51 Oktoberfest Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the vibrant world of Oktoberfest! Spanning over two centuries, this grand Bavarian festival boasts a rich tapestry of history, traditions, and of course, beer! Whether you’re an Oktoberfest regular, planning your first trip to Munich, or just curious about this iconic event, this trivia set will immerse you in the delightful details of the world’s largest Volksfest. Test your knowledge and discover fascinating facts with this Oktoberfest Trivia. Prost!

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1. When did the first Oktoberfest take place?

2. Why was the first Oktoberfest held?

3. In which city does the Oktoberfest primarily take place?

4. How long does the Oktoberfest typically last?

5. What is the local name for Oktoberfest in Bavarian?

6. How many tents are there typically on the Oktoberfest grounds?

7. What large tents dominate Oktoberfest?

8. What special beer is brewed for Oktoberfest?

9. What is the minimum alcohol content for Oktoberfest beer?

10. What is the name of the field in Munich where Oktoberfest is held?

11. How many liters of beer are typically consumed during Oktoberfest?

12. What traditional Bavarian outfit is worn by men during Oktoberfest?

13. What traditional Bavarian outfit is worn by women during Oktoberfest?

14. Apart from beer, what other non-alcoholic beverage is hugely popular at Oktoberfest?

15. What traditional German song is often associated with Oktoberfest?

16. Which famous ride at Oktoberfest involves five large rotating arms?

17. In what year was Oktoberfest canceled due to cholera?

18. How many times has Oktoberfest been canceled since its inception?

19. What food is considered the traditional Oktoberfest chicken?

20. Which popular Oktoberfest snack is a large dough pretzel?

21. What is the traditional breakfast eaten at Oktoberfest?

22. How much does a traditional glass beer mug used in Oktoberfest weigh?

23. Which event marks the official opening of Oktoberfest?

24. How many traditional breweries are allowed to serve beer at Oktoberfest?

25. What is the name given to the traditional Oktoberfest beer servers?

26. Which horse race, once an Oktoberfest tradition, ceased in 1960?

27. Which tent is the largest at Oktoberfest, accommodating over 10,000 people?

28. What traditional event involves parading through Munich to kick off Oktoberfest?

29. Which popular gingerbread treat is often worn as a necklace at Oktoberfest?

30. How often does the traditional Oktoberfest band play the ‘Ein Prosit’ song?

31. What is the capacity of the smallest tent at Oktoberfest?

32. Which traditional activity involves swinging a mallet to test one’s strength at Oktoberfest?

33. What traditional wind instrument is often played in Oktoberfest bands?

34. What is the name of the traditional Oktoberfest toast?

35. What is the name of the carousel bar which rotates?

36. Which fish dish, skewered on a stick and grilled, is a popular Oktoberfest treat?

37. What traditional game involves catching fish with a paper net?

38. Which tent at Oktoberfest is dedicated to wine?

39. What popular sausage is often consumed in the early morning at Oktoberfest?

40. Which fun event involves traditional Bavarian dances in the beer tents?

41. Which tent offers traditional Bavarian music all day long?

42. How many official Oktoberfest beers are there?

43. Which is the only tent where you can dance on the benches?

44. Which roller coaster at Oktoberfest is known for its five loops?

45. What vegetable is often paired with fish dishes at Oktoberfest?

46. How many musicians typically play in an Oktoberfest band?

47. What is the most traditional end to an Oktoberfest day?

48. What special name is given to the large beer glasses at Oktoberfest?

49. Which fruit is traditionally flavored with chili and sold at Oktoberfest?

50. Which animal competitions were once held at Oktoberfest but are now a rare sight?

51. Which tent is particularly popular among younger Oktoberfest visitors?

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