67 Adam Sandler Trivia Questions And Answers

Delve into the captivating life and illustrious career of the iconic comedian and actor, Adam Sandler. From his early beginnings and personal milestones to notable roles and accolades in the entertainment industry, this Adam Sandler trivia offers fans a closer look into the many facets of Sandler’s journey. Whether you’re a long-time admirer or just discovering his vast contributions, there’s always something new and intriguing to learn about this multifaceted artist.

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1. Which film marked Adam Sandler’s debut as a lead actor?

2. In which movie does Adam play a former hockey player who discovers a talent for golf?

3. Who starred alongside Adam in the movie ’50 First Dates’?

4. Adam Sandler’s production company is named after which of his films?

5. Which movie features Adam Sandler in dual roles as a brother and sister?

6. Adam Sandler lent his voice to which animated movie about Dracula?

7. In which college did Adam Sandler earn his Bachelor’s degree?

8. Which charity did Adam Sandler support by auctioning off a fun-filled game night at his home?

9. In which film does Adam Sandler’s character inherit a fortune from his hotelier father?

10. Which famous director helmed the movie ‘Punch-Drunk Love’ featuring Adam?

11. What is the profession of Adam’s character in the film ‘Click’?

12. Adam Sandler starred with Don Cheadle in which drama about post-9/11 America?

13. Which singer played Adam’s love interest in ‘The Wedding Singer’?

14. In ‘Big Daddy’, what nickname does Adam’s character give to his adopted son?

15. How many children does Adam Sandler have?

16. Which musical instrument does Adam frequently use in his comedy albums?

17. Adam collaborated with Jennifer Aniston in which comedy about a fake family?

18. In which city was Adam Sandler born?

19. Adam Sandler and Kevin James played firefighters pretending to be a couple in which film?

20. Which popular late-night show did Adam Sandler write for early in his career?

21. Which comedian played Adam’s roommate in ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’?

22. Which award did Adam Sandler win at the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards for his role in ‘Uncut Gems’?

23. Which film features Adam as a shoe repairman with a magical stitching machine?

24. Which Netflix film stars Adam Sandler as a jeweler in New York’s Diamond District?

25. Which childhood game is turned into a global crisis in the movie ‘Pixels’ starring Adam?

26. In which 1998 war drama did Adam Sandler have a supporting role?

27. Which holiday song, written and performed by Adam, has become a staple since its debut?

28. Who co-starred with Adam in the Netflix action-comedy ‘The Do-Over’?

29. What’s the name of the remote control that allows Adam’s character to fast-forward his life in ‘Click’?

30. Which 90s film features Adam Sandler as a rock-and-roll enthusiast turned nanny?

31. Which fellow comedian and actor is one of Adam Sandler’s roommates from his college days?

32. Which SNL cast member co-wrote ‘Billy Madison’ with Adam Sandler?

33. In ‘Blended’, Adam reunites with which actress for a family vacation in Africa?

34. What sport does Adam’s character coach in ‘The Waterboy’?

35. Adam Sandler made a song tribute to which late actor, known for his role in ‘Dirty Dancing’?

36. Who played the role of Adam’s wife in ‘Grown Ups’ and ‘Grown Ups 2’?

37. Which Academy Award winner directed Adam in ‘Men, Women & Children’?

38. In ‘Spanglish’, Adam Sandler’s character is a chef. Who plays his wife?

39. In ‘Funny People’, Adam’s character is a famous comedian diagnosed with what?

40. Which movie stars Adam as a songwriter in the 1980s?

41. In ‘Bedtime Stories’, Adam’s character discovers what unusual power about the tales he tells?

42. Which ‘Friends’ actor starred alongside Adam Sandler in the Netflix film ‘Murder Mystery’?

43. Which rapper starred alongside Adam in the movie ‘The Longest Yard’?

44. What is the profession of Adam’s character in ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’?

45. What is the name of the 2019 crime thriller where Adam Sandler received widespread critical acclaim for his performance?

46. What is the name of Adam’s dog in ‘Big Daddy’?

47. Which comedian, a frequent collaborator, played the role of Adam’s best friend in ‘The Waterboy’?

48. In ‘Billy Madison’, what challenge does Adam’s character have to complete to inherit his father’s company?

49. What kind of establishment does Adam’s character own in ‘Happy Gilmore’?

50. In which film does Adam Sandler team up with Chris Rock as fathers of a bride and groom?

51. Which actor played the older version of Adam Sandler’s son in ‘Click’?

52. What does Adam’s character sell in ‘Big Daddy’?

53. Which animated character does Adam voice in ‘Eight Crazy Nights’?

54. Which film features Adam Sandler opposite Jack Nicholson?

55. Which film is based on Adam’s character trying to make amends to those he bullied in school?

56. Which actress starred as Adam’s romantic interest in ‘Pixels’?

57. Which film finds Adam in the role of a devoted single parent?

58. Adam Sandler’s character in ‘The Longest Yard’ is a former player of which sport?

59. What song does Adam Sandler perform at the end of ‘The Wedding Singer’?

60. Which character did Adam Sandler play in ‘Saturday Night Live’ who spoke in a high-pitched voice?

61. What is the profession of Adam Sandler’s character in ‘Just Go With It’?

62. Which film involves Adam Sandler becoming the guardian of an elderly man?

63. In ‘Happy Gilmore’, who does Adam’s character have a public fight with?

64. Which character does Adam play in ‘The Ridiculous 6’?

65. What is the profession of Adam’s character in ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’?

66. Which film features Adam as a comedian diagnosed with a terminal illness?

67. In ’50 First Dates’, Adam plays a veterinarian specializing in what animal?

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