89 Halo Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate test of your knowledge about the expansive Halo universe! Whether you’re a veteran Spartan or a newcomer to the series, this collection of trivia questions will challenge your understanding of the iconic games, characters, and lore. Spanning from the mysterious Forerunners to the courageous battles of Master Chief, these 89 Halo Trivia questions touch on the pivotal moments and key figures in the Halo saga. Gear up, Spartan, and see how well you know the universe you’ve been fighting to save!

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1. Who is the primary protagonist of the Halo series?

2. Which AI assists Master Chief throughout the series?

3. Which alien race leads the Covenant?

4. What is the religious artifact that the Covenant seeks?

5. What is the full title of Halo 1?

6. Which enemy is known for its parasitic nature?

7. Who composed the iconic Halo theme?

8. Which planet is the home world of humans?

9. Which Spartan is the main character in Halo Reach?

10. What is the primary infantry unit of the Covenant?

11. Which vehicle is known for its dual side-mounted guns?

12. What name is given to the armored exoskeleton worn by Spartans?

13. Who leads the faction known as ‘The Banished’?

14. What’s the name of the UNSC’s main capital ship in Halo: Combat Evolved?

15. Which Halo game was released in 2012?

16. In Halo 2, who betrays the Covenant?

17. Which vehicle is primarily used by the Covenant for aerial combat?

18. What is the name of the alien alliance antagonistic to humans?

19. Who is the Forerunner that players encounter in Halo 4?

20. Which Spartan is Master Chief’s closest companion in Halo 5?

21. In Halo 3, which two characters form an uneasy alliance?

22. What is the designation number of Master Chief?

23. In which game do players primarily fight against the Prometheans?

24. Which game introduced the ‘Warzone’ multiplayer mode?

25. In Halo Reach, which character is a sniper specialist?

26. What is the main infantry unit of the Forerunners?

27. Which species is known for its honor and is a part of the Covenant?

28. In Halo 3: ODST, who is the main character?

29. Which planet was glassed by the Covenant in the series?

30. Which game was the first to feature the ‘Forge’ mode?

31. Which AI takes over human AI systems in Halo 5?

32. In which game did the Flood make its first appearance?

33. Which organization oversees the Spartan program?

34. Which weapon is often referred to as the ‘noob combo’?

35. Who is the leader of the Covenant in Halo 2 and 3?

36. Which vehicle allows players to carry multiple passengers and hover over water?

37. In ‘Halo Wars’, which ship is commanded by Captain Cutter?

38. Which Covenant species has the ability to cloak?

39. What are the small, infectious forms of the Flood called?

40. What is the Covenant’s term for humanity?

41. Which game marked the debut of the ‘Spartan Ops’ mode?

42. Which ship is commanded by Captain Lasky?

43. What is the Covenant’s ultimate goal with the Halo rings?

44. Who assists the Arbiter in his rebellion against the Covenant?

45. Which multiplayer map is set on a dam in Halo 2?

46. What is the Spartan program’s primary purpose?

47. Which alien species serves as the engineers for the Covenant?

48. In ‘Halo: Reach’, what is the main antagonist’s name?

49. Which Spartan II becomes an antagonist in later games?

50. What vehicle is a mobile anti-aircraft platform for the Covenant?

51. Which game in the series was not developed by Bungie?

52. What shielded structure protects Earth from the Covenant in ‘Halo 2’?

53. Which alien species is recognized by its large, ape-like appearance?

54. Which weapon fires green, explosive plasma?

55. In ‘Halo Wars 2’, who becomes Atriox’s right hand?

56. Which character is responsible for activating the first Halo ring?

57. What structure serves as the final battleground in ‘Halo 3’?

58. Which mode allows players to fend off waves of enemies?

59. What vehicle is the Covenant’s main tank?

60. What type of armor ability allows Spartans to sprint?

61. In ‘Halo 4’, who is the captain of the UNSC Infinity?

62. What is the home world of the Elites?

63. Which Covenant leader is assassinated in ‘Halo 5: Guardians’?

64. What is the real name of the Arbiter in ‘Halo 2’?

65. Which vehicle is the UNSC’s main tank?

66. Which Forerunner installation serves to contain the Flood?

67. Who narrates the opening of ‘Halo 4’?

68. Which handheld weapon is the most iconic of the Covenant?

69. In ‘Halo: CE’, which Warthog run is the series’ first?

70. What is the name of the secret ONI research facility in ‘Halo 4’?

71. Which species acts as the political leaders of the Covenant?

72. Which Forerunner structure is used to teleport instantly between locations?

73. Which installment of the series introduces Spartan Sarah Palmer?

74. Who does the Master Chief rescue from High Charity in ‘Halo 3’?

75. Which level is first to feature the Flood in the Halo series?

76. Which novel is a prequel to ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’?

77. Which vehicle is the primary dropship of the UNSC?

78. Which group is responsible for rebel activity against the UNSC?

79. What is the main function of a Halo ring?

80. What is the first enemy type encountered in ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’?

81. Which game introduces the multiplayer mode ‘Infection’?

82. Which species forms the bulk of the Covenant’s naval fleet?

83. Which planet is home to the Spartan training facilities?

84. Which game first introduced the concept of Spartan abilities?

85. Who helps guide Spartan Locke through his missions in ‘Halo 5: Guardians’?

86. In the original trilogy, which game features Brutes?

87. Which game introduces the rank of Spartan-IVs?

88. Who is the primary antagonist in ‘Halo: Wars’?

89. Who leads the Spartan-IVs aboard the UNSC Infinity?

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