Arbor Day Trivia

These Arbor Day Trivia Questions will test your knowledge about this special day. As you may or may not know, the holiday started to recognize the importance of trees on our planet.

Our trivia on Arbor Day will cover that and much more. Find out when the celebration started, or how many trees are in the world.

Ready to enjoy learning about trees? Then enjoy these Arbor Day Trivia Questions. Check out our Earth Day trivia too.

Arbor Day Trivia


1. What state was the first to celebrate Arbor Day?

2. How many trees are said to have been planted in Nebraska that day?

3. What year was the first Arbor Day celebrated?

4. What was founded to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the holiday?

5. What name was Arbor Day almost called?

6. What month does Australia celebrate Arbor Day?

7. What act is typically done in celebration of the holiday?

8. What is the day that most states celebrate arbor day in the U.S.?

9. What gas do trees absorb?

10. What chemical element do trees produce?

11. What evaporates in leaves, causing the air temperature to lower?

12. What continent has the world’s largest forest coverage?

13. What is the largest known single-stem tree on the planet?

14. How old is the largest single-stem tree believed to be?

15. What is the most common tree in the U.S.?

16. The Great Bristlecone pine in the white mountains of California is believed to be the oldest tree. How old is it thought to be?

17. How many species of trees are in North America?

18. What tree in New Zealand is thought to be the rarest tree in the world?

19. How many trees are estimated to be in the world?

20. What is the largest mammal that lives in a tree?

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