10 August Fun Facts

August, the month known for its warm weather and as a signal to the end of summer, is full of history and interesting details. There are many things that happen in August and things that represent August that are interesting to know. From exciting celebrations to historical roots, these 10 facts are all about August, so you’re sure to find something cool in these August fun facts.

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August fun facts

1. Do You Know How Many Celebrations There Are in August?

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One of the amazing facts about August is that it is chock-full with holidays, events, and celebrations from around the world. Some examples of holidays in August include fun and silly celebrations like National Banana Split Day (Aug 25) or Black Cat Appreciation Day (Aug 17). Others include more important days of remembrance and commemoration, like Women’s Equality Day (Aug 26) or National Grief Awareness Day (Aug 30), to name a few examples.

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2. Do You Know August’s Birthstones?

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Peridot is widely seen as August’s main birthstone and it is a green-ish gem that comes from the mineral olivine. Spinel comes in various colors, especially red, while sardonyx is a mix of sard and onyx. 

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3. Did You Know These Two Astrological Star Signs Are Born in August?

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These two star signs fall into the month of August, meaning those born during this month will either be one or the other, with Leo’s being born in earlier in the month and Virgo’s being towards the end. Some of the character traits associated with these signs are that Leo’s are said to show confidence and Virgos are known to be very diligent. 

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4. Do You Know What the Flower of August is?

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These two flowers are associated with August births, and they are one of the things that represent August. Gladiolus symbolizes certain emotions and concepts, such as faithfulness and enchantment. Poppy’s are known to be symbols of remembrance, and the variety of colors they come in can have different meanings in floriography. 

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5. Did You Know These Iconic Celebrities are Born in August?

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Some others include Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Brady, Charlize Theron, and Sidney Crosby, making August a star-studded month for birthdays!

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6. Did You Know About August’s Original Name?

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Another August fun fact is that it was first named“Sextilus”, which is Latin for the sixth month. This demonstrates its ancient spot in the Roman calendar.

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7. Did You Know August Is Named After This Person?

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August was later renamed after the first emperor of Rome, Augustus Cesar, one of Julius Cesar’s relatives. In fact, other months have been named after historical figures as well, such as July.

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8. Did You Know These Monthly Celebrations Occur in August?

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For those who wonder “what is August the month of?”, there are many possible answers. A plethora of celebrations occur throughout August and some of those are monthly observations. Many schools are back in session towards the end of August or early September, and so August is a month of preparation and getting back into the routine of attending school again.

9. Did You Know This Meteor Shower Peaks in August?

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This meteor shower has been known as one of the best things that happens in August because of its bright lights and residual streaks of color and light that get left behind after they shoot through the sky. The Perseid meteor shower peaks during mid August and so it is one exciting show for people to view during the warm summer nights.

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10. Do You Know Which Holidays Fall on August 1st?

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Fun facts about August 1st include the many holidays in August that fall on that day. For example, Lammas Day refers to a harvest festival that is celebrated by many people and religions. August 1st is also known as National Girlfriend Day and Spiderman Day. There are also various provincial and independence day celebrations that are associated with August 1st, like Guyana’s Emancipation Day, the Guadalcanal Province Day, or Colorado Day. 

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