86 Beer Trivia Questions And Answers

Welcome to this extensive compilation of beer trivia! Whether you’re a beer enthusiast looking to test your knowledge, or you’re new to the world of hops and barley, you’re in for a treat. From historical facts to the science of brewing, this trivia set covers a wide range of topics that will both entertain and educate. Dive in and discover fascinating facts about your favorite beverage. Cheers! 🍻

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1. What are the main ingredients in beer?

2. Which country is known for inventing Pilsner?

3. Which grain is most commonly used in beer production?

4. What do you call the study of beer?

5. What are the two main types of beer yeast?

6. What is the oldest still-operating brewery in the world?

7. What process is used to make beer non-alcoholic?

8. What does IPA stand for?

9. Which U.S. state has the most breweries per capita?

10. What is the primary role of hops in beer?

11. What is the bottom-fermenting yeast used for making lager?

12. What type of container is used for draft beer storage?

13. Which country consumes the most beer per capita?

14. What is the German Beer Purity Law called?

15. What ingredient gives beer its color?

16. What is the name of the Japanese beer brand that’s known globally?

17. Which beer style is known for its dark, rich color and flavor?

18. What does ABV stand for?

19. Who is considered the patron saint of beer?

20. What does ‘skunked’ beer mean?

21. What’s the traditional beer mug called in Germany?

22. Which fruit is traditionally used in Belgian Lambic beer?

23. What is a ‘growler’?

24. What is cask ale?

25. What is the world’s largest beer festival?

26. Which country originated the term ‘saison’?

27. What is a beer flight?

28. Which enzyme converts starches to sugars in beer brewing?

29. What does IBU stand for?

30. Which ancient civilization is credited with the earliest written beer recipe?

31. What’s the traditional beer glass shape for a Pilsner?

32. What is the foam on top of beer called?

33. Which country is Guinness originally from?

34. What term describes the practice of serving beer at cellar temperature?

35. Which U.S. city is known as the ‘Beer Capital of the World’?

36. What is a ‘session’ beer?

37. What is the process of adding sugar before bottling called?

39. What is the beer made from wheat called?

40. What is the brewing process that uses two fermentations?

41. What is the primary factor in beer spoilage?

42. Which beer style uses smoked malt?

43. Which country is Heineken from?

44. What does the term ‘gravity’ refer to in brewing?

45. What is ‘dry hopping’?

46. What is the process of steeping grains in hot water called?

47. What is ‘adjunct’ in beer?

48. What’s a bock beer?

49. What’s the term for beer served directly from a cask?

50. Which beer is known as ‘The King of Beers’?

51. What type of beer is Corona?

52. Which country popularized the term ‘Porter’?

53. What’s the process of chilling beer quickly to clear haze?

54. What is the purpose of a beer bong?

55. Which beer style is typically aged in bourbon barrels?

56. What is the name for the leftover yeast and sediment?

57. What is the name for a beer expert?

58. What do you call unfermented beer?

59. Which fruit is commonly used in a shandy?

60. What is a keezer?

61. What is a ‘racking cane’ used for?

62. What is a ‘lawnmower beer’?

63. What does CAMRA stand for?

64. What type of beer is known for sourness?

65. What is a Schwarzbier?

66. What is the serving temperature for most ales?

67. What is the serving temperature for most lagers?

68. Which device measures the sugar content in wort?

69. What is the pH range for most beers?

70. What is ‘Brett’ in brewing?

71. Which beer is brewed using bottom fermentation?

72. What type of brewing is done in small batches for local distribution?

73. What’s another term for ‘draught beer’?

74. What’s a Helles?

75. Which country is known for ‘steam beer’?

76. What is the original Budweiser from?

77. Which part of the hop plant is used in brewing?

78. Which beer style originated in Cologne, Germany?

79. What type of beer is known for its banana and clove aroma?

80. What’s the name for a strong, hoppy ale from Belgium?

81. What is ‘Doppelbock’?

82. What’s the term for a beer’s clarity?

83. What is the oldest American brewery?

84. What’s a ‘fermentation lock’?

85. What’s the oldest type of beer?

86. What’s the main difference between ale and lager?

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