101 Shrek Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to this epic Shrek trivia collection! Dive deep into the swampy fun facts from the beloved DreamWorks Animation franchise, featuring our favorite ogre, Shrek, and his wacky companions. This trivia will take you through all the magical twists and turns of Shrek’s adventures. How well do you know the characters, dialogue, and surprising moments that span across the series? Whether you’re a casual viewer or a true Shrek enthusiast, there’s plenty of fun and challenge here for everyone. So get ready, because after all, in the words of Shrek himself, “Ogres are like onions. They have layers.” Enjoy peeling back the layers of this incredible series through our Shrek trivia!

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1. Who directed the first ‘Shrek’ movie?

2. What year was the first ‘Shrek’ film released?

3. Which actor provided the voice for Shrek?

4. What is the name of Shrek’s wife?

5. What character does Eddie Murphy play in ‘Shrek’?

6. What type of creature is Shrek?

7. Who provides the voice for Puss in Boots?

8. What is the name of the kingdom where ‘Shrek’ is set?

9. Which famous children’s book author wrote the original ‘Shrek!’ book?

10. Who is the antagonist in the first ‘Shrek’ movie?

11. What song does Donkey sing in the first ‘Shrek’ movie?

12. What is the name of Shrek and Fiona’s children?

13. Which actress provides the voice for Fiona?

14. What is the name of the giant gingerbread man in ‘Shrek 2’?

15. Which band performed the song ‘All Star’, used in the first ‘Shrek’ film?

16. How many ‘Shrek’ movies are there as of 2021?

17. Who voiced Rumpelstiltskin in ‘Shrek Forever After’?

18. Who is the King and Queen of Far, Far Away?

19. Who originally was set to voice Shrek before Mike Myers took over?

20. In ‘Shrek 2’, what potion do Shrek and Donkey drink?

21. Who is the Fairy Godmother’s son in ‘Shrek 2’?

22. What does Shrek compare ogres to, saying they both have layers?

23. What fairy tale creatures does Lord Farquaad banish to Shrek’s swamp?

24. What creature does Fiona turn into at night?

25. Who does Puss in Boots try to assassinate in ‘Shrek 2’?

26. In ‘Shrek Forever After’, what reality does Shrek experience?

27. Which actress voices Snow White in the ‘Shrek’ series?

28. Who voices the Big Bad Wolf in the ‘Shrek’ series?

29. What profession does Shrek have in the alternate reality of ‘Shrek Forever After’?

30. What character does John Cleese voice in the ‘Shrek’ series?

31. What classic film is ‘Shrek Forever After’ plot partially inspired by?

32. Which famous talk show host voices Doris, the Ugly Stepsister?

33. Who voices the Magic Mirror and the Gingerbread Man?

34. What is the first line of the first ‘Shrek’ film?

35. Who is Shrek’s best friend?

36. What species is Dragon, Donkey’s love interest?

37. Who voices Pinocchio in the ‘Shrek’ series?

38. Who is the villain in ‘Shrek the Third’?

39. What is the name of Puss in Boots’ love interest in ‘Shrek 2’?

40. Who does Shrek rescue from the dragon’s keep in the first movie?

41. What animal tries to eat the Three Blind Mice in ‘Shrek’?

42. Who composed the score for the ‘Shrek’ films?

43. How many Oscars did ‘Shrek’ win?

44. Which company produced ‘Shrek’?

45. What is the name of the Halloween-themed ‘Shrek’ short?

46. Who is Donkey’s love interest?

47. Who tries to marry Fiona in the first ‘Shrek’ film?

48. What item does Shrek use as a makeshift door for his swamp house?

49. What is the name of the knight who tries to kill Shrek in Lord Farquaad’s arena?

50. In ‘Shrek the Third’, who becomes the new king of Far, Far Away?

51. What is the name of the ‘Shrek’ spin-off featuring Puss in Boots?

52. In ‘Shrek 2’, which band performs at Fiona and Shrek’s royal ball?

53. What is Shrek’s favorite food?

54. In ‘Shrek 2’, what is the name of the ‘annoying’ talk show that Fiona and her parents watch?

55. What is Shrek’s home address?

56. What does Shrek use as a toothpaste?

57. Who is the voice of Merlin in ‘Shrek the Third’?

58. What character does Justin Timberlake voice in the ‘Shrek’ movies?

59. What are the names of the dronkeys (Donkey and Dragon’s children)?

60. What does Shrek make candles out of?

61. What does Shrek say before he roars at the villagers in the first movie?

62. In ‘Shrek 2’, what does Fiona’s Fairy Godmother turn into after the spell backfires?

63. What is the name of the bar where Puss in Boots is first introduced?

64. What is the color of Fiona’s dress in the first movie?

65. Who does Shrek replace in the role of Santa Claus in ‘Shrek the Halls’?

66. Who says the line ‘Ogres are like onions’?

67. What is the color of Shrek’s vest?

68. What’s the name of the game show Lord Farquaad hosts in the first ‘Shrek’ movie?

69. What classic song does Donkey sing in ‘Shrek 2’ when entering Far, Far Away?

70. What does Fiona use to smash the doors of the church in ‘Shrek 2’?

71. In ‘Shrek 2’, what does Puss in Boots initially mistake Shrek for?

72. What does Fiona’s father turn into in ‘Shrek 2’?

73. What is the title of the song the Fairy Godmother sings at the end of ‘Shrek 2’?

74. What does the sign outside of Shrek’s swamp say?

75. Who says the line ‘It’s a thong!’ in ‘Shrek 2’?

76. What is the first thing Shrek does in the morning in the opening sequence of the first ‘Shrek’ movie?

77. What does Donkey suggest as a name for Shrek and Fiona’s baby in ‘Shrek the Third’?

78. In ‘Shrek the Third’, what does Fiona say that women are capable of doing?

79. What lullaby does Shrek sing to his babies in ‘Shrek the Third’?

80. What does Donkey say when he first meets Shrek?

81. What does Shrek say is his problem with the entire world?

82. What song does Shrek play on his trumpet in the first movie?

83. Who is the villain in ‘Puss in Boots’?

84. In ‘Shrek 2’, what color is the Happily Ever After potion?

85. Who voices Humpty Dumpty in ‘Puss in Boots’?

86. Who is the first character to speak in the original ‘Shrek’ movie?

87. In ‘Shrek Forever After’, who tricks Shrek into signing the contract?

88. Who comes to Shrek’s rescue in ‘Shrek Forever After’?

89. Who provides the voice for the Pied Piper in ‘Shrek Forever After’?

90. What gift does Shrek give Fiona in ‘Shrek Forever After’?

91. What is the name of the warrior witch in ‘Shrek Forever After’?

92. What is Shrek’s full name?

93. Who is the only main character that Shrek hasn’t physically fought against?

94. What is the one word Shrek uses to describe himself in ‘Shrek 2’?

95. What does the Fairy Godmother use as a weapon in ‘Shrek 2’?

96. What does Shrek call Donkey when they first meet?

97. In ‘Shrek 2’, what does Shrek say is the reason he turned into a human?

98. Who is the only character to appear as a ghost in the ‘Shrek’ series?

99. What creature is the Muffin Man?

100. What vegetable does the Muffin Man use to make Mongo?

101. Who were the previous owners of Shrek’s swamp?

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