49 Black Friday Trivia Questions And Answers

Black Friday, while not an official holiday, is largely celebrated in America and other countries. These Black Friday trivia questions and answers will be fun to enjoy after you’re done shopping.

Find out what Black Friday originally referred to. Discover which first started using the term as we know it today. Our Black Friday trivia questions might teach you a lot of new things about this day.

Ready to have a little fun after all that shopping? Then enjoy our Black Friday trivia questions. If you like our Black Friday trivia, check out our holiday, Thanks Giving and Christmas trivia.

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Black Friday Trivia

Black friday sale

1. Black Friday occurs the day after which popular American holiday?

2. Black Friday was originally used to describe what event in 1869?

3. In what year did Black Friday officially become the most popular day for shopping in America?

4. Which U.S. city was first to begin using the term “Black Friday”?

5. Aside from retail workers, Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for which profession?

6. How much money does the average American spend while Black Friday shopping?

7. Which U.S. state has the highest average amount spent while Black Friday shopping?

8. How many U.S. states prohibit chain stores from opening on Thanksgiving evening to begin Black Friday sales?

9. Which two categories of items are discounted the least on Black Friday?

10. In which year did stores first open at midnight on Thanksgiving to start their Black Friday sales?

11. Which category of items has more deals than any other?

12. In the 1950s, popular retail stores tried to change the name of Black Friday to what?

13. What percentage of shoppers regret purchasing a Black Friday sale item?

14. What percentage of Americans go out shopping on Black Friday?

15. About how many other countries outside of America celebrate Black Friday?

16. The term “Black Friday” first appeared in which newspaper in 1975?

17. The three U.S. states that prohibit large retailers from opening on Thanksgiving are Maine, Massachusetts, and which other state?

18. Since the 1930s, Black Friday has been considered the unofficial start of what?

19. Which company was the first to introduce “Black Friday in July” in 2015?

20. What category of items was the top seller on Black Friday in 2020?

21. In 2021, how much money was spent on Black Friday in America?

22. Which group of people in Philadelphia first used the term “Black Friday” to describe large groups of shoppers?

23. In what year did Black Friday deals first appear in the UK?

24. Starting Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving evening led to Thanksgiving being called what?

25. Which large chain retailer has had the most injuries occur on Black Friday in their stores?

26. Which company was the top earner on Black Friday in 2021?

27. Why is it called ‘Black’ Friday?

28. What’s the earliest known use of ‘Black Friday’ to refer to the day after Thanksgiving?

29. Which president tried to change the date of Thanksgiving to extend the shopping season?

30. Which country has ‘White Friday’ as their version of Black Friday?

31. Which product category typically has the biggest discounts on Black Friday?

32. What percentage of shoppers buy online on Black Friday?

33. How long did the longest Black Friday shopping spree last?

34. Which year had the highest Black Friday sales to date?

35. In which decade did Black Friday sales start to become significant?

36. Which state has the most Black Friday shoppers per capita?

37. What’s the most popular time to start shopping on Black Friday?

38. Which online retailer coined ‘Cyber Monday’?

39. When did Cyber Monday start?

40. Which famous parade often marks the start of the holiday shopping season?

41. How many people were estimated to shop on Black Friday in 2019?

42. Which store first used the term ‘doorbuster’?

43. Is Black Friday a public holiday in the U.S.?

44. Which country holds ‘Singles Day’, a shopping holiday bigger than Black Friday?

45. What safety concerns are associated with Black Friday?

46. Which year witnessed a significant shift from in-store to online Black Friday shopping?

47. Why do some people boycott Black Friday?

48. When did retailers begin opening their stores on Thanksgiving Day?

49. Which demographic typically spends the most on Black Friday?

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