5 Benefits of Living a Quiet Life

In youth, many of us imagine living a big, loud, colorful life. Our culture celebrates being bold and extravagant in the desires we have.

We chase after that boldness and seek to make visible moves that get us praise from others. But along the way, as one gets older, a quiet life becomes more appealing.

The drama, the stress, and the discontentment of a fast life makes us yearn for something simpler. We wish to slow our life down and find new joy and meaning in it.

Less noise is the reason many people turn to minimalism. To eliminate the distractions of physical and mental clutter that often follows a busy life.

It’s a refreshing feeling to wake up with little to do. To take pleasure in the beauty of simplicity around us. To know that we make enough of difference in the world influencing one person every day.

Here are five simple advantages you can enjoy when you choose to live a quieter reality.

Woman drinking tea in nature benefits of living a quiet life

1. Clearer thoughts

When there’s so much to do, the waters of our mind can seem muddy. It’s difficult to look underneath and discover the truth of what we yearn for.

When you take time to silence the world around you, something amazing happens. You’re able to think more clearly about things.

You can have a greater idea of what you desire, and what you don’t desire. We also see the darker things within us that we haven’t addressed.

The deeper issues that are unresolved. The quietness allows us to sift through these items and determine a way to make peace with them.

Through the lack of noise, our mind can find a path forward to deeper understanding and acceptance of reality.

2. Closer relationships

In the hustle and bustle of loudness, we can lose track of what’s most important. Our relationships. Not only with others, but with ourselves as well.

In quietness, it becomes easier to develop a relationship where you take good care of your well-being. You’re not burning yourself out putting work or other obligations first.

It is not selfish to take time to focus on one’s self. On the contrary, it is selfless to take care of yourself, so you can be well enough to take care of others

A simpler existence allows you to be there for those you love. Instead of being “I’m too busy”, you can be “I’m here whenever you need me.”

It’s when everything is still, you’re most able to remember the meaning and value of connecting with people.

The power of smiles, laughter and touch. Seemingly little insignificant things, that make a larger impact on the world around us.

3. More relaxation

It’s no secret that you can’t relax when there’s noisiness around you. There’s the constant chatter of what deadline to meet next. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s a wonderful feeling to choose to only hear the sound of our breath and nature. Our mind and body need relaxation more than we give it.

It’s the continued stress of having so much going on that can be harmful to us. Why do we only have full relaxation on weekends and vacations?

Why don’t we unwind more often in our schedules? In a more silent life, relaxation can be a regular occurrence.

When we take the time to declutter what’s unnecessary for us to live, we get to enjoy more peace for ourselves.

4. Personal growth

Reflection is a necessary component to personal growth. In the stillness of an unbusy existence, we can focus more on self-improvement.

Recognizing our weaknesses and setting goals to make progress. You also can analyze have far you’ve come in your journey.

The changes that you’ve made as a person. The strength that you’ve gained through the challenges and difficulties.

In the slowness of calm living, you’re more able to focus on developing new skills. Rising to a higher level in what you’re capable of.

You see how you can evolve, and you inspire others to evolve with you.

5. Deeper fulfillment

When we’re chasing after one desire to the next, we’re often left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Wondering what it will take to achieve some level of happiness.

In a quieter way of living, you recognize that happiness is not the best source for fulfillment. An even better source for fulfillment is achieving peace, wellness, and contentment.

The less noisy existence gives you more of that peace. It allows you more of the time for your wellness. And as a result, you gain more of that contentment.

You’re no longer running around keeping up with anyone else’s lifestyle. You’re simply enjoying what you have, and the personal path you’re taking.

It’s a comfortable feeling not to be envious of others. To instead, be joyful of our own reality.

How to have a quieter existence

1. Cut down on the distractions

Our world can distract us in so many ways. Limiting them will quickly give you more of the simplicity you desire.

Try cutting down on your social media use. The content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms is primarily noise.

You might find you’ll gain much more than you think you’ll miss. Recapturing more of your personal time will be a tremendous value for you.

Try to also reduce your news intake as well. Everything going on in the world doesn’t have to always be your business.

You can let the world take care of itself, while you take care of yourself.

2. Take time to be alone

Being alone gives you the ability to think and reflect as you need to. While you may have children, relatives, and spouses to consider, it’s important to consider yourself too.

See if you can ask of them to allow you time to be by yourself. To regain some of your energy that you’ve been using to help them.

In your aloneness, you can focus on what you enjoy and do those things.

3. Discover what quietness means to you

Everyone has their own version of living a less cluttered life. One person may want to live in the mountains, another by the beach.

Some may want to keep social media for talking to close friends, others may want to completely eliminate it.

Knowing exactly what your version of quietness is will allow you to start creating it.

A quieter, simpler way of reality may just be the what you need. Consider slowing things down for yourself.

Enjoy a new way of existing and see how much it makes things better for you.

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  1. Well said, Eric. I know that “slowing down” has definitely helped me. I’ve been in the IT field for many years, and slowing down has helped me to re-think my life going forward. Simplifying and minimalizing, less social media and more content like your website, has helped steer me on the right path. It’s all about balance. A busy work schedule, offset by “time for yourself” to rejuvenate. I’m enjoying nature walks, exercise and focusing on my hobby of photography. Enjoy life, have balance and be there for others.

    1. Thanks, Alan! I’m glad my content is able to be some help in your journey. Completely agree with you about balance. Too much of most things in life is usually not going to be good for us. I’m enjoying more nature and exercise myself too.

  2. Nikolaj Florentz Mackowski says:

    I really enjoy reading this article, as I have been off the grid for almost a year now. Most of the benefits described here, is actually aligned with my own experiences of living a quiet life.

    I barely never read of watching news as most of these news are negative and there’s little I can do about it. It’ll only pile up as noice and/or anxiety.

    I sincerely value the process of pointing the arrow at my self and look at the moments that made me who I am. What was good? What was inappropriate?
    What can I do better? So I need to change somehow the way I think? It’s positive to look at oneself in a quiet way.

    Thanks for this article!