49 Hamilton Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive into the world of “Hamilton,” the groundbreaking Broadway sensation that has captured the hearts of millions. Whether you’re a seasoned fan who knows every lyric by heart or someone who’s just beginning their journey with Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers, this Hamilton trivia collection promises to test your knowledge and perhaps teach you something new. Covering everything from historical details to musical nuances, here are 50 intriguing questions about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece. How many can you answer correctly? Let’s find out!

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1. Who wrote the musical ‘Hamilton’?

2. In which year did ‘Hamilton’ premiere on Broadway?

3. Which historic figure is the main character of the musical?

4. Which song from the musical begins with the line ‘How does a bastard, orphan…?’

5. Who played the original Aaron Burr on Broadway?

6. Which character sings the song ‘Burn’?

7. In which Act is the song ‘Wait For It’?

8. Which historical figure does Jonathan Groff portray in the original Broadway cast?

9. In which city did ‘Hamilton’ first premiere before Broadway?

10. What is the name of Alexander’s son who has a tragic fate in the musical?

11. Who sings the song ‘Dear Theodosia’ with Aaron Burr?

12. Which song from the musical includes the lyrics ‘Immigrants, we get the job done’?

13. Which real-life event does the song ‘The Room Where It Happens’ describe?

14. In the musical, who becomes president after George Washington?

15. Which character sings ‘Helpless’?

16. Which actress played the original Angelica Schuyler on Broadway?

17. In the song ‘Satisfied’, who is Angelica referring to with the lyrics ‘He will never be satisfied’?

18. Which duel ends Act 1 of the musical?

19. Who is the primary narrator of the musical?

20. What title does George Washington offer Hamilton in ‘Right Hand Man’?

21. Which French character aids Hamilton in the Battle of Yorktown?

22. Who replaces King George III as the British monarch in the musical?

23. Which character sings ‘You’ll Be Back’?

24. Where was Alexander Hamilton born?

25. Which character challenges Alexander to his fatal duel?

26. What does the musical state that Angelica and Alexander bond over?

27. Where does the song ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ primarily take place?

28. Which character in the musical is a tailor spying on the British?

29. Who portrays Alexander’s father figure in the musical?

30. Which British defeat is celebrated in ‘The Battle of Yorktown’?

31. Which character expresses regret in the song ‘The World Was Wide Enough’?

32. In the musical, who is referred to as ‘The Lancelot of the revolutionary set’?

33. Who is the primary antagonist of the musical?

34. What is Hamilton’s role in Washington’s cabinet?

35. Which song features a countdown leading to Philip Hamilton’s duel?

36. Who did Alexander Hamilton marry?

37. Which song includes the lyrics ‘Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now’?

38. In which battle was Alexander’s friend John Laurens killed, as mentioned in the musical?

39. What does Hamilton write to defend Jay’s Treaty, leading to an affair revelation?

40. Who does Thomas Jefferson send to negotiate peace with Britain in the musical?

41. Which character does Daveed Diggs not portray in the musical?

42. In which song does Angelica return from England?

43. What position does Aaron Burr aspire to in ‘The Election of 1800’?

44. Which character repeatedly says ‘And Peggy’?

45. What advice does George Washington give in his farewell song?

46. Who leads the opposition against Hamilton’s financial plan in the musical?

47. Which character sings the song ‘History Has Its Eyes On You’?

48. In the song ‘Non-Stop’, who asks ‘Why do you write like you’re running out of time’?

49. What does Eliza do in the last moment of the musical?

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