21 Character Qualities That Reflect Good Character

There are qualities that are important for everyone to have as a part of their character.

I’ve put together a few of the best ones to develop for an enjoyable life.

You’ll likely find one or two that you can do more work on to round your personality out.

Here are some of the best character traits to develop within ourselves.

21 characteristics

Person walking down a road


An eager desire to achieve success, accomplish a goal, or attain power


Making choices and decisions that are risky with a sense of courage.


Displaying a relaxed state of mind


A strong belief in one’s self


A patient and carefree attitude


A light-hearted demeanor


A diligent and committed worker


A straightforward and genuine person


Having a modest view of one’s importance


Feeling or expressing happiness


A person who is friendly


Voluntarily choosing to own less and live a life of simplicity


Having a feeling of hope for the future.


A desire to be peaceful with others


Moving forward in the face of difficulty in order to achieve success.


Having a constructive attitude


Thinking of others needs over your own.


Wanting to accomplish things based on one’s own internal desire.


Sympathetic of other people’s feelings and one’s own of feelings


Being dependable and truthful


A willingness to accept differences of opinions or errors in judgment

How to build good character

Developing a good character takes practice and experience. We make choices throughout life that help us to shape our personality.

Sometimes we make the wrong choices in life that teach us lessons. Other times we make the right choice and that strengthens our character.

If you want to develop your character in a way that you’re proud of, you have to go out in the world, be around people, and challenge yourself.

Think of new things you can try that can test the traits you’re trying to improve. As an example, let’s say you’re trying to be more calm in life.

You can give yourself a challenge such as doing an obstacle course that requires you to be calm under pressure.

You could also practice some relaxation techniques that can increase your ability to turn on your calmness when you need it.

Take a similar approach when thinking about developing any other traits you want to make better.

How to change bad character

Changing bad character traits can perhaps be even more challenging then trying to build good character.

The world tempts us in many ways to exhibit poor personality traits. We may see others being rewarded for doing bad things.

We also might feel like it’s easier to get what we want. In actuality, it only sets up for a harder life in the long run.

Changing bad personality traits can be accomplished through actively changing our thoughts, actions, and habits.

We need to believe we can do better and choose to make better decisions in situations that test our character.

As an example, if you’re typically negative in your nature, you can work on choosing to be more positive whenever times get tough.

Instead of saying things like “life sucks” when you get down, you can choose to say “Life challenges help me grow and do better.”

Think about how choosing to be wiser as a person will make you happier and give you more meaning.

Why it’s important to develop good character

The character we have can go a long way to determining our future. A bad reputation will make people more likely to avoid you and not help you out in life.

But if you have a good reputation, people are more willing to trust you and give you a chance.

People also tend to treat those with a good character better than those with a bad character.

Many of these traits also help you to be better able to manage the ups and downs that come with living.

If you have a high confidence, you’re more able to communicate to people with more comfort and openness.

If you’re self-motivated, you’re more able to stay determined to accomplish the things that you want.

Having good personality traits make you better equipped to create the kind of life you desire for yourself.

Final thoughts on character

Creating a good character can take hard work. It rarely ever happens overnight. There will be many times you fail to live up to who you want to be.

But as you fail, you learn lessons and get better. Keep trying to be your best every day. As you continue to grow, you’ll develop the type of character that makes you proud.

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