Why Working Hard is Important (7 Advantages)

Working hard has been something I’ve not always done well. I’ve not usually been the one to get up early and start getting my tasks done.

More often, I wake up late, relax for an hour or two, and then begin my work. By the end of the day I feel like I didn’t have enough time in my day.

But in actuality, I just didn’t efficiently utilize the time that I did have. In the past 30+ days, I’ve challenged my work ethic by writing a new blog post every single day.

Previously, I’d usually write about two or three posts a week. But I really wanted to elevate my efforts and see how much I could do in my day.

In the time I’ve been more diligent, it’s made me realize the value of hard work. Here are a few reasons I discovered why being hard working is worth pursuing.

  1. Hard work builds you up
  2. Hard work can make you feel good
  3. Hard work inspires those around you
  4. Hard work is rewarding
  5. Hard work prevents idle hands
  6. Hard work is calming
  7. Hard work shows you what you’re capable of
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1. Hard work builds you up

While perfection is never possible, there really is something to the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” As I’ve been writing daily, I feel like I’ve been getting even better.

I’m more confident in my choices of words. My thoughts flow on the page more quickly. There’s just been an overall improvement that I’ve enjoyed.

It can be the same for almost any other work you do in life. The more diligent you are in doing it, the better you can potentially get.

2. Hard work can make you feel good

There’s something satisfying about the feeling of being hard-working. It’s like you’re really taking charge of your destiny.

Your pushing the pedals faster and propelling yourself further than you’ve ever gone before. You feel like you’re doing something with your life.

It’s gotten to a point where I strangely start to feel a little down when I don’t put in a hard-working day that I planned for.

 As George Horace Lorimer once put it, “You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”

3. Hard work inspires those around you

My partner also does blogging too. She’s a vegan food blogger, for those of you that didn’t already know.

As I’ve been writing articles every day, I’ve sensed that it’s inspired her. She’s been working more diligently to share more recipes.

And seeing what she’s accomplished with her efforts in the past has inspired me as well.

Whether we realize it or not, our actions influence the people around us. Being a hard worker can influence the people you love to push harder in life too.

4. Hard work is rewarding

Most people in this world to put in time and effort to create the life they want. Few people ever get to enjoy fruits from laziness.

The idiom is “Fruits of your labor” for a reason. In most cases, it takes putting in work to enjoy joyful moments in our life.

The space we occupy, the clothes we have, the food we eat, it all takes some kind of discipline to get. And when we put in significant effort, we can hopefully get the best of what we need and desire.

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5. Hard work prevents idle hands

Some of you may have heard the saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” It basically means if we’re not doing something with our time, we’re more likely to get caught up into bad things.

It’s kind of like a snowball effect. Follow my thinking for a moment:

  • You don’t work as hard, you may not get as much as you desire in life.
  • You don’t get as much as you desire, you may feel more down about yourself.
  • If you feel down about yourself, you may turn to habits that aren’t good for you (i.e. excessive drinking, drugs, overeating, etc.)

Being a hard worker can help keep us productive in making our lives better.

6. Hard work is calming

I know you probably raised your eyebrows or chuckled at this idea. Here’s my thinking. I’ve found that as I’ve been more disciplined in my work, my days have felt less stressful.

I’m not procrastinating as much, and thus not feeling any concern about rushing to get something done on time.

I feel more calm from also just having a sense that my efforts are leading to something great. The way I see it, sooner or later, something good can come from a strong work-ethic.

I’ve started to see some of it begin to come to fruition in my own life. And I think the same can be the case for other people as well.

7. Hard work shows you what you’re capable of

Finally, I’ve seen through being a hard worker, I can do more than I realized. You can’t really know how much you can do until you really work for something.

And then when you put in that effort, you can be pleasantly surprised at your strength.

You can be pleased with your abilities. You realize you can do more and feel inspired to try to live more fully than you ever have before.

Here are a few other things to remember:

  • Work doesn’t have to be at the cost of rest: There’s one extreme of being very lazy, and another being a workaholic. There can be a balance between the two.

    I try to have my work time early in the day. That way, my evenings can be spent mostly relaxing.
  • Work is easier when working on passions: If you want to get comfortable with being hard working, start with being diligent in one of your passions.

    The more you focus on it, the more it could potentially be your career someday.
  • Be hard-working even if you don’t like your job: You may not like what you do right now, but it’s still an opportunity to build your work-ethic.

    Along with that, the person you’re working for may be more likely to give you a good recommendation in the future.

I hope all of you are inspired to put in more effort and see how far you can go in life.

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