59 October Trivia Questions And Answers

When we think of October, we often think of Halloween, pumpkins, and fall. These October trivia questions and answers will cover fun and interesting things about this month.

This tenth month of the year is typically when things start to cool down more. As October comes to an end, we all start getting more into holiday planning mode. Our October trivia questions will quiz you on things such as zodiac signs and birthstones.

Have fun figuring out which of your favorite celebs were born in this month. Without further ado, enjoy these fun October trivia questions and answers. While you’re at it, check out our NFL, Oktoberfest, college football, Halloween and 80s trivia.

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October Trivia


1. What are October’s birthstones?

2. What country celebrates its Thanksgiving on October 12th?

3. What two zodiac signs are associated with October?

4. How many days are in the month of October?

5. When it’s October, what season is it in the Southern Hemisphere?

6. When it’s October, what season is it in the Northern Hemisphere?

7. What country celebrates Black History Month in October?

8. In the last two to three weeks in October, what four major American sports all have games scheduled?

9. Recognized as one half of the band Silk Sonic, who is this singer that was born on October 8th?

10. More U.S. presidents have been born in October than in any other month. Who is currently the last living President that was born in October?

11. What two sports leagues in the U.S. start their seasons in October?

12. Who was sworn in as the first African American associate justice of the U.S. Surpreme Court on October 2nd, 1967?

13. On October 3, 1863, what U.S president designated the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day?

14. October was originally what number month in the Roman calendar?

15. What two months were added that made October become the 10th month of the year?

16. What event in Germany is celebrated mainly in October?

17. October is recognized as the awareness month for what color?

18. Which famous explorer’s discovery of the New World is celebrated in October in the USA?

19. In the UK, what historical event is remembered on October 21st?

20. October was originally the ____ month of the Roman calendar.

21. Which day in October is recognized as United Nations Day?

22. What’s the flower commonly associated with October births?

23. Which major stock market crash happened in October 1929?

24. In what year did October gain its current position as the tenth month of the year?

25. October ends on the same day of the week as which other month of the same year?

26. The Great Fire of London ended on which date in October?

27. Which revolution began in October 1917?

28. Which U.S. President proclaimed the first Child Health Day in October?

29. Which poet wrote ‘To Autumn’ which mentions the month of October?

30. In October 2003, a supersonic jet made its last commercial flight. What was its name?

31. Which famous structure opened to the public in October 1886 in the USA?

32. On October 1, 1971, which major theme park opened in Orlando, Florida?

33. Which German city is particularly famous for its Oktoberfest celebrations?

34. Which Nobel Prize is announced in October?

35. What is the meaning of the Latin word ‘Octo’ from which October is derived?

36. Which animal migration event in Africa is commonly seen in October?

37. Which popular beer festival in Asia, inspired by Germany’s Oktoberfest, starts in late September and ends in early October?

38. Which Roman emperor changed the name of October to Domitianus?

39. The October Revolution is also referred to as what?

40. Which Spanish explorer arrived in the present-day United States in October 1540?

41. In the Julian and Gregorian calendars, October is preceded by which month?

42. In which country is the ‘MassKara Festival’ celebrated in October?

43. What natural event in the USA is remembered on October 17, 1989?

44. On which date in October is the International Day of Non-Violence observed?

45. Who was the iconic figure born on October 2, 1869, known for his role in the Indian independence movement?

46. Which country celebrates ‘National Day’ on October 1, marking its foundation?

47. In 1957, what significant event related to space exploration happened in October?

48. Which country celebrates ‘Leif Erikson Day’ in October to honor an explorer?

49. Which famous magician died on Halloween in October 1926?

50. What candy is particularly associated with October due to Halloween?

51. On October 14, 1947, who broke the sound barrier for the first time in level flight?

52. Which comet was visible from Earth in October 1986?

53. In which war was the Battle of Leyte Gulf, fought in late October?

54. Which fruit is typically harvested in October and is associated with Halloween?

55. In 1983, a terrorist attack on a Marine barracks took place in October in which city?

56. Which famous artist was born on October 25, 1881?

57. Which iconic structure was inaugurated in October 1889 in Paris?

58. Which mammal, often seen in scary movies, is associated with October?

59. On October 20, 1973, a famous event took place in the US politics known as what?

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