Why Is Minimalism so Popular?

In the last ten years, minimalism has become one of the biggest growing movements in the US and around the world.

Still, some people ask, “Why is minimalism so popular?” There are a variety of reasons why people are gravitating to the lifestyle.

Here are a few of the top reasons people are choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle.

1. Minimalism has given people more meaning

One of the main reasons people choose to become minimalists is they want to achieve more meaning in their life.

They feel they’ve lost sight of the things that are most important to them.

Through practicing minimalism, people reduce their possessions to ones that make them truly happy and make more time for the experiences they really value.

The message of minimalism teaches people to move away from the materialism of modern culture which leaves people continually unsatisfied.

The lifestyle has helped people to be inspired to pursue their passions and craft their life in a way that brings them the most joy.

2. The minimalist design is appealing

Chair desk pillow

Minimalism is popular with many people because of the design. A minimalist design is usually black and white colored rooms with smaller framed furniture.

People who enjoy the cleanness of the look as well as the fact that it allows for more space in the house.

There’s a sense of peace and relaxation with not having space that’s full of clutter and messy.

Minimalism has helped people to really appreciate their home and be more organized.

3. People love to declutter

One of the things people really enjoy most about being minimalist is decluttering.

There are some who’ve been wanting to declutter their closets, kitchens, and bedrooms for years.

Minimalists have enjoyed clearing up their spaces and sharing pictures of their new decluttered space with others.

Part of the popularity of decluttering is around the recent rise of Marie Kondo.

Her KonMari method has inspired thousands (and maybe millions) of people to spark joy in their life through creating their ideal space.

4. Digital minimalism

A spinoff that’s risen out of the movement is digital minimalism. It applies the principle of removing clutter and pursuing meaning to technology.

This concept is probably particularly appealing to millennials who’ve grown tired of social media and being addicted to their technology.

People are choosing to quit Facebook or cut back on Instagram in favor of spending more time in person with family and friends.

They’re choosing to limit their cell phone use and focus on more productive and meaningful pursuits.

It’s the popularity of this concept that’s helped to draw others to living more minimalist.

5.  Minimalism supports the environment

A large theme throughout the first minimalist documentary was the idea of doing our part to help protect the environment.

Some of the participants interviewed in the documentary chose to live in tiny houses to reduce their carbon footprint.

People also desire to own less because it allows them to reduce their waste and keep the environment cleaner.

Will the minimalism trend ever end?

I wrote an article a while ago that was critical of an article in The Atlantic that claimed the end of minimalism was near.

You can read my writing on it here: Reports of The End of Minimalism Were Greatly Exaggerated

Of course, as cultures change over time, the desires and needs of that culture will change too.

It seems the cultural desire for a simpler life comes and goes throughout the decades.

I think of the 1980’s when people valued having more money and owning more items.

The styles were more extravagant and bold. In the 90’s, styles became less extravagant and people preferred simpler times.

The 2000’s seemed to shift back to that materialistic mentality, and now in this last decade, simplicity has been on the rise again.

Where we’ll go in the 2020’s is yet to be seen. Perhaps given the challenging times we’re in now with the pandemic, more people will probably be turning towards a simpler life.

Final thoughts on minimalism’s popularity

Whether this lifestyle was popular or not, many minimalists say they would still practice it because of how much it’s benefited their lives.

If you’re considering becoming a minimalist, don’t base your choice on whether it’s currently popular or not.

Choose to practice minimalism if you feel it’ll help improve your life in some way.

Interested in becoming a minimalist?

If you’re looking to declutter your home and find more meaning in life, minimalism will help you accomplish these goals.

Here are some articles you can read to get you started.

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