90s Music Trivia

These 90s music trivia questions and answers will take you back to the era of grunge and west coast rap. From Nirvana to Tupac, many of the most iconic bands and artists were popular during this time.

Our 90s music trivia will go over some of the songs that may have been the soundtrack of your life. Do you remember what artist named her album Jagged Little Pill?

Find out if you know the answer to this and much more. Ready to quiz yourself? Then enjoy our 90s music trivia. While you’re here, check out our:

90s Music Trivia

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1. What band performs the Friends theme song, “I’ll Be There For You?

2. What were the names of all the members of the Spice Girls?

3. What was Nirvana’s most commercially successful song?

4. What Dolly Parton song would later be a hit for Whitney Houston?

5. What American punk-rock band had a hit with the song “Basketcase?”

6. After Nirvana disbanded, what was the name of the band started by drummer Dave Grohl?

7. What artist won five Grammys with her album “Jagged Little Pill?”

8. What 90’s boy band was Chris Kirkpatrick a member of?

9. What 90’s boy band was Howie Dorough a member of?

10. What singer sang a duet with Boyz II Men titled “One Sweet Day?”

11. What song by Celion Dion is estimated to have sold over 18 million copies worldwide?

12. What legendary singer had the best-selling single of the 90s?

13. What rapper is known for the hit rap song “Dear Mama?”

14. What stage name does Marshall Mathers go by?

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