

They might know someone looking to hire someone with your skills or invest in a business like yours.

Perhaps best of all, they’ll keep you encouraged in what you’re trying to accomplish in life.

4. Be proactive

There are those who just sit around and let life happen to them. Then there are those who get up and do what they can to create a life they desire.

With a negative mentality, you’ll likely be stuck in the former category. Negative people often just complain over and over about their situation.

They also tend to blame everybody else for their problems except themselves. Adopting a positive mindset means choosing to take a responsibility for the way your life is.

Everyone has their own challenges and difficult circumstances in life. The ones who find success don’t use those difficulties as an excuse.

They instead choose to be determined to act in however way they can to overcome challenges and fulfill their dreams.

5. Stay motivated

You always have to be your greatest supporter in life. Other people can’t do that for you, because they have their own lives to be supportive of.

Negativity just keeps you discouraged and unmotivated to act in anyway to make your life better.

A positive mindset helps you keep your motivation to succeed through the hard times that come.

Beyond giving yourself support and encouragement, you can read or watch inspirational material as well.

The motivational words you absorb in your mind can help you maintain a positive attitude.

6. Have patience

A part of being positive is having confidence that in the right time and place, things will work out.

We unfortunately live in an instant gratification era today. Since more of our desires can be fulfilled at the press of a button, we’ve become more impatient.

Being impatient can cause us to miss out on great achievements that happen through consistent effort over time.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, success often doesn’t happen overnight. When you have a positive attitude about things eventually working out, you’re more able to be patient.

When you’re more able to be patient, you keep putting in the long hours of work until success happens.

7. Practice meditation

Studies have shown that meditation can help to decrease stress and anxious feelings. That can make it easier for you to have the positive mindset you need for success.

Managing our stress levels in the midst of challenges is a key part of staying motivated and focused.

Find time to scheduled meditation session for yourself. It can be first thing in the morning or maybe in the middle of the day.

In addition to better mood, meditating has been found to enhance attention and memory. All good things helpful to success.

8. Find things to be thankful for

There’s more than enough research that’s proven gratitude makes you feel happier. The happier you are, the more you can have a positive mindset, and the better chances you have of success.

There are many ways you can go about practicing gratitude throughout your day. Here are a few suggestion you can consider:

  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Think about what you’re thankful first thing in the morning
  • Think about what you’re thankful for before you go to bed.

Choose to be more grateful so you can have a more positive mentality that can lead to success.

9. Visualize your success

An interesting study found that mental training can be just as effective as physical training. Participants who mentally trained their finger abduction strength ended up having greater gains.

World-famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Serena Williams have used creative visualization to succeed in their sport.

If this practice can work with athletics, imagine what this could do for our everyday lives. One of the key practices of law of attraction is visualizing yourself having the life you want.

At the very least, it can make you feel good to picture the happy reality you desire. As that makes you feel good, it helps you stay positive and be able to stay focused on success.

Benefits of a positive mentality

While some question the idea of adopting a consistent positive mentality, there are many scientific benefits to doing so.

  • Better memory

According to the Association for Psychological Science, those who feel more cheerful and enthusiastic experience less memory decline as they age.

  • Consistency in exercise

Research from Washington University In St. Louis discovered that when individuals focus on the positives of exercising, they’re more likely to stick to it.

  • Better heart

The University of Rochester Medical Center did a study which found men who were optimistic about the well-being of their heart had three times lower incidence of death by stroke or heart attack.

  • Longer and better sleep

A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign concluded that people who are optimistic sleep better and longer.

In the interest of fairness, it should be noted that some studies do warn against unrealistic positive thinking.

Nonetheless, realism and optimism don’t have to be opposed to one another. You can think realistically while also having hope for the best outcomes.

How a positive mindset helps you in the workplace

Beyond the benefits to your well-being, positive thinking also helps you be better at doing well at your job.

Through better relationships with your colleagues and more productivity, there’s a lot of good to be gained.

Here are a few of the top reasons a positive mentality can be good for work success.

1. More productivity

Just as discussed earlier, a negative mentality can disrupt your focus and thus slow down your actions.

With a positive attitude, you can stay more focused when you need to get done and accomplish more.

2. Better teamwork

Getting along with your colleagues can be a critical part of succeeding at work. A person with a positive demeanor is usually perceived as more likable.

If your colleagues are seeing you as a likable person, they might make more of an effort to be cooperative.

3. Effective leadership

Many of us have probably worked for someone that was negative and belittling to us. In those moments, we may not have felt as encouraged to get a good job done.

With more of a positive attitude, we can be more encouraging to those we’re leading in our work environments.

That can result in our employees and colleagues being more motivated to do a good job on an assignment.

4. Better management of work-stress

Stress takes a toll on of us. Continually being negative when challenging work moments happen might only add to that stress.

When you have a positive attitude that you can push through your work difficulties, it can potentially help keep you motivated.

5. Increased chances of career success

All of the previous benefits in the workplace can inevitably add up to career success. Keeping doing your best to maintain a good mindset and see how far that takes you.

Final thoughts on having a positive mentality

There are some who tend to be naturally upbeat in life, while others have to work at it. If you’re someone that has to work at having a positive attitude, be patient with yourself.

Continually look for ways you can make it easier to stay upbeat in life through different forms of self-care.

A positive attitude in life can help all of us to be more likely to have the kind of reality we’ve always wanted.

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