61 Love Affirmations For 2022

Love is something just about everyone desires to have, whether from relationships with others or self-love. These love affirmations are designed to help you attract more of it into your life.

Some people, unfortunately, choose to feel unworthy of love and fall into patterns of self-loathing. If you don’t cultivate loving feelings within yourself first, then it’s unlikely you’ll find a soulmate who will feel the same.

Speaking love affirmations will help you re-establish loving thoughts in your mindset. They’ll help bring you more confidence within yourself, helping you to feel your best, and more confidence that someone will give you the love you desire. Here are some great love affirmations for 2022.

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1. I am worthy of love.

2. My heart is open to letting someone’s love come in.

3. My partner will love me in spite of my flaws.

4. There are no barriers to me receiving love.

5. My partner will love and accept me for who I am.

6. I’m worthy of an amazing love story.

7. My actions will attract a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

8. I reflect the traits I desire to attract in a partner.

9. I will be happy in my next relationship.

10. My next relationship will be affectionate and loving.

11. I’m ready to let someone new into my life.

12. I choose to love myself and my partner will love me too.

13. My next relationship will be marriage-worthy.

14. Love is a regular part of my life.

15. I give love to others, and others give it to me.

16. I embody the love I desire to receive.

17. My heart makes time for those I care about.

18. I attract the type of people I desire in my life.

19. My partner will make time to give love to me.

20. I can find a strong connection with another human being.

21. My heart is healed from brokenness.

22. Love flows into my life like water flows into a river stream.

23. Connections develop naturally for me.

24. My life is filled with love.

25. I am grateful for the potential partner who will love me.

26. I’m becoming the person I believe my partner will love.

27. My relationship will be honest and open.

28. Love attracts to me like a magnet.

29. I’ll love my partner more and more with each day.

30. My partner will love me more and more with each day.

31. My relationship will be filled with passion.

32. I surround myself with only loving people.

33. No person loves me more than me.

34. My love life will be amazing.

35. Love is possible for me.

36. My next romantic relationship will be the best one I’ve ever been in.

37. My next romantic relationship will last a long time.

38. I will find the love of my life.

39. The love of my life will find me.

40. I will feel loved and appreciated.

41. The partner for me is out there.

42. I attract good relationships into my life.

43. I receive love in abundance.

44. My mind is open to finding love in places I didn’t expect.

45. I’m thankful for how well I love and accept myself.

46. I love myself enough to respect my boundaries.

47. Someone will love me enough to respect my boundaries.

48. I can give selfless love.

49. I can receive selfless love.

50. My relationship can be a safe space where I can openly express my emotions.

51. I can become completely vulnerable to someone.

52. I can allow someone to be completely vulnerable to me.

53. My life is overflowing with love.

54. Forgiveness is natural in my relationships.

55. My partner will care that I’m happy.

56. I will fall in love with my partner over and over again.

57. My partner will go out of their way to make me smile.

58. I will have love strong enough to overcome difficulties

59. My partner will love me through the hard times.

60. It’s possible for me to meet the love of my life tomorrow.

61. Someone will fall in love with me.

Do affirmations of love work?

Affirmations for love do work if you follow through with actions in reflection of them. As an example, if one of the affirmations you repeated daily was, “I am worthy of love,” then you should act like you are by doing good things for yourself.

You should also be putting yourself out there to potentially find love. As I’ve mentioned in previous affirmation articles, our thoughts and feelings play a large role in our actions.

While your feelings can feel uncontrollable at times, it’s been proven through therapeutic solutions such as CBT that thoughts can influence feelings. With thoughts influencing your feelings, your thoughts and feelings together help move you to action in whatever direction you’re focused on.

So, focusing on having love for yourself and finding love can help you focus on actions that make those things more possible. With all of that said, here are some affirmations that will help you attract more romantic love into your life.

Are you ready for love?

Maybe you’re unsure if this is the best time for you to try experiencing love again. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Do you love yourself unconditionally?
  • Are you comfortable in your skin?
  • Have you achieved some happiness on your own?
  • Are you open to taking chances?
  • Do you believe you’re worthy of love?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, that might be a sign that you are ready. If you feel that you are, you can start putting yourself out there to find love or let love find you.

Final thoughts on finding love

Believing it’s possible for you to be loved and to find love will help you be more encouraged to make it possible. Through cultivating love in yourself, you’ll desire to take care of yourself more, and as a result, it might cause someone special to notice you.

Encourage yourself daily by repeating these affirmations of love and see how it can help attract the relationships you desire in life. You are worthy of love, you can have it in your life, and it’s my hope that you’ll find it someday.

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