May Trivia Questions and Answers

These May trivia questions and answers will get you excited for the fifth month of the year. This time is usually when the weather starts inching towards Summer temperatures.

Our May trivia will test you on things such as what the gemstone of this month is and much more. Learn about the birth flower too.

Ready to see what you know about May. Then check out our May trivia. By the way, while you’re here, enjoy our Spring and Mother’s Day trivia too.

May Trivia


1. What is the birth flower of May?

2. What is the birthstone for May?

3. What zodiac sign is from April 20th to May 20th?

4. What zodiac is from May 21st to June 20th?

5. While in the northern hemisphere during May it’s spring, what season is it in the southern hemisphere?

6. What famous building in New York was opened on May 1st, 1931?

7. On May 20th, 1932, what female aviator became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean?

8. What state became a part of the US on May 11th, 1958?

9. What was the 8th state to become a part of the US on May 23rd, 1788?

10. What famous horse race occurs every year on the first Saturday of May?

11. What is the name of the May celebration that commemorates Mexico’s victory over the second French empire?

12. What famous American bridge opened on May 27th, 1937?

13. What celebration occurs every year on the second Sunday of May?

14. What holiday commemorating fallen American soldiers occurs every last Monday of May?

15. What date in May is celebrated as Star Wars day?

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