90 Fallout Trivia Questions and Answers

Venturing deep into the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the beloved Fallout series, we’ve curated 90 intriguing Fallout Trivia questions to test your knowledge and reignite cherished memories from the game. Whether you’re a Lone Wanderer from the Capital Wasteland, a Courier who has tread the sun-baked Mojave, or a Sole Survivor uncovering the mysteries of the Commonwealth, there’s something here for every Vault Dweller. Ready your Pip-Boy, and let’s dive into the trivia!

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1. Which vault is the primary setting of Fallout 3?

2. What’s the name of the organization founded by the last remnants of the U.S. government?

3. Which currency is used in the New Vegas area?

4. Which faction operates the Prydwen?

5. In which Fallout game do you start as the ‘Courier’?

6. What’s the name of the super mutant companion in Fallout 4?

7. Which creature has a chameleon ability in Fallout 4?

8. Where is the setting of Fallout 4?

9. Which pre-war company created the Power Armor?

10. What is the default setting of the Pip-Boy’s radio?

11. What skill is used to influence people in dialogues?

12. What is the in-game drug that slows down time?

13. Who is the leader of the Institute in Fallout 4?

14. Which organization believes in Synth rights?

15. Which in-game magazine increases gun accuracy?

16. What consumable heals but gives radiation?

17. Who was the original founder of the Brotherhood of Steel?

18. What’s the mutated bear called in the Fallout series?

19. Which vault was an experiment in prolonged isolation?

20. Who is the main antagonist of Fallout: New Vegas?

21. Which drug increases strength and melee damage?

22. What device can capture and digitize human memories?

23. Which Fallout game introduced the settlement building feature?

24. What type of game was Fallout originally?

25. Which companion is a former raider in Fallout 4?

26. Which vault was designed to open only 20 years after the war?

27. Which robotic merchant sells items in Diamond City?

28. What’s the name of the robot butler in Fallout 4?

29. Which soft drink is popular in the Fallout universe?

30. In which game does the Enclave have a major presence?

31. Who runs the Gomorrah casino in New Vegas?

32. What’s the name of the mutated crabs in the Fallout series?

33. Which weapon uses Microfusion Cells?

34. What’s the main currency in Fallout 76?

35. What’s the model of the most advanced Power Armor?

36. Which Fallout game was an online multiplayer game?

37. Who did the protagonist search for in Fallout 3?

38. Which mutated insect can shoot radiation?

39. What questline in Fallout 3 involves vampires?

40. What’s the ghoul’s settlement in Fallout 3?

41. Who’s the Super Mutant that wants to improve his race in Fallout 2?

42. Which mutated animal has two heads in the Fallout series?

43. What’s the hardest metal found in the Fallout universe?

44. Which radio station in Fallout 3 plays Ink Spots’ ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire’?

45. What crafting station is used for armor modification?

46. Who’s the scientist responsible for creating the Super Mutants?

47. Which DLC in Fallout 4 allows players to create and manage their own vault?

48. What’s the hub of trade in the Mojave Desert?

49. Which companion in Fallout 4 was a reporter?

50. Which mutated creature drops ‘glowing meat’?

51. Who runs the New Vegas Strip?

52. Which animal did Deathclaws evolve from?

53. Which DLC in Fallout: New Vegas involves a grand heist?

54. Which Fallout game is set in California?

55. Who serves as the main antagonist in the Far Harbor DLC?

56. Which experimental plant is found in Vault 22?

57. Which quest involves saving a boy from a fridge in Fallout 4?

58. Which casino is owned by the Chairmen in New Vegas?

59. What’s the detective agency’s name in Diamond City?

60. Which device in Fallout lets you target specific body parts in combat?

61. Who’s the CEO of RobCo Industries?

62. Which armor reduces incoming damage by 10% in Fallout 4?

63. Which faction in Fallout 4 believes in the superiority of synths?

64. What’s the mutated bird found in the Fallout series?

65. Which song by Skeeter Davis is played on Diamond City Radio?

66. Which machine in Fallout 4 allows teleportation?

67. Who leads the Great Khans in Fallout: New Vegas?

68. What’s the combat arena in Fallout: New Vegas?

69. Which pre-war company made the Pip-Boy?

70. What’s the rare version of Nuka-Cola that’s clear in color?

71. What’s the name of the Brotherhood of Steel’s base in Fallout: New Vegas?

72. Who is known as ‘The Survivalist’ in the Honest Hearts DLC?

73. Which Fallout 4 companion is an Irish-accented cage fighter?

74. Who assists players with garden planting in Fallout 4?

75. Which item when equipped in Fallout 4 shows life forms with a bright aura?

76. What’s the large irradiated lake in Fallout 3?

77. Which organization made the GECK device?

78. Which faction in Fallout 4 is led by Desdemona?

79. What currency is used in the Capital Wasteland?

80. Which Fallout DLC involves a trip to an amusement park?

81. Who is the protectron vendor in Goodneighbor?

82. Which weapon in Fallout 3 can shoot railway spikes?

83. What’s the maximum level in Fallout: New Vegas without any DLC?

84. Which armor in Fallout 4 grants invisibility when crouched and motionless?

85. Which two-headed creature is commonly used as livestock in the wasteland?

86. Who is the bartender at the Third Rail in Goodneighbor?

87. What’s the powerful rifle in Fallout: New Vegas named after a bird?

88. Which perk in Fallout 3 grants you a canine companion?

89. What’s the base-building feature introduced in Fallout 4?

90. Which soft drink in Fallout boosts action points?

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