101 Simple Pleasures in Life to Cherish Everyday

As humans, it’s in our nature to seek experiences that make us happy.

It can be anything from going on a trip, buying a new dress, or watching a movie that uplifts us.

It’s life simplest pleasures… the actions, sensations, and moments that we feel, do, and experience every day, without taking much notice, that leads us to an immense amount of joy and happiness.

These unassuming pleasures are experiences we can frequently take for granted.

Let this article be your reminder to pause for a moment to reflect, relish, and embrace all the little things to enjoy all the happiness available to you everyday.

In spite all of the challenges in our world now, we still have so much we can be grateful for. Be inspired to enjoy the beauty of nature more.

Savor the delicious meals that bring joy to your sense of taste. The moments that can seem so ordinary, when you take time to notice them, can feel so extraordinary.

I hope these ideas remind you just how pleasant our lives can be.

Tea simple pleasures in life

1. A sip of coffee in the morning.

2. Enjoying a nice warm bath.

3. Hearing a relevant song at the right time.

4. Sunsets in the evening.

5. Finding a peaceful place to sit and relax.

6. The comforting aroma of a candle.

7. The softness of clothes fresh out of your dryer.

8. Hot showers after a long and tiring day.

9. Hot fudge sundaes or any dessert you enjoy.

10. Getting an unexpected compliment.

11. Sleeping in.

12. Getting a handwritten letter that isn’t a bill.

13. A candlelit dinner.

14. Driving with the car windows down.

15. Smelling nice fresh cut grass.

16. Baked cookies or brownies fresh out of the oven.

17. Dancing in your room.

18. The feeling after finishing a good workout.

19. Flowers blooming on a beautiful spring day.

20. Getting into your bed with fresh sheets.

21. Reading a good book that deeply connects with you.

22. The gentle pitter-patter when it rains outside.

23. A nice home-cooked meal enjoyed with family.

24. Enjoying a good belly laugh.

25. A cool breeze when it’s a hot day.

26. Checking off an item on your to-do list.

27. Seeing children play and giggle.

28. Holding the hands of a loved one.

29. Feeling refreshed after taking a nap.

30. Passing a yellow light at the intersection.

31. Reminiscing with friends about good times in the past

32. Stepping on crunchy leaves.

33. Blowing bubbles.

34. Long walks when the weather is beautiful.

35. Making another person smile.

36. The moment you open your eyes and it’s a new day.

37. Water cleaning your face.

38. A minty clean mouth after brushing your teeth.

39. The smell of your favorite breakfast cooking.

40. The simplicity of pouring cereal in a bowl.

41. The quiet of the early hours.

42. The joyful feeling of tasting your favorite food.

43. The first sip of a cool beverage in the summer.

44. Walking barefoot on a soft carpet.

45. The intricate detail of hardwood floor.

46. Reading a positive heartwarming story.

47. A pleasant greeting passing a stranger.

48. Eating fresh microwaved popcorn while watching a movie.

49. The beauty of the trees around you.

50. A light blue sky with no clouds.

51. Breathing in the fresh air outside.

52. Green hills.

53. Open flat land.

54. Watching the squirrels go about their day.

55. Listening to the ocean.

56. Feeling the waves.

57. Your feet walking on the sands of a beach.

58. Days with no work to do.

59. Lying in bed until you’re ready to get up.

60. Enjoying the stars at night.

61. Blowing a dandelion.

62. Rainbows.

63. Hugs.

64. Cuddling.

65. Kissing your partner good morning.

66. The innocence in a child’s eyes.

67. Having a respectful disagreement.

68. Apologies and forgiveness after an argument.

69. Having long conversations with somebody about anything.

70. Seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

71. Listening to your partner’s heartbeat.

72. Someone calling you just to say ‘hello.’

73. Listening to your grandparents talk about life growing up.

74. Looking at a baby smiling.

75. Receiving a surprise gift from someone.

76. Seeing an organized space.

77. Being alone.

78. Leaving work on a Friday and starting a relaxing weekend.

79. A spoonful of ice cream.

80. Resting your head on a soft pillow.

81. Sitting on a couch after being on your feet all day.

82. When a server comes with your food and it looks good.

83. Hearing ‘thank you’ when you do something nice.

84. A full stomach.

85. Learning something new.

86. Looking forward to something.

87. Chopping up vegetables.

88. Taking your time as you travel.

89. An exciting end to a sports event.

90. Watching excellent acting in a film.

91. Reaching a new milestone of success.

92. Daydreaming.

93. Receiving great news.

94. Putting money into your bank.

95. Seeing your debt get smaller.

96. Seeing no new work emails.

97. Petting the soft fur of a dog or cat.

98. Watching a cartoon you used to enjoy.

99. Finding a good parking spot.

100. Winning a game.

101. Feeling ready to fall asleep.

Recognize the small things that bring you extra joy. Reflect on the different times in your life where something little made a big impact in your day.

Write them down in a journal to help you be more grateful for the good things you have. Being more present and noticing the beauty around you will help you have happier days.

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